Other Places

I work from home. I rely on the internet, as well as Excel, to get my work done.
For the past two days, Excel is not working on my laptop. For the past two days, my internet is super slow, sometimes not working at all. I do not think that I need to tell you that I feel like throwing my computer against the wall, smashing it with a hammer and then setting it on fire, do I?
(Deep breaths.)
While I’m on the phone with internet tech support guy (who keeps telling me he’s “pinging my modem”) you should go read posts I’ve written Other Places on The Internet.
I have a new post up on Curvy Girl Guide. It’s about Turning Forty. Because did you know that I’m almost 40?
I have another post up on the review blog. I hope you’ll go check it out and enter to win a Visa gift card!

One thought on “Other Places

  1. Kandace

    Isn’t working from home so glamorous? On Tuesday I took a clients call thinking it would be just a quick one and ended up being completely naked for 45 minutes and locking myself in my daughters room to avoid the screams of my children fighting. Girl, I FEEL you!

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