And the Rockets Red Glad…

About 2 weeks ago my daughter asked me to teach her The America Song, (aka The Star-Spangled Banner.)
When your kid wants to learn The America Song, you freaking teach them The America Song.
So, for 2 weeks straight, I have been singing it to her. Every morning. Every evening. Every car ride to school. Every car ride from school.
She finally started to get the hang out of and asked me to “please not sing it with her anymore!” because “SHE KNOWS IT NOW SO STOP SINGING IT, MOM.”
And while I am very proud that my 5 year old (sort of. Almost. Kind of) knows The Star-Spangled Banner, I am maybe going to lose my mind if she doesn’t stop singing it EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY THAT SHE IS AWAKE.
She’s supposed to be taking a nap right now, but guess what’s she’s doing?
As annoying as it can be after hearing it for the 800th time in a single day, it really is the most precious thing in my life right now and I am very proud of her.
Here she is, singing it 5 minutes after she woke up this morning. Enjoy.

57 thoughts on “And the Rockets Red Glad…

  1. Maria

    Dude, I wanna take her home. She sang it awesomely.
    And cute story:
    The Bella just came over while she was singing and said “Oh! She’s beauutiifffulll.” And I said “Isn’t she?!” and she nodded enthusiastically.
    Bella has never, never ever called anyone, ever, beautiful, other than her sister and me.
    Your kid is beautiful.

  2. Debby

    So cute! When my daughter was Gabriella’s age, she was crazy about the song “Your a Grand Old Flag”. Every time we drove by a building or business that was displaying the flag, she would break out into this song at the top of her voice. It was the adorable and maddening all at the same time. The most notable being, that it was a very short phase that I still remember fondly more than 13 years later.

  3. Scout's Honor

    Very nice. My daughter sings about about “bay bombs bursting in air and Babe Ruth was there….” And she is 10. She is a very quick study and was as freaking adorable!!

  4. Karen

    Haha My son stood up and saluted..can you can tell we are a military family? hahaha. She did awesome!!!

  5. Damsel

    So precious!!! And I’m SO with you on that. We went to the Soldier Show three weeks ago, and my son hasn’t stopped singing the Army Song since. Blargh.

  6. KarateMom

    That was so cute! And, wow, I can’t believe I’ve been reading here long enough to watch her grow from a little, bitty girl to a little lady! (I think I’ve been reading for three or so years…)

  7. KarateMom

    OK, I totally sounded like a grandma in that comment! “She’s such a little LADY!” What I meant was she was just a toddler when I started reading and she’s grown so much in the last three years!
    That sounded a little more…normal…I think…
    I’m going to stop talking now.

  8. Ambry

    So cute! But moreso than that…the vibrato that kid has…amazing! She’ll have no problem being in magazines after her 1st album drops!

  9. Jen

    Gah! The cuteness! It’s almost too much! That kid is adorable.
    I actually remember when my mom taught me that song and I’m pretty sure i drove her crazy too. I remember singing it in the car over and over again on the way to daycare in the morning. That poor woman.

  10. Patti B.

    Wow – she sounded better than people 10x her age at some baseball games I’ve been too! How wonderful :)

  11. Liz

    i’m pretty sure I didn’t know all the words until I was at least a teenager. Such a beautiful clip! Now I want to see one of you teaching her the song!

  12. Anne

    How adorable! I always get so excited to see you’ve posted a video of her singing. My family? We can’t carry a tune in a bucket. LOVE IT!!

  13. Michelle Stewart

    Just had to delurk,
    We’re canadian and my daughter has also been singing our national anthem as well – it’s just too cute for words.
    Also, really enjoy your posts!
    Peterborough, Ont, Canada

  14. Rae

    *WILD APPLAUSE* Great job, G-grrl!! You’ll be opening at Yankee Stadium before you know it!! *also waves to Michelle in previous post — we’re practically neighbours!*

  15. Gabriella

    So incrediblly cute!!!! I love the sort-of correct wording, like “rambarts” which add to the adorable factor. This put a smile on my face. :)

  16. jessica

    i’m so impressed!! she knows the words better and sounds better than the people they have sing at sporting events! it’s amazing how many people DONT know the words to the Start Spangled Banner. Kudos to Gabby!!! and YOU for teaching it so well!!

  17. marjorie

    Another Canadian here, from Mississauga, Ontario. Gabby, you sang that beautifully, and with such patriotic conviction! Yvonne, she is so adorable, and so natural. Not a bit of diva in her, just a delightful little girl. You should be proud.

  18. JesseeezMom

    Awesome! There are grown ups who don’t know all the words, much less have the passion she has singing it! We will be seeing her at a sporting event I am sure! Go Girl!

  19. TJS

    I DESPERATELY need someone to yell out “Play ball!” at the end of her song. What a treasure this video will be many years from now. (And a treasure now, too!)

  20. Gae Coats

    What a great set of lungs this child has! I know this video will be treasured for years. I have tape recordings of my son when he was this age and wouldn’t take anything for them. When I was three years old my mother said she took me to the grocery store..and while sitting in the buggy I looked at the man behind me and told him if he would give me a quarter I would sing the Star Spangled Banner for him. My mother was mortified! (I actually could sing it at three years old but I don’t think I was near as good at it as your daughter.)

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