So, This Just Happened.

“Mom, would you be mad if I dumped mud, wood chips, grass and leaves into the bathroom sink?”
Mad is not how I would describe my feelings about this. I would say I feel…Confused (WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!) and dread? HOW WILL I CLEAN THIS?!)
But mad, um, not really?
Except, maybe a liiiiiiiiiittle?

19 thoughts on “So, This Just Happened.

  1. Y

    I have to admit– I’m already laughing at how she named every single object in her question. ahhhhh!

  2. Y

    Once I got over the.. shock? I did ask her why. Her response? “I wanted to dump it out so I could make a new mix.” I was like, “and you thought the sink was a good place to do that?” And she thought about it and said “Yes. Next time I’ll use the trash can.”
    She meant well. I think? I still don’t know. I’m still like WTF, Gabby?

  3. Marie Green

    I would be mad, I’ll admit. Probably borderline IRATE. Life is messy enough w/o this kind of unnecessary disaster to clean up!
    That said, I think it’s a little funny when someone else’s kid does it.
    (How DID you clean it up?)

  4. Carol

    School custodian checking in…. this is totally normal everyday thing for kids to do. Why? I don’t know. The things they put in sinks, toilets and urinals I will never understand. All I can do is wonder why, take a picture to send to my co-worker, and laugh. Oh, and clean it up.

  5. geeky

    I am laughing so hard, but with you not at you! This so reminds me of the dumb stuff my brothers and I (mostly my brothers) used to do as kids. Like that time my brother spit chewed up pretzels on the neighbors house (whyyyyyyy???)…. or that time we thought it would be a really good idea to tip our plastic play kitchen on it’s back and fill it with water…. or all of those times we put sand in our water guns because we were SURE it would shoot sand this time… This will make a great story to retell someday when you both can laugh about it :)

  6. jadine

    No, how will *she* clean this? :)
    My husband heard my little gasp as this picture came up on my screen, and told me that he’d thought it was some kind of asian cooking. See? Maybe she could get her own show on the Food Network…or maybe a landscaping show on HGTV? :)

  7. Margie K

    LOL at the toilet comment!
    Yes, my first reaction was “why?”
    It looks like mulch (and that costs money!). Rather than putting it in the trash, it should go back outside, on the garden or wherever it came from. At least, that’s what I’d be having my did do

  8. Lori

    It’s possibly a “potion.” My little girl makes potions often. Usually she scrounges around the recyclables for a plastic something to mix them in, but sometimes–yes, good dishes or sinks have to be involved. I just think that it’s sort of science and so, okay!

  9. ame i

    Sooo sorry for laughing!
    When I was 5 or so, a friend and I made a potion using her Mom’s Waterpik, which was NEW way way way back then.
    I am cackling right now remembering the tone her Mom used when she said: “Jennilynn, I should make you eat this.”

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