19 thoughts on “I Love Little Surprises.

  1. Kim j

    Y he is so cute and talented. You have got to be one of the proudest moms around. Great Job!!!!!

  2. Mary Jo

    He is great! Much better then my old neighbor who could only play like three taps, and would spend 2 hours doing it! LOL

  3. Jenna

    How old is he? We should get our two little prodigies together for a drum party (we can then go far far away while they play).

  4. Katie

    I agree with the others – he’s a natural at the drums! As a musician myself, I think music is one of the most important things a child should experience and it sounds like he is having fun with it! :)

  5. dana michelle

    What a great kid! I love his sense of humor and the boy can seriously play. It’s so fun watching your kids mature :)
    Go, E!!

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