12 thoughts on “What “Feeling Better” Looks Like.

  1. ElizabethZ

    So glad to hear she is feeling better, but if that painful cough is still around, walgreen’s has a children’s cough suppressant/expectorant – active ingredients dextromorphathan (this is what is in just about EVERY cough suppressant) and the more important one is the guaifenesin- this is what is in mucinex, this stuff absolutely rocks at breaking up chest congestion and loosening the cough up and making it better. I swear by it for the daytime when my kids get sick.

  2. Amira @ DefineMature.com

    What a doll and I’m so glad she better =)
    Aiman had the flu and now an ear infection; it’s been hard on all of us.
    But he’s feeling better and it looks like your daughter is too, which is good news all around.


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