Huggies Series Continued: The Mother In Law and The Nursery.

When I found out my third (and last) baby was going to be a girl, so many thoughts ran through my mind. One of those thoughts were “I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN DECORATING HER NURSERY!”

I was so excited that on my way home from my ultrasound appointment, I stopped by a few baby stores to start the search for a theme for my baby girl’s room. It didn’t take long before I found what I wanted. It was Wonderfully Girlie. It had pink and purple and blue and yellow and there were flowers and ruffles and TINY LITTLE DRESSES. (Ahhh, tiny! little! dresses!) I was so excited, I wanted to show everyone what I had chosen, so I took my mom and my mother in law to see what I had picked out. They both loved it and thought it would be perfect for our nursery.

A few weeks went by and I decided it was time to start buying All of The Things for our nursery. I asked my husband to go with me to purchase the bedding for the crib. He tried to talk me out of it. “It’s too soon! We don’t need to buy that stuff just yet.” he said. “What are you talking about? The sooner we get it and start decorating, the better.” “We need to talk.” He replied. He sat me down. “This was supposed to be a surprise, but since you’re insistent on going to buy the bedding, I have to tell you.” I was a little bit nervous. “My mom decided she wanted to give you something special as a gift, so she’s going to make the bedding and all of the accessories by hand.”

….. ……. ………

I know this sounds awful and makes me look like a very bad person, but I was FURIOUS. I was in love with this bedding and there was no possible way that anyone could duplicate it. It was perfect in every way and although I knew his mother could sew beautifully, there was no possible way she could duplicate what I had my heart set on.

I was angry with my husband for allowing her to do that. “Why didn’t you tell her no? Why DID YOU LET HER DO THIS TO US?” (I know, BAD, AWFUL, HORRIBLE PERSON.) He told me that she was almost finished and would be bringing it over for me to see very soon. I cried a little bit (okay, a LOT) because I was terrified that I was going to be disappointed, that it was not going to look anything like what I wanted and there wasn’t going to be anything I could do about it because it would hurt her feelings.

The big day arrived shortly after he told me about The Great Baby Bedding Surprise. She came over to show me what she had made. I was so nervous, hoping that if it was awful, I could hold back my tears and fake a smile. I was not going to hurt my mother in law’s feelings when she had went out of her way to do something so thoughtful and kind. She told me what she had done. I acted surprised. And then, she showed me what she had made. I couldn’t hold it in. I started to cry.

But they were not tears of disappointment. They were tears of relief, of happiness because what she made? Was perfect? In fact, I think it was better than The Real Thing. It was exactly what I wanted. I hugged her and I thanked her for her labor of love. Soon after, we painted the room and set it up.

And it was perfect.

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5 thoughts on “Huggies Series Continued: The Mother In Law and The Nursery.

  1. Jessica

    I don’t think your reaction was awful! I would have been nervous if I had shown my MIL what I wanted and then she decided to make me something without telling me. It’s actually wonderful that it worked out so perfectly for you, that is not always the case. She did a great job!

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