Now I Know What it Means To Miss New Orleans

It’s a new day.
I’m still disappointment with the way things turned out. I still feel a little bit sick to my stomach about losing out on such a fantastic opportunity. But the tears have been replaced with appreciation for all that is good in my life– a loving family, loyal friends, a great job, improving health.
And chocolate milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A. THE BEST.
Life goes on and life is good.
Moving right along...
Last month I had the chance to visit New Orleans for the very first time. Whoa. That city. THAT CITY. It is so Mind-Blowing-Amazing.
My first experience in New Orleans involved a drive-thru from which we ordered DAIQUIRIS. As in the alcoholic beverage. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was all “You guys! My mind is blown! Did you know that my mind is blown? Because my mind is blown!”
It only got better from there.
Our hotel was literally just around the corner from Bourbon Street. I was so excited about being there, I didn’t even wash up or put on something cute to wear– I just wanted to get out of that hotel and experience this place. Just a little bit after landing I found myself with good friends eating delicious food on a balcony on Bourbon Street.
After dinner, I learned how to play the spoons from a perverted old man who stood behind me and said things like “keep going as long as it feels good.”
New Orleans 2011 027
And then, there was dancing. In clubs. In bars. In the streets. . So! Much! Dancing!
New Orleans 2011 086
New Orleans 2011 078

I do believe I had to be physically pulled away from the music because I could not stop dancing the entire time I was there.
Nor, could I stop eating. I ate so many good things- like bread pudding. Stuffed shrimp, broccoli with the most amazing cheese sauce I have ever tasted.

Drinks on a balcony on Bourbon Street

Oh, beignets. Can we talk about beignets? And how WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS they are? And about how much I loved them.

Loving my Beignet so hard.
I KISS you, beignet.
I was there for five days, and that just wasn’t enough. I want to go back to experience the city more fully. There were so many things I wanted to do that I didn’t have time to do. I hope that I have the chance to go back very soon.
I miss you, New Orleans. And my mouth misses your beignets.
View From the Ritz Rooftop

Full set of photos:

13 thoughts on “Now I Know What it Means To Miss New Orleans

  1. Kim

    I love NOLA! Last time I was there I was PG so no drive-thru drinks for me. Oh, the beignets, I love me some beignets. You know it’s not the same ambience as Cafe du Monde but you can get some pretty tasty beignets from Ralph Brennan’s in downtown Disney in good ol’ close to home Anaheim!

  2. Nancy P

    OMG that looks like so much fun! New Orleans is on my bucket list of places to go before I die.

  3. jessica

    being from LA and living in baton rouge for over ten years, we made lots of trips to NO…and food no where else is as good.
    we rarely eat out now b/c we always walk away a bit disappointed!

  4. Katie

    Thanks so much for your photos! I am lucky enough to call New Orleans home, but I still love seeing images of the city through the eyes of visitors. Such joy…being a resident isn’t much different, most of the time. :)
    Also, if you ever offer prints of that shot you took from the Ritz rooftop, I am so buying one. Gorgeous.

  5. shokufeh

    I’m glad you had such a good time here. It makes me so happy when someone else loves my city!

  6. pam

    Y, you could use that leopard-print jumpsuit beignet-eating photo as a boudoir shot. SexAY!

  7. Kristy

    Drive thru daiquiris? Sign me up!
    Awesome pics! Looks like you had a great time!

  8. A

    Hi, first time commenter.
    I’m so glad you loved New Orleans. It really is no like no other city I have been to – and it’s a million miles from London. (Although that is pretty cool too.)
    I have some very close friends that moved there so I have been fortunate enough to visit 3 times so far, and I never tire of it’s awesomeness! They sure know how to have fun down there!

  9. arabelladonn

    OK, I just found your blog (maybe through Julia?) and read this blog post, and while I am not normally a “commenter,” I had to post here.
    WHERE did you get that gorgeous vertical black & white striped dress? I WANT!!

  10. ster

    LOVe the drink pic… and the black and white musicians on the street- GORGEOUS!!!!!
    i LOVED new orleans… want to go back… it truly is an amazing place with so much history and energy literally seething through every crevace.

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