Review: Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. Your Second Shot, Your Chance to Win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

I love photography. It is a passion of mine. I love Canon. I currently own a Canon 40D SLR. It is a fantastic camera and I love it more than I love most anything else that I own. However, there are certain situations in which carrying around such a large camera isn’t practical. For months, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I need a point and shoot. Now, thanks to Canon, I have one– a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. I was given this camera as part of a review program for BlogHer. grad854 (1 of 1).jpg Oh, this camera. I absolutely love it. It’s compact, lightweight, but make no mistake about it. This little camera is packed with powerful features. The most impressive feature by far is the HS system. The HS system is technology that helps the camera take better photos in low light situations. It also takes amazing videos (1080p HD.) I recorded some video of my daughter over the weekend and was totally impressed with the quality. Super crisp and clear image and sound. There are quite a few different camera modes, so much fun to play with! Here are a few different shots I took using several of the different shooting modes. (all of these are straight out of the camera, no editing whatsoever.) Fish-eye effect: 018.JPG Toy Camera effect: toycamera1.JPG 052.JPG Macro mode: 044.JPG Poster effect (taken in low light) 049.JPGNow, I’d like to introduce what I think is a really great project that Canon has started. It’s called the Second Shot Project. From their website:

When photographs don’t turn out, great moments are lost. Your Second Shot is an ongoing project to help real people recapture these moments. Armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, we’re traveling the country to give people their moments back–from a bet involving a mechanical bull to a father’s surprise birthday party.

You can read about the “Second Shots” they’re helping others create on the Your Second Shot blog. While reading the stories there, I began to think about which photo I would submit if I were to participate in this project. There was one recent photo that came to mind. It’s a simple photo, one that would be meaningless to anyone looking at it. A few weeks ago, my daughter asked me if I’d have a tea party with her. “Not right now, sweetie. Maybe later” was my response. I was busy with a work project that I had to finish that night. After some time had passed, I put my laptop down and was going to tell my daughter that I was finished and would love to have that tea party with her after all. I walked into the living room to find a few chairs around the coffee table. in those chairs were stuffed animals. “It’s okay, Mommy. I got my friends to have a tea party with me.” I felt a little sick to my stomach. Why hadn’t I taken a few minutes to sit down to play with my daughter? I left her alone with her stuffed animals, grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I didn’t want to ever forget that moment or the lesson that I had learned. (To always make time to enjoy the little moments.) Fact: I do not like to use flash. I will avoid it at all costs. I understand that sometimes it is necessary, but personally? I’d rather avoid it when at all possible. This means that sometimes I have to crank up the ISO in order to get the shot. Doing this usually makes an image appear a bit grainy. Here is the shot: IMG_8724.JPG I asked my daughter to help me recreate the scene so I could retake that photo, using the Canon PowerShot 300 HS. Once we got the scene set up, I used the low light setting and snapped the shot (without flash!) This is what I got, straight out of the camera. 038.JPG Color me impressed. Have you ever had a moment lost due to a low light situation? A blurry shot. A shot that was too dark or too grainy. A shot you wish you could go back in time and re-do with a better camera?

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116 thoughts on “Review: Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. Your Second Shot, Your Chance to Win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

  1. Heather

    There have been so many great shots of my daughter that have not come out well thanks to a bad camera (my cell), so I’d love the chance to make up for that. This year’s Santa pic was a good example…

  2. Wendy

    Sylvia’s 90th Birthday Strike is the cutest thing ever. I only hope when I’m 90, I can roll a strike. Um, I almost wrote “roll a stroke”.
    I’ve also had my eye on this camera to replace a Canon SD1100, so a $100 Visa gift card would go right towards that bad boy!

  3. Jessica

    I loved the little kid and the clown nose. And I really need that camera because I am not a skilled photographer (just ask my husband – I haven’t taken a decent picture of him in the eight years we’ve been together.) I just wish I had your talent!

  4. Kim

    I have missed many shots thanks to my poor photography skills when using my husband’s fancy shmancy camera. I need a point and shoot for me!

  5. Tina

    Holy Cow ALL THE TIME. And that’s WITH a DSLR, but I do auto b/c I’ve not gotten myself off that (I’m too afraid to miss shots). Just last night, when decorating the Christmas tree, I had misses shots. I hate the options of washed out w/ the flash or blurry without. I need to get off Auto, don’t I?

  6. Christine

    my daughter sat on our beloved ELPH and broke it! we have a DSLR as well, but sometimes you just need something you can slip in your pocket and whip out (hee hee) when the opportunity strikes. I’d love to see the newer features this version of the ELPH has…great cameras!

  7. Jessica

    I hate flash, and I often get grainy photos. What a great camera!
    My favorite story is the Highway 1 video. I love older couples still in love!

  8. Jesse B.

    I can’t get the link to work for some reason but also wanted to say that you take beautiful pictures, your eye for it is amazing. I don’t have a fancy camera or the skills to work one so anything that makes it easier for me to get a good picture is worth it!

  9. divrchk

    I attended an awards ceremony for my son and the photo was blurry because the lighting was terrible.

  10. Mickie

    WHat an awesome camera! Mine came over on the mayflower. Definitely need it with a new baby and all!!

  11. Monique

    I always love your post !! This Camera looks great and you take amazing photos :) thanks I need a new Camera!

  12. jenn covey

    I have the last model of this camera, I love it. Great pics !!! I didn’t realize it had so many different options to take pics with. I love the pink tint shot. I highly recommend this camera and any cannon camera.

  13. Adriana Covey

    I am trying to use my camera more with the kids but its not the greatest quality or maybe im not the best picture taker 😉 I also love the pictures you took of little Leo’s party….they were amazing.

  14. ElizabethZ

    What a great low light shot of the tea party!! My Sony can’t begin to take lowlight shots like that. Thanks for the review, although I find it hard to believe that you take very many bad pictures anyway – you are a wonderful photographer. :)

  15. Carrisa

    This is a great little camera. I got one for my sister recently.
    I loved the mechanical bull pics. I’ve always wanted to try one of those.

  16. Alie

    The “Highway 1″ couple makes me really happy inside. I want to take a road trip like that with my husband when our kiddo is all grown up.

  17. Suzy Q

    This Elph camera is the bomb! I loved the 90th birthday shot and for some reason, it reminded me of your grandparents. I only had one grandparent in my life and not for very long.

  18. N'awlins Darlin'

    Aww, I loved Larry and Erma at Yellowstone. *sniffsniff* My second shot would actually be a “first shot” – I was the first one in my family to graduate from college and there isn’t one photo of me in my cap and gown. :(

  19. Nancy P

    Your eye for composition just blows me away. sigh.. but I want to come back as a photographer in my next life. :)

  20. samantha jo campen

    The first time we took Theo to the movie theater. He was SO engrossed and I took a crappy picture just to have the memory but man do I wish I could have captured his expression better.

  21. girlplease

    You are an amazing photographer. I have a high end camera and god forbid I learn how to use it. :)
    As an unrelated side, thank you so much for posting your Hashimoto’s experience. I’m mirroring your experiences with the docs of “oh it’s just stress”. Well now that I can’t swallow—more and more looks like I”m finally going to see an endocrinologist who specializes in it. Thanks again for educating us womenzzzz. Love my son but man, did he do a doosey on my body.

  22. Hilary

    Also, there are so many Second Shot stories, but I would have to say my favorite was the one with the girl who was blind on her birthday. Happy Birthday in braille with sprinkles….what a wonderful and thoughtful idea.

  23. Dawn

    I recently broke my camera (you can tell by the lack of blog posts lately) and went shopping for a new one. After sharing my needs with a Best Buy employee, I settled on the Canon ELPH 100s and I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love that camera!!
    Compared to the other cameras I have had in the past (fuji, samsung..) It takes better photos indoors. It moves to macro mode automatically when I photo my artwork!!! Love that feature. It also turns the flash off automatically when I use my lightbox because it detects enough light and I can finally take decent indoor pictures!!!!!!
    Glad you’re sharing my new found Canon love!

  24. Amy

    My Favorite was the one about the friends who were feuding and found themselves at the same bar (Some Friends You Just…).

  25. Josiah

    Yes, I have had many moments where I took pictures of an occasion throughout the evening and later found that I had to discard at least half of the photos because of blurriness or bad lighting.

  26. Dawn

    I have the same situation as you – I have a Canon SLR that we LOVE but come on, dragging that giant thing around isn’t always possible. Would love a point and shoot, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Canon. The shot of the toes is fantastic.
    By the way…post more! We miss you!

  27. blessed-with-3

    If I were to win this camera I would use it at my school. As it is for everyone, money is tight and purchasing a camera for classroom use just isn’t in my budget. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  28. Hope

    I accidentally left my dSLR at home when I went down to NYC to meet my baby niece for the first time. My cameraphone was just not up to the task. So sad.

  29. Jessica

    We’ve been looking for a good point and shoot, because, honestly, neither of us are photographers, but we’d like to have something better than our cell phones to capture all the important bits. Thanks for the review and the recommendation!

  30. Melissa

    I’ve lost out on many cute shots of my kids asleep because of the low-light problem (I use the Canon Rebel XTi), and of course I don’t want to wake them up by using the flash.
    This camera looks really great for a point and shoot!

  31. Christina M

    The picture that missed Sylvia’s expression on her 90th birthday was my… favorite? Well, the shot that I think would be the most worthy of a second chance, fo’ sho’.

  32. cw

    I love the zion and barcelona stories, because I had a similar experience in both of those places…also love the sisters at the beach

  33. Candace

    The times square one!! What a great point and shoot. I am in the market for a new one and I love Canon’s point and shoots!

  34. Gina M Maddox

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Melissa

    Traditional First Communion is a favorite because aw* out of all the photos only one came out different, and that breaks my heart and of course thats a memory you’d want to preserve. :)
    abitnerdygirl at gmail dot com

  36. Kyla

    I would love a smaller camera. The DSLR is nice but not Easy to carry around and the phone camera, it sucks…i love the vegas wedding one

  37. Kyla

    I would love a smaller camera. The DSLR is nice but not Easy to carry around and the phone camera, it sucks…i love the vegas wedding one



  39. Eugenie

    My fave is the big top cupcake that spelled Happy Birthday Shea in braille on it in round sprinkles. Very sweet.

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