What “Feeling Better” Looks Like.

It’s been a rough few days. The coughing. The crying. The sleepless nights.
I’m tired.
She’s tired.
But it seems as though she’s finally on the mend.
Oh, that precious smile. How I’ve missed it.
It’s good to see it again.

12 thoughts on “What “Feeling Better” Looks Like.

  1. ElizabethZ

    So glad to hear she is feeling better, but if that painful cough is still around, walgreen’s has a children’s cough suppressant/expectorant – active ingredients dextromorphathan (this is what is in just about EVERY cough suppressant) and the more important one is the guaifenesin- this is what is in mucinex, this stuff absolutely rocks at breaking up chest congestion and loosening the cough up and making it better. I swear by it for the daytime when my kids get sick.

  2. Amira @ DefineMature.com

    What a doll and I’m so glad she better =)
    Aiman had the flu and now an ear infection; it’s been hard on all of us.
    But he’s feeling better and it looks like your daughter is too, which is good news all around.

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