Getting Closer

I have set 3 weight loss goals for myself.
To eat well. To exercise daily. And to ultimately, get down to 150 pounds.
150 pounds is the magic weight because my endocrinologist says she will not take me off of metf*rmin until I reach that weight. (And I really REALLY need to get off of that evil drug. Having to know that you can get to a restroom in less than 30 seconds at any given time of the day IS NO WAY TO LIVE.) It’s totally doable, except for the fact that with My Condition, losing a single pound can take WEEKS. It’s frustrating, sometimes EXTREMELY SO. That is why I try to focus more on how much stronger and faster my body is than I focusing on the numbers.
However, it’s been hard not to focus on the numbers lately because I can’t seem to get out of the 180’s. I’ve been stuck at 182.4 pounds for what feels like 100 years. Sometimes I’ll go up to 184 pounds, then back down to 182.4 pounds. BUT NEVER LESS THAN THAT. I decided it was time to switch things up at the gym a bit. For the past month, I’ve been running faster and farther, I’ve been lifting more weight, I’ve been mother effing jumping rope and squatting and lunging and over all working out harder. And yet, every single time I step on the scale I see 182.4 flash before my eyes.
It’s been emotionally and physically exhausting. Frustrating beyond all words.
But then, today, I saw this:
I can now say I’ve lost 57 pounds and am only 30 away from my Ultimate Goal. It feels damn good to be able to say that.
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26 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. ~ifer @ the mind of ~ifer

    That is so wonderful! I am a little more than that, but my final goal is the same as yours. It’s not a fun thing to be doing, trying to be healthy, but the rewards… man, I can’t tell you how good I feel when I can wear a piece of clothing that didn’t fit before, or when someone tells me that they can see the difference. But I guess I don’t need to tell you, I guess you already know :)
    You can do it!

  2. Amelia Sprout

    I am so impressed by how much you have done. I miss having coffee smell good so much. I can’t wait to be off the Met. I think I have at least another 60 to go. It feels so far away.

  3. Kelly

    I took metformin right up to my surgery. It did the job and kept me from being dead so I don’t hate on it. However, it can cause you to hold weight. :(

  4. Jaime

    I’m in the same boat. I never get lower than 144.2. I want to get down to 130-135 but no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get any lower. I bounce between 144.2 and 146-ish. And now my chiro told me I shouldn’t exercise for the next month or so because my scoliosis is acting up. I feel your pain but we’ll get there:) (PLus muscle weighs so much more than fat. You are so much stronger now!)

  5. tara

    hi you. i’ve been a lurker of yours since gabby was probably still in diapers. 😛 i’m currently on my 2nd and a half try at losing weight. the first time i lost my weight was about 17 years ago and i lost about 75 pounds… only to gain it all back and more. (sound familiar?) the second was because i managed to drop about 75 pounds but never did the “more” piece until last year when after quitting smoking, losing 3 animals within an 8 month span, and becoming a vegetarian i managed to gain about 10 pounds. i knew i was in a place that wasn’t heading in the right direction and made up my mind right then and there to stop the damn insanity. i started out by getting on my treadmill 5 days a week. counted calories but really it was about making better lifestyle decisions with my food. then i started incorporating hand weights into my walking. this past april i decided to join a gym because i was seeing changes in my body but i knew i needed to tone and strengthen plus i wanted to use an elliptical. in the past year i’ve lost close to 40 pounds. i’m currently at 177.6 and i so badly wanted to break through that 180 number that i stayed at for what seemed an eternity. long story short what i have learned when dealing with plateaus is that you have to do something different every week with your strength training or your muscles get used to it. so one week i’ll do all free weights and then the next i’ll do machines. i try to do opposing muscle group workouts so one day i’ll do chest, shoulders, and triceps. the next lower body. the next back and biceps. the fourth day i take off from weights and do an intense cardio workout only to give my muscles time to recover. but i consistently try to switch it around. plus, i try to remember that even when i’m not necessarily losing some weight (as in reflected on the scale) i’m seeing my body fat decrease and my clothes get looser. good luck to you. your recent pics from your NY trip are fabulous!

  6. amber of theambershow

    You know what is so fun? I’m loosing weight, too, and we weigh the same. When you mentioned (during your photoshoot) you were 182, so was I. Now I’m 180.2, too.
    You are so, so encouraging.

  7. amber of theambershow

    You know what is so fun? I’m loosing weight, too, and we weigh the same. When you mentioned (during your photoshoot) you were 182, so was I. Now I’m 180.2, too.
    You are so, so encouraging.

  8. maria

    I congratulate you on your weight loss and I’m cheering for you.
    You will get to the magic number of 150.
    You will, you WILL.

  9. Linda

    Yvonne, you are truly amazing. Courageous, determined – a force to be reckoned with!!! I have been working on my own weight loss challenge and I hope you have a nutritionist – a good one – that is helping you! I saw a lousy one, and now have a good one. If you are near enough to Pasadena, you might want to try mine – Jill Brook – she’s fantastic, compassionate, encouraging, knowledgeable. Sorry to be so silly – you probably have someone already, but if not, I didn’t want to miss offering this contact, just in case! Keep up the great work, and the focusing on strength and what your body can DO – you are awesome! :)

  10. Twenty Four At Heart

    Congratulations! I lose very, very, slowly too. Sometimes I have to just step away from the scale for a week or two because I get so frustrated. You’re doing great – you’ll get where you want to be!

  11. Leslye

    That is awesome!!! Plateaus can be such a bitch. Yay for patience & hard work – you are so inspiring.
    What’s the deal with now spelling out Metformin, though? Just curious.

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