This is What Five Weeks of Boot Camp Did to My Body, My Mind

Only five more sessions left.
It’s been the most incredible experience. For the first time in a very long time, I feel strong. I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. The weight loss is insignificant to me. The strength and confidence that I have gained is everything to me.
Believe that.

39 thoughts on “This is What Five Weeks of Boot Camp Did to My Body, My Mind

  1. Adventures In Babywearing

    That’s awesome! I am planning to join the Y next week (and by the Y I mean the YMCA but also I could refer to you as “the Y” lol) anyway! I am thinking about what goals I want to set for myself. I want to feel strong and healthy and energized. You are inspiring. So happy for you!

  2. Mr Lady

    I thought you looked positively radiant at BlogHer, and it wasn’t just a waist-size thing. You looked powerful. Now I know why.
    Love you, girl.

  3. Theresa

    You look fantastic Y, and I’m happy to hear you feel fantastic too. That’s what got me hooked on working out. Seeing the physical transformation and thinking, “Holy crap. I did that! I can do anything.” It’s amazing how feeling strong can change your whole outlook on life.

  4. Neeroc

    Fantastic! I’m so glad to hear you’ve gained such strength and confidence and it is wonderful to see such physical results too (not just size, health, well-being) – last night I signed up for my first 4 week session and my confidence has been lacking. This helps.

  5. lani

    You look amazing, woman! And look at the bicep. Awesome. 😉 So happy for you. Isn’t it amazing the ways we can empower ourselves? I say… let go of the scale. Keep building that strong, beautiful self you’ve got going on. Yay you!

  6. angie

    You give me hope. I am where you were when you started this journey. You look amazing! Thank you so much for your blog and for giving people like me some much needed hope and inspiration.

  7. Leah

    You look amazing! Way to go! But even more amazing and wonderful is the mind change, I think that’s the biggest hurdle.

  8. Jo

    OK. WOW!!! Look at you!! OMG- what an amazing difference! You say you haven’t lost much weight. Seriously? Then you have lost a lot of inches because damn girl–you look amazing! I’m signing up for a boot camp!!

  9. Janet

    I have read for a number of years, but don’t think I have commented……this is amazing. You sound so good, and damn you look good too. Way to go.

  10. RachelJ

    Ok, so you do look good. But this is almost like those ads for weight loss programs. Do you ever notice how the person is standing taller or their skin is more tanned? It’s hard to really see the change when you’re wearing different clothes, and I wonder how much stretch that white shirt has (is it holding you in more than if you were uncovered as in the first picture?). Good work and great that you’re feeling stronger, but an accurate showing would be if both photos were the same.

  11. Bee

    “I haven’t lost much weight, but I have gained confidence, strength and a desire to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.”
    Are you kidding? There’s a world of difference in these photos. You look AMAZING and inspiring. Congratulations and props to all your hard work. I’m glad it’s paying off in more than just the physical sense.

  12. Meredith

    This was the inspiration for me to finally sign up. Today was Day 1 of 6am bootcamp and it was amazing to show myself I can do it. You are always amazing- thanks again for the kick I needed to get off the couch. Keep it up!!

  13. Carrisa

    It is because of this post (and a lot of your tweets) that I just bought a groupon type thing to do bootcamp here in Tulsa. When I would see these fit and trim women talk about it, I shrugged it off as yeah whatever. But seeing you do it, and like it, and go back for more, that sealed the deal for me. Even though you are in way better shape than I am, I know you and I struggle with a lot of the same stuff day to day. It’s not easy for us.
    So here’s hoping I can post some kick ass stats myself after I do my month. And you know, not puke in public.

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