14 thoughts on “Little Moments I Never Want to Forget

  1. Krystle | Snarky Kisses

    Y, after looking over your pictures over time – and reading your blog for a few years now, it really dawned on me the relationship you and G have. I sincerely hope, with every fiber of my being that my future daughter (if I’m blessed with one, that is!) and I will have such a beautiful strong relationship that you two have.
    She is so blessed to have such a wonderful mom like you. Your whole family is so respectful, so involved, so caring for each other… so well put together. No matter the situation, you ALL come together and make everything the best it can be.
    You are a great momma and wife… your family is very lucky!

  2. Jessie

    Somebody alredy said it, but I’m going to repeat it… She looks so much like you in that first picture. It took me a second to realize that it was Gabby and not you. Love the looks on both your faces in the second one.

  3. Positively Present

    This is such a great reminder to cherish our lives and all of the little things in them. Every day is a gift and it’s so awesome that you are able to embrace that. I love the post and the pictures are adorable!

  4. Lisa

    So cute! It really is a “power of small” moment – a little thing to remember forever!

  5. Hugh Weber

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