The Photo Canvas and a Tiny Prints Giveaway

And the winner is…
Congratulations to Firemom! :)
For this review, I was given a $75 store credit to Tiny Prints so that I could purchase a product and write an editorial review of that product. I was not compensated for writing the review. The opinions expressed are my own and are not paid for.
Last month I was contacted by Tiny Prints They offered me $75 credit so that I could choose product to review and share with my readers. I was familiar with their site, loved their products and was excited to take them up on their offer.
Tiny Prints is an online stationery store carrying a large assortment of beautiful products– thank you cards, birth announcements, business cards, photo cards, and holiday cards.
I spent days browsing their website, trying to decide what to use my credit to purchase. SO MANY CHOICES. I could use new business cards, but I could also use thank you cards and ohhh, look at the pretty photo stationery!
I eventually found myself in the “photo gifts” section.
I’m ashamed to admit this, but we do not have a single family portrait in our home of the five of us. I can’t tell you how many times I say “I need to hire a photographer to do a family portrait!” I never actually follow through and it makes me sick to my stomach because time is passing us by, our children are growing older (one of those kids is a LEGAL ADULT!) While looking at their custom canvas section, a photo the five of us had taken at my brother’s wedding came to mind. It wasn’t a professional photo, but it was a beautiful photo of the five of us, all together. I knew in that moment that I would have to order a photo canvas with my credit.
I’m so glad that I did.
grad573 (1 of 1).jpg
The canvas is beautiful– the photo is crisp, clear. The colors are vibrant and the canvas itself is well crafted and pretty much perfect. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice.
grad572 (1 of 1).jpg
Working with Tiny Prints has been a fantastic experience and I’m grateful to them for the chance to experience their products. I’m also grateful that they were more than happy to offer a giveaway with this review– a $50 gift card to!
Here’s what you have to do to be entered to win.
Go to their website.
Browse their products.
Here are some fantastic places to start:
The holidays are just around the corner, check out their assortment of seasonal cards:
Holiday cards
Christmas cards (For the time being, this one is my absolute favorite. I most likely will change my mind by the time I actually order my Christmas cards.)
New Years and Rosh Hashanah cards.
Once you’ve looked around, come back and leave a comment telling me what product you would most likely purchase with your gift card.
I will close comments next Wednesday. I will then choose a winner at random (using
Only one comment per person, you must use a valid email address.
That’s it! Have fun–I look forward to seeing what you would choose!
Comments have been closed. Winner will be announced on Thursday. :)

77 thoughts on “The Photo Canvas and a Tiny Prints Giveaway

  1. Darla

    I would probably use it towards a canvas print as well. But the holiday cards would be a good choice as well. So many choices!!

  2. Kathy

    Just checked out the website – very nice – a lot to choose from! BTW – Great picture- love your son smiling over your shoulder.

  3. Jessica

    I love your canvas print! I need to get photos of our family done soon, we are terrible with that!
    Tiny Prints are great! I would probably get a new calender, it’s my favorite gift to the grandparents for Christmas. :)

  4. Susan

    I love the canvas photo. It would make a great gift, and you don’t even have to worry about whether the frame will match the recipient’s decor, because, no frame!

  5. Trina @ Walking With Scissors

    Shoot! I accidentally responded to the other post. Disregard that one! :)
    I would either choose the Christmas cards (I can’t decide which I like best, they’re all beautiful) or I’d use the gift card toward a canvas. I take fall photos of my kids each year and like to display the best one.

  6. moojoose

    Oh I LOVE Tiny Prints so much! I got holiday cards from them last year. Got to say…I’ve been dying to get a canvas print, and after seeing yours, I might just go for it, $50 gift card or not!!

  7. Laura CC

    I would probably pick a canvas too. I’ve long wanted to print out one of my photos, but I don’t have the money to do so personally. That would be a dream come true to display some of my own work!

  8. Denise

    WOW that pretty much is a flawless family picture. I can’t imagine a professional one ever being better than that. What a treasure.
    I would do the same as you and get a photo on canvas…I love how it looks like a work of art.

  9. Ann

    I want one of the self inking stamps and some of the Christmas cards and also some Birthday cards and some address labels and gift tags Lol I would also have a really hard time deciding.

  10. ComfortablyCrazy

    I love the photo you chose for your canvas.
    If I won I’d choose the photo book. I have been wanting to do one ever since I went on the Shutter Sisters walk at BlogHer San Francisco.

  11. FireMom

    If I won, I’d save it for when we finally sell this house and buy our new one. And I’d get one of the moving cards.
    My favs:
    And, no, I can’t narrow it down further than that. lol

  12. Beckigirl

    My favorite cards would have to the the ornaments. They are so cute, but I’ll be honest, I always forget to send out our christmas cards. I must have like 5 different boxes of cards I’ve purchased over the years and they sit in my christmas decoration boxes unused. Alas, if I had more personal ones I may be more inclined to send them out.
    These were my favorites.
    Booming Blossoms : Winterberry

  13. Candy

    I would love a canvas print of my son and I. Its harder every day to get him to smile for the camera. lol

  14. Gina

    I would get birth announcements for my son, who was born on July 26. Of course, I can’t narrow it down, but these are my front runners:
    I love the die-cut circle announcements… Very unique!
    BTW, I love the canvas family pic that you got… that would be next on my list!

  15. Megan

    It’s my first year if being married so I’d love the Christmas cards…how fun to send out cute/dorky cards to friends and family. :)

  16. Kristy

    Love the Bold Believe Christmas cards. Would look very cute filled up with pictures of my two new grand-babies. One of the babies was born 11 weeks early so believing in miracles has really been our theme this year.

  17. Maren

    I love Tiny Prints!!! I used them for my son’s birth announcements, his birthday invites, and his birthday thank yous…that I still have to write…two months later. Oops. I would probably use them for Christmas cards, or maybe a pregnancy announcement if we are lucky in the next few months!

  18. Jennifer

    My dad, who is hardly the sentimental type, saw a canvas print a niece had done and said, “I’d like to have one of those done of the three of us!” (I’m am only child.) My parents have been living on opposite sides of the country for too long as it is. How could I deny such a request?
    Thanks, Y!

  19. Al

    The photo square canvas…..or maybe the easel art….or maybe the canvas……can’t decide.
    Great family pic btw!

  20. Dawn

    It’s a tough call. Given my daughter just celebrated her 3rd birthday, the cute thank you notes with her picture in the corner would be awesome. Or maybe some christmas cards? Or possibly the square canvas:> So many awesome choices!

  21. Carley

    That is such a lovely photo of your family! Everyone has a great smile on their face!
    This is an easy decision – I would use the gift card for a photo book. I just got married in Jamaica in May and have been wanting to put one together from that day. I think the gift card would be some good motivation!

  22. Leslie M

    Oh my gosh – I’m getting married in April, so I think the better question is what WOULDN’T I get! Maybe some bridal shower invitations, or possibly wedding announcements or thank you cards… although I really, really like the photo canvases as well. So maybe just keep it simple with one of our engagement shots there!

  23. Nancy

    I love, love, love tiny prints! I’d have to use the gc to get one of the tri-fold Christmas cards. I have three kids also & have NEVER gotten a good pic of them together so individual pics of each is the way to go! Thanks!

  24. Ashley

    I would use my credit for christmas cards! I do them every year and it would be nice to get them for FREE :)

  25. karen

    I would probably get the canvas too. Because that’s something i’d likely never get otherwise, and i’d love to have an actual, good family picture of us.

  26. Cate

    I’m hired for baby shower and children’s birthday parties quite regularly and just adore their baby shower and birthday party invites but I must admit, the canvas is so beautiful and would be just perfect for that empty space in my living room!

  27. Cynthia

    I would order a canvas of the family, or create a photo book of our family vacation in FL this summer.

  28. kate

    Well I spent a lot of time on their site browsing away! Lots of really nice things to choose from. However, I too would love to have a custom canvas of my family. Never get tired looking at all their beautiful faces! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Beth

    I love photo books. And like The Dalai Mama in the comment above, I still have to do a baby book for my 3 year old! Glad I’m not alone!

  30. Lorraine

    Mint tins! Those would be so cute for Christmas gifts. I could see a pair of earrings or a nice cloth bracelet nestled inside. Love!

  31. Suzy Q

    Love that photo of your family!
    For me, I would choose the easel art. Probably. It’s hard to choose with so many cute things!

  32. blessed-with-3

    I would love to order photo Christmas cards this year. Whoever wins this prize will be in for a fun day of shopping at Tiny Prints!

  33. Heather Paddock

    Definately a photo book, but the mint tins are so cute! I don’t have baby books for my almost 7yo, almost 5yo or almost 7mo….the almost 8yo has one, but it’s lame. 😀 I have lots of work to do.

  34. Julie

    I would definitely get Christmas cards! I would like to do birth announcements, but he’s almost four months now. A little late for those!

  35. Kami

    I would choose a canvas print of my children, I’am trying to fill my walls up! Big house=big walls. Also love the wall art, Diva Divine fits my daughters perfect!

  36. Danyelle

    Wonderful picture of the five of you! I would probably order a canvas of my family too or order Christmas cards and baby announcements in a few months.

  37. Angela

    Really love the holiday cards (too many faves to list!) and adore the canvases. Your family canvas is fabulous!

  38. Tammy

    Love your canvas! My daughter is getting married so would probably get some save the date cards, they have some really cute ones.

  39. Rhiannon

    I would get a canvas print – like you, if I had a nickel for everytime I said “We should get our family portraits taken! Our son will only be once!”….Then i wouldn’t be trying to win a giftcard because i would have saved up enough nickels!

  40. amy

    I love your canvas print and would probably do that, as well! What a great and creative idea… I do love TinyPrints styles, though. I usually get my New Year’s cards through them!

  41. Shelley

    I would definitely use the credit to make invitations to my aunt’s retirement party. She just retired from the Air Force after 30 years of service, and our family is throwing her a huge retirement celebration. I want every detail to be perfect, and this is the type of place I could make awesome personalized invitations for her!!

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