Swimsuit Confidence, I Have It.

Last month, Lands’ End sent me a free swimsuit. The only thing I was asked in return was to take a photo of myself in that swimsuit and to post that photo on Curvy Girl Guide as a part of National Swimsuit Confidence Week. However, I loved the suit so much, I wanted to tell you about it.
I usually buy swimsuits from places like Target or Kohls or anywhere I can a) find one that covers my thighs b) doesn’t cost a lot of money. Last summer, I found this one. It’s cute, yes? But, here’s the thing. It did not have good support in The Boob Department. When you have Big (saggy) Boobs, it is important that one’s swimsuit has proper support. That is where the Land’s End suit completely won me over.(The same can be said for the belly area, which is another probably area for me.) It held the boobs, it lifted and separated the boobs and most importantly, it kept the boobs in place. (I jumped up and down to test it. Scientific testing at it’s finest!) Before having actually tried this swimsuit on, I most likely would not have felt comfortable spending $109 (now $89.00!) on it. However, after wearing (jumping) in it and feeling the difference from the suit I wore last summer, I think it’s worth every penny. And from what I’ve heard from friends and readers who wear Land’s End suits, this one will last longer than one summer.
grad78 (1 of 1)
Now, look. I know my body isn’t perfect. I know you see the cellulite, the lumps, the chunk. I have spent many summers hiding those legs. I spent summer after summer denying myself fun (trips to the beach, swimming with friends, etc) because of the shame I felt about my body. Last summer was the first time in years that I bought and wore a swimsuit and I did it for my children, especially for my daughter. How could I teach her to love herself, to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute when I was letting fear and shame keep me from enjoying MY life? This year, I chose to put on this swimsuit and be a part of National Swimsuit Confidence Week for myself. I may not be entirely happy with my body, but I most certainly will not spend another summer feeling ashamed of it.
I want to thank Lands’ End for letting me be a part this amazing project. I can only hope that doing this helps other women in some small way to be confident with who they are and the body that they live in.
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(Lands’ End has created a “Swimsuit Confidence Week” photo album on their Facebook page. Go look, go like, so support the women who were brave enough to be a part of this!)

43 thoughts on “Swimsuit Confidence, I Have It.

  1. Taryn

    You look adorable! Love the second pic especially. I’m planning on a Land’s End suit for this year (just waiting for that end of summer sale :) ).

  2. DogsDontPurr

    Girl…..you totally ROCK that suit!! Wow! Va va va Voom!
    Now I want one! And I swore I would never be caught dead in a swimsuit again. You’re totally selling me.
    (*dips toe in water……*)

  3. Laurie

    I looked at these photos today and admired the confidence of all of the ladies involved, but I hope it’s okay to say that, as usual, your smile stood out (you truly have one of the best smiles I know) And also? The bottom picture especially is just beautiful. Partially because you’re a knockout, sure, but your spirit always shines through so much. Just lovely.

  4. VDog

    I’m so proud of you, Y.
    We do not deserve to miss out on our own lives. Most of all, our children do not deserve to miss their mothers being present and joyful in THEIR lives.
    Bravo, lady.

  5. Amy

    I love Lands End swim suits. You look amazing and I love the color on you. Curvy girls rock!

  6. Amy

    You look amazing. I always get lands end swim suits but always dark colors. Now I am thinking red. Thank you for you confidence, now I have to find mine:-)

  7. Kathy from NJ

    WOW! You look great. And there is NO WAY that a week in NY would have been better than graduation.

  8. amanda

    I love Land’s End suits, I’ve had a black two piece for the past two summers but figured it was time for something a bit more flashy this year. :) You look great, I don’t see why you would ever be ashamed…

  9. Jennifer

    I looked at all the pics at the curvy girl guide, and they are all lovely women, but honestly? YOU were the hottest one! :-)

  10. Jamie

    I’ve had that same suit (regular bottom, not skirt) for at least 5 years. I love it so much, I have a couple different colors of it. The fit is fantastic, especially the boob control!

  11. Kathy

    Yours is the voice I hear in my head when I’m no enjoying myself out of self consciousness. It’s exhausting to worry about the way you look and there is no point in depriving yourself of life’s happiness over it. Thanks to you I remind myself of that every day.

  12. Emily

    Bravo!! Love the suit and you look fabulous in it. Thanks for putting yourself out there for those of us afraid to do it…you are my hero :)

  13. Sarah the Bear

    So, I’ve been following you for a while (I don’t know if you remember me, but I left you a long winded comment a couple posts back about the disappointment) and I’ve watched you go through your weight loss struggle from the sidelines. I’ve watched your confidence yo-yo much more than your body size. And, well, this is great. You look awesome. Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know that you are an inspiration, and that I just joined the Weight Watchers so I can be like you.
    And how awesome does THAT make you feel?
    Take care, keep it up.

  14. Leigh

    This is adorable, and you look fantastic in it! My Lands End tankini is nine years old, has gotten a LOT of pool time, and still looks great while hiding my post-baby belly. Coincidentally (or not), my baby is ALSO nine years old.

  15. Cheryl H

    You look awesome. I went to the site and you by far look the best and have the best suit.

  16. The New Girl

    After reading this post and looking at Curvy Girls, I just spent a bazillion dollars at Land’s End for two mix n’ match swimsuits because I’m tired of being hot and dry and the one who won’t participate when my little kids want to play in the water during the summer. I admire your confidence and your refusal to deny yourself fun because of body concerns.
    They have you to thank for all my money. I have you to thank for a new perspective.

  17. Tanesha Awasthi

    You’re a hot mama! It’s awesome you girls did this, it reached so many women and it’s such a great way to promote self-acceptance and confidence, I love it!! You definitely should have confidence in your swimsuit- you look amazing!

  18. valarie

    You look fantastic! Honestly, that second pic is freaking gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself for working hard on looking, and more importantly, feeling good!
    Thank you for helping other curvy women feel that they/we can be beautiful!!!

  19. Desiree

    You look amazing! I can’t believe it! I wish I looked like that. You look very sexy in that suit and your should be extremely proud to show your body this summer. You’ve worked so hard for so long not to feel great! Own it girl!

  20. lakeitha duncan

    YES YES YES!!!!!!! You look great girl! Love that red on you! It’s so nice to have been able to meet you! Your smile is beautiful (Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier!). See you tomorrow!

  21. Jennifer H

    I had been looking at this suit for WEEKS and you inspired me to order it. It arrived today and I love it. Thank you for being brave, and honest, and so very real. You have made a difference in my life, Y. For real.

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