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Best of 2009: Photo Edition (January- June)

Photography is something that I love with a passion. Last year I sold a lens so that I could upgrade from a Canon Rebel XTI to a Canon 40D. I regret selling the lens, but it was the only way I could upgrade. (I’m currently considering selling a kidney to buy the lens that I sold. Any takers? $649! Total bargain.) I’ve been going through my images from the past year all morning on Flickr. (Well, in between waiting for phone calls from my husband, who was having various tests done on his heart due to chest pains. But don’t worry! He’s fine. Or at least the doctor thinks so. FOR NOW. Awaiting further tests.)
I have to say (and this is hard for me to say, because it’s not very often I feel this way about anything that I do) I am proud of the images I captured this year. I wanted to showcase my favorites here, all in one place. However, I think I’ll break them up into several posts.
I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The First Shot
My very first shot with the 40D
beautiful mama
my newborn niece
watching them walk away
Union Station
.so cal sunset.
My kids, with flare
Happy Valentines Day
Valentines Day
Putting on lipstick
Lindsay in the Four Seasons, Houston
Home from camp.
E returns home from 6th grade camp, Lil Sister couldn’t be happier
.taking a bow.
Kirtsy takes a bow
.Berry Bokeh.
mmm. strawberries
Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse
Inside Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse
.pink and blue.
More from Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse
Remembering Maddie. Always.
March for Maddie
March for Maddie
California Tax Revolt
Tea party
flowers in her hair.
Preschool Graduation "
The Preschool Graduate
.tasting the wine.
Wine Tasting
Natasha Bedingfield-- girl can SING.
Natasha Bedingfield
The Middle Child turns 12
Fathers Day, 2009
My Everything
1,2,3 my kids
Fathers Day, 2009
Fathers Day

Bokeh Wednesday- Love edition

.love bokeh wednesday.
“I love you, mama.” she said as we walked hand in hand.
“I love you too, baby girl.”
“And I love daddy. And my brothers. And I love myself.”
I love myself, she said.
There was no conceit behind that statement. No ego involved.
Simply her truth.
She loves others as she loves her self.
As a woman who grew up feeling shame about most every part of who I am, it was comforting to hear my daughter say those words. Those words were music to my ears, my heart, my soul.
Because it is my hope that by loving who she is, caring for herself and living to her full potential, she will always be able to fully love others in that same wonderful way.

Upper East Side(walk)

There is a Flickr group I belong to that I love more than any other.
It’s called “Bokeh Wednesday.”
Starting today, I’m going to be posting my Wednesday submissions here. Hoping that posting here will inspire me to be more creative.
.upper east side(walk).
If you’re not a part of the group (I believe they closed it to new members) you’re more than welcome to play along here and post links to your bokeh photos in the comments.


Last Wednesday I took a 5 hour plane ride to New York City. I had the best time I’ve ever had while in NYC. I have a lot to write about it, mostly because I never want all of the Little Things that made this trip The Most Wonderful. Unfortunately, when one takes time off of work to go play in NYC, one pays for it up the butt when they return home and try to catch up on all of the work they missed. So, until next week (when I hope to be caught up) I leave you with my favorite photos (so far) from this trip.
.Madison Av.
.She pretty much hates everything.

.who loved this walk in the park.

Bonus: Because RICH!
Rich, Me, Isabel and Neil