Suddenly, My Obsession With Photography Isn’t “Annoying.”

I was 11 years old when my youngest brother was born.
I thought he was my baby.
I fed him. I changed him. I babysat him.
For the most part, I was The Best Sister Who Thought She Was a Mother that a little kid could ask for.
Except for the one time he almost died on my watch because I was too busy talking on the phone with a boy I had a crush on to notice that he was eating OVEN CLEANER.
I loved that little baby so much.
Last month, that little baby got engaged.
My baby brother is getting married!
They’ve asked me to be their wedding photographer.
Here’s the thing.
I love photography. It’s a passion of mine.
But! I’m not a professional. So I am very nervous about this. At the same time, I’m flattered that they think I’m good enough at it to SHOOT THEIR WEDDING.
Last weekend, they asked if I would shoot some photos for their “save the date” cards. Of course, I said yes.
I can only hope he doesn’t regret asking me to photograph one of the most important days of his life.

35 thoughts on “Suddenly, My Obsession With Photography Isn’t “Annoying.”

  1. bethany actually

    How could he possibly ever regret it!? You’re one of the best “amateur” photographers I’ve ever seen. I love your photos, and I’m sure your brother and his wife-to-be will love them even more because YOU took them. :-) Congratulations on your first wedding shoot!

  2. Bridget

    I’m not a pro photographer either, I just like to play around with it. A lot. But some friends of mine asked me to shoot their big day. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I thought I was going to throw up. But then we got into a rhythm, and it was great. You’ll do fine. You’re good at this. Good luck!

  3. Erin

    Well, I can tell you those pics definitely won’t make him regret it.
    Sweet (I teared up).

  4. Denise

    Girl don’t be crazy! YOU HAVE MAD SKILLS. You have an intuitive eye and you are not spoiled by thinking you know it all. They are blessed to have you! I’m done gushing now–I know you weren’t fishing for compliments or anything I just really love your photos.

  5. Deana Birks

    You’ll do great! The pictures you’ve posted here are better than anything we got from our “professional” wedding photographer. We’d asked my Dad and he could have done much better but he didn’t think he could do as well as a professional. Sigh. You would totally regret it if you said no and then they hired someone who did a crap job.

  6. Gwen Bell

    I shot my best friend’s wedding earlier this year in Hawaii and had the same trepidation. Then I realized, shit. I’m free – they would have paid a gajillion dollars for a “real” professional. And even then, there’s no way that pro would have shot with the love with which I shot those photos.
    It’s never about the final product – it’s always about the journey. And I know they wouldn’t have asked if you if they didn’t want to take this journey – with you. Rock it out, Y.

  7. Bejewell

    Not only are those photos just as good as the professional photos we had taken for our wedding a thousand years ago… they’re better. Because they were taken by someone who cares. This is going to be an amazing experience, for all of you!

  8. Tricia

    Those pics are amazing! You should think of doing this for money (not for your brother, but with other people)! You have a passion for photography, and that’s what makes you so darn good at it. I think you are going to do a phenomenal job, and they will absolutely love their memories, as seen through your loving lens.

  9. amber of theambershow

    You def. have the skills, but you might regret having to photograph the wedding instead of being “in the moment”. Consider figuring out a second photographer, especially for the candid shots. You should be the one helping to button the wedding dress, straightening the tie, or wiping away the tears, not the one snapping those moments, you know?

  10. Melody

    We had a friend of my younger brother do our wedding photos. He did some in black and white too, and they are GORGEOUS! I am so glad that we chose him!
    He was an amateur and only in his early twenties, but the photos are wonderful.

  11. Terry

    You will do a wonderful job.
    I do weddings professionally, and I believe you have a better eye for arranging shots than I do.
    BTW- I’ve been reading since your first blog…Keep writing.

  12. lani

    Saw these on Flickr and was too lazy to log in to comment. But I am in absolute LOVE with the second picture. Which did they pick? They will not regret it. You take wonderful, beautiful pictures. And this will be the perfect excuse to take picture of anything and everything at the wedding. 😉

  13. april

    oh Y, you have nothing to worry about if this is a small sample of what you can do with your vision and camera!!! I’m absolutely POSITIVE your baby brother will be thrilled and so happy with your photos of his big day!

  14. Melody

    Those are awesome Y! I DEFINITELY think you are good enough to do their wedding- I think you’ll surprise yourself (in a good way). I’ve been asked to do a couple and I’ve declined- there is no way I want that responsibility because I KNOW I am nowhere near as good as you, and don’t even have the right lenses. You are going to do awesome!!
    And oh my gosh, how I love her dress!

  15. Nancy R

    I really love the middle one with the fluttery dress!
    Scott Kelby’s Digital photog book covers taking weding photos. You’ll be great!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Girl, you are a fantastic photographer and it will be even easier and more special because you will catch really candid beautiful moments of your family, just like you did above. Go get ’em!

  17. Linda

    The only thing standing between you and being a “professional” photographer is a few business cards!!! Print some up and own the title – you really really really are a quality photographer, and don’t let any voices from inside or out tell you different!! :^)

  18. Desiree

    That is so precious that they asked you to be their photographer. I’ll die the day my baby brother asks me to do something important. Currently he’s only 18 so I think I have awhile.

  19. Catootes

    Those are beautiful photo’s that they will treasure always.
    If that is just of taste of what you’ll do for the wedding, you’ll own it.

  20. Dale

    So, do bloggers even read the comments that are left five days after the post? I’m always behind. But Y, I wanted to tell you that I took pictures of my sister’s wedding, and I was nowhere near the photog you are, and it was great. I used her camera, even. They just didn’t want a stranger running their party telling everybody to stand here and look there. They would have gotten marginally better pictures, but had a less fun time, with a pro. The pictures are treasured.

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