The Winner is

Things are crazy busy here this weekend. (See: PAINTING. Also see: FUN!)
But! I didn’t want to keep you waiting to find out who won a copy of Understanding Exposure.
The winner:
Jessica of The Hunter’s Prize.
Tonight I’m going to pour myself a glass of Blackberry Wild Vines and look at all of the photos you so kindly left links to in the comments. You are the best, You Guys. :-)

8 thoughts on “The Winner is

  1. Kim

    I didn’t expect to win, so I bought this book this weekend and haven’t been able to put it down. It even came to work with me today in my bag.
    I can’t wait to start taking better pictures!
    Thanks for bringing this book to everyone’s attention.

  2. Holly

    Hey, I’m too late for the contest, but cool book! Thanks for the link! I’ve always wanted to get into real photography, but have stuck with a point-and-shoot camera because the rest of it was just too confusing. Maybe this book will do the trick.


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