Saved By the Burp

For weeks, my daughter has been asking if she could “please make some strawberry juice out of real strawberries?” And for weeks, I have been telling her “no.” Mostly because I knew that strawberry juice would taste gross and then I’d have to deal with the drama of Strawberry Juice Gone Bad. (And I know, I could totally google a recipe, but you know, LAZY.)
“But mommy!” She’d whine. “It won’t taste gross! It will taste good! Why won’t you let me try?”
Yesterday, I decided to stop being such a Mean Mommy! And let her try to make some mofo strawberry juice.
The thing about my daughter is that she doesn’t need help doing anything because she can do everything all by herself because she’s “strong and she’s brave.” In fact, she’s SO strong and brave, that the other day she was all “dude, you have no idea how brave I am. I’m not even afraid of aliens with the big black eyes. Except for when they touch me in my dreams.”
Not afraid of Aliens with big black eyes, dudes. She most certainly can make her own damn strawberry juice!
She gathered all of the things that she would need– Strawberries, a cup, a strainer, a spoon and a paper towel– and then she went to work, squeezing the crap out of those strawberries.
She worked so hard, getting as much juice as possible, all the while with a smile on her face because her strawberry juice was going to be SO DELICIOUS! She just knew it.
When she was finished, I suggested she add some water. She did not like this suggestion. She was all “Mom! I don’t need your help! And I don’t need water! It’s strawberry juice!” I pointed out how thick the juice was and, even though she did not like it ONE BIT, she agreed to add just a little bit of water.
She was ready to taste her strawberry juice.
She took a sip.
She made a funny face. Then her funny face morphed into an Angry Face.

There I go, ruining my kid’s lives again!

The look on her face was one of pure disappointment. She had been so sure that she was going to make the best strawberry juice anyone had ever tasted. But it wasn’t. It was so bad (thanks, Mom!) I knew what was coming next… The Tears. All of her hard work had been ruined by me and my stupid ideas! She put her head down and closed her eyes and then, it happened.
She burped.
She burped so loud!
She looked at me, then she smiled.
“Wow, mommy. My strawberry juice tastes DELICIOUS when you burp it up! I TOLD YOU, I could make strawberry juice!”
Gabby totally wins at making strawberry juice.

16 thoughts on “Saved By the Burp

  1. Leanne

    If she wants to try again, tell her to chop her strawberries, sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and let them sit for an hour or so – they will make their own juice (which is pretty syrup-y) but very delicious.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for the laugh Y and Gabby :-)
    I’ve been PMS’ing so bad all day and a good laugh is helpful!

  3. Rhi

    When I was a little girl (OKAY FINE, well into my 20s) my Grandma always had Kerns Strawberry Nectar at her house for me. Might be a fun surprise one day for Gabby. It might even taste good drinking it AND burping it.

  4. Christine

    I mean, it might not be the best or least caloric option, but a little sugar added to your strawberry juice would probably make it aces. OH! You should just add your berry juice to some lemonade next time. That sounds like a straight up win/win.
    What a great kid!

  5. Y

    I did offer to add sugar, but at that point, she was so mad at me for the water suggestion, she wasn’t having it. (Even though I was all “it will sweeten it up!”)
    She really is a great kid. I love being her mama. :)

  6. RachelJ

    This sounds so much like my (7yo) girl. She likes to make lemonade (more like sweet lemon water) and ‘do experiments’ that usually involve food coloring, water and various spices. I gave up on trying to discourage her—it makes her so happy to be making her own creations and gives her a feeling of control (even if she finds out that her creations are horrible!).
    Love your pics– they really show G’s happiness.

  7. BeNiceTwice

    It has never even crossed my mind that one might TRY to squeeze the juice from strawberries. Huh. I see a strawberry-related disaster in my future.

  8. Amy

    Gabby is so gorgeous, just look at that smile.
    I bet that juice would be great in a blender with some yogurt and bananas. Mmm.
    (And I’m still afraid of aliens with big black eyes, ew.)

  9. Rebecca Grace

    Oh, I KNEW it was going to be all your fault for suggesting water! Been there, done that — and it’s not like you can take the water out again (or remove the salad dressing/sauce etc). I’m glad the strawberry burps were delicious enough to save the day!

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