The Loveliest Napkin

We were rushing out the front door, like we do every morning when she turned around and ran towards the kitchen table.
“What are you doing? We’re going to be late!” She didn’t respond.
I picked up her backpack and sweater and stood patiently by the door.
“Gabby! Come here, now!” I demanded.
She listened that time. She put her sweater on and took the backpack from my hands. We hurried to the van. As I backed out of the driveway, she sang to herself in the back seat while I took a deep breath, hoping we wouldn’t be late.
We arrived at the school drop off. I pushed the button to open the van door.
“Have a good day, sweetie. Be kind, be good.”
“You too Mommy. Oh! When you get home, please go look on the kitchen table, okay?”
I walked through the front door and walked over to the kitchen table, just as my daughter had requested.
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I love you have a good day.

That girl.
She can be sassy, she can be difficult. There are moments where she makes me fear her teenage years. But at her core, she is full of goodness and light. She is thoughtful, so very expressive of her love for me and for her family. Each time she leaves a note, or draws a photo, or leaves a flower she picked for me on my nightstand, it warms my heart and touches my soul.
How blessed we all are to know her and to call her our own.

8 thoughts on “The Loveliest Napkin

  1. Margaret

    It is so beautiful and sweet!
    However, I refuse to believe that your INFANT Gabby is old enough to write so well. (Long time lurker, infrequent commenter)

  2. Jennifer

    Yvonne, I was thinking of you earlier because my son is leaving for Marine Corp boot camp this coming weekend. Has your son left? I have been crying so much, LOL.

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