Chicks, Man.

Last night PigHunter was sitting on the couch watching online instructional videos for “how to make apple crisps.” I was sitting at the kitchen table giving my daughter a french manicure because she is obsessed with french manicures.
After PigHunter was finished watching cooking videos, he turned on the television. He changed the channel until he ended up on whatever channel it was that was showing Pretty In Pink.
G turned her head towards the TV. “What are you watching, Dad?” She asked.
“Pretty In Pink.” He replied.
“What’s that about?” She asked, in a tone that indicated she was a liiiiiiittle disturbed that her dad was watching a show that had the words “pretty” and “pink” in the title.
“It’s an 80’s movie.” He said.
She paused for a minute. Looked at me. Looked at him.
“I’m pretty sure you mean LADIES movie, Dad because you’re totally being a chick right now.
We laughed until one of us peed in our pants a little.

13 thoughts on “Chicks, Man.

  1. Amanda

    I now have If You Leave AND Miss Amanda Jones stuck in my head, which I know means that I am both a dork and confused. Either way, this post made me as happy as the movie Can’t Buy Me Love used to 😉

  2. laura

    Oh how I love what comes out of our innocent childrens mouth, they are so darn cute! I love it and would have been laughing for days!

  3. Rachael

    This is definitely one of those times when having a blog is the best thing ever. To share these moments. Because that is freaking hilarious.

  4. Late Night Coffee

    I just found your blog…love it! Very funny story about the Pretty in Pink movie…and I LOVED your story about your grandfather and playing in the rain….great writing! I could see everything you described in my mind…very sweet story.

  5. Missy K

    Oh that is great!!! Your daughter is awesome. And I LOVE that movie so Pighunter is ok in my book. LOL!

  6. Leah

    That is so funny. My 8 yo daughter this morning asked if we celebrated Veterinary’s Day on November 11th.

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