“Super Sax-ay.”

“Let me give you a make over!” My daughter says, while holding her pink Barbie make up case in her hand.
20 minutes, 3 rubber bands knotted to my scalp and 5 pounds of blush later…

15 thoughts on ““Super Sax-ay.”

  1. Christy

    OMG that purple eyeshadow totally brings out the brown in your eyes! And I am so happy to see pink lipstick making a comeback. I am so sick of red.

  2. jessica

    i dont have to tell you that those photos (and memories) will be some of your most prized… but they will also be HER most prized memories. when Gabby is all grown up, she is going to look at thos photos and remember how much fun she had with her awesome mom. :-)

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