Doing What We Can

I was going to donate money to the paypal account that has been set up to help the Spohr family cover the cost of Maddie’s funeral.
I decided against donating.
Instead, I went and ordered a digital camera. A Nikon Coolpix 10.0 mp camera.
But. The camera’s not for me.
I bought the camera with the intention of trying to raise money for The Spohr family. It is my wish that we can raise enough to cover any and all expenses so that they don’t have worry about such things. They have enough to deal with right now.
Here is how I’m going to do it. To enter, all you need to do is make a donation of at least $10. For every $10 you donate, you’ll get an extra chance to win. (Example: If you donate $30, you’ll be entered 3 times. If you donate $25, you’ll be entered twice.)
How you enter:
Click on the PayPal link set up in Maddie’s honor. Make a donation of at least $10.00.


When you receive your confirmation number, fill out the information on the form below:
*I’ve removed the form. Winner of the raffle will be announced tomorrow. (Saturday) Thank you so much for your donations.
How the winner will be chosen:
When the contest is closed, I will use to select a number based on the number of entries I receive.
I will ship the camera to the winner on the day the winner is chosen, provided the order has arrived.
When will the winner be chosen?
I will stop accepting entries on Friday night (April 17th) and will choose the winner Saturday Morning. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

58 thoughts on “Doing What We Can

  1. Chantel

    What a wonderful idea! I wish I had thought of it. I donated yesterday. I’ll tweet this like crazy. You are very kind and thoughtful. :)

  2. cindy w

    Ok, I donated a few days ago, but I love that you’re doing this, so I just gave some more. I don’t really need a new camera, but if I win, I’ll do something to pay it forward – some sort of giveaway on my site or something.

  3. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    Just sent in my donation. Am hoping to be able to give a little more later this week, but I need see how this month’s bills shake out.
    Frankly, I’d give the Spohr family every dime I had if I could. Thanks for doing this, Y.

  4. kim

    I’m not trying to be ugly or take away from the situation of the Spohr family. I think everyone who feels like they should donate should do so. I just think in the interest of disclosure, could you tell us if you bought that camera with your own money or was it a gift or bought with something donated to you? You have been taking a lot of gifts from companies lately and buying things for yourself and it’s great you’re using it for a good cause this time, but please say so if you did so we’ll know who is really donating to the Spohr family.

  5. Y

    Okay. Yes. I bought it with my own money.
    I can provide the receipt if people truly don’t believe me. That’s not a problem for me at all.
    However, I would love to know what gifts you think I’ve been taking from companies, though.

  6. SharonO

    Wow … speechless.
    Y does something beautiful and kim tries to turn it into something ugly.
    You apparently don’t know her, kim, or you would not question her integrity. Go troll somewhere else, please.

  7. Y

    I don’t mind the question being asked.
    I just think the whole “you’ve been taking from companies” that annoys me.
    Kim. I would have disclosed if it was donated. I was going to donate the money to Heather’s paypal, but then I remembered that show Oprah did where she gave people $500 to see what they could do with it. And the people turned that $500 into thousands of dollars into donations for great causes. And so, I thought,I wonder how I can make my donation multiply to help this family? And buying a camera to give away was what I came up with. My husband loved the idea and told me “dont think about it, just do it!”
    Anyway. There’s your answer. I don’t want anything out of this except for Heather and Mike to be able to pay to bury their daughter.

  8. Deb

    I am a long time lurker, but had to come out of lurking to tell you that I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Don’t let anyone take away from what came from your heart. The world is full of people who just don’t understand someone doing something nice just because they want to.

  9. kim

    Like I said, I wasn’t trying to be ugly. So don’t turn anyone’s generosity into anything else. This is a great idea to drive traffic to your site, which I know you thought about. You make money from traffic, right? So you benefit from this “generosity” of yours. Whether you bought the camera or not, you still benefit from people showing up and commenting here. Instead of just donating $100-150 to the Spohr’s paypal account, you thought of a way to benefit yourself, and that’s the part that should bother people. You found a way to turn your $100 donation in a few hundred bucks for yourself.

  10. Y

    Aaaaand it’s just as I thought. It wasn’t about full disclosure at all.
    I was thinking of a way to raise more money for Heather. Period.
    The end.

  11. Amanda B

    You’re awesome. You have a kind and generous heart and I’m so thankful you’re doing this. The last thing Heather and her family should have to worry about is having enough to take care of associated expenses during such a horrendous time.

  12. Traci

    Okay, seriously, that’s enough!! I read your blog all the time (don’t comment too often) and today I am SOOOO FREAKING annoyed by Kim’s comment. What the heck!!! Anyone who has read your blog for any amount of time would have known/seen how much Heather’s loss took it’s toll on you and many others. I know with every bit of my heart and soul that your heart is in the very best of places. I only hope that if something ever happens to my family that I have someone in my life as wonderful as you! I am irritated that someone would think that you have any other intention…it’s not you, I just know it isn’t. You have inspired people to give for an amazing cause. I think you are an angel on Earth.

  13. Suebob

    Wow, there’s one in every crowd, huh? Every time people try to do something nice, these freaks crawl out from under their anonymous rocks and spray their puke all over the place.

  14. Karen

    Kim, seriously, that’s beyond inappropriate. A time when people — mostly strangers — are coming together to help a family at the worst time imaginable, you are judging how help is offered? Shame on you.
    Y, you’re doing a really great thing and I applaud you. I’d hug you, but I don’t actually know you, and that might be creepy.
    Chin up, girl. It’s a fabulous idea and I hope it brings in hundreds.

  15. Beth

    Hey, Kim, saying “…I wasn’t trying to be ugly” doesn’t cover up your ugliness. Putting generosity in quotes only emphasizes it. If you’re not willing to contribute something positive, please go away.

  16. Wenchâ„¢

    Wow. Kim obviously doesn’t read this blog much or she’d know what a beautiful, kind, generous person Y is.
    Y, I think your idea is fantastic and I didn’t think for one second that you were after some sort of gain for yourself.
    I’ve been reading your writings since when you had your old blog and I know that you are a very sincere person who just wants to help any way you can.
    Don’t let the random trolls like Kim get you down. If my family and I were struck by tragedy, I would consider myself lucky to have a friend as good as you.

  17. Kristy

    God bless you. I can not believe people sometimes. That’s why I don’t pay much attention to ’em! You’re doing a wonderful thing.

  18. Shelley

    I think it is beautiful what you have done for Maddie and her family. Those who call you a friend are really blessed.
    And Kim’s comments are not only unkind, callous and ugly…but completely inappropriate in the wake of what this family is going through. As a result, I have decided to double my donation.
    I hope that what you have chosen to do helps in more ways than the money in brings in.

  19. Wendy McIntosh

    Oh, and by the way – those who protest the righteous for doing good, will be shamed by their own greed. Shame on you kim. Find a snakey blog to spread your crap.

  20. KTP

    Go you! Great idea. I shied away from the knee jerk reaction to donate to the March of Dimes (which is a great thing, of course) because I thought my money would be best sent to the Spohrs. This is such a great way to publicize the movement.

  21. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    It’s weird how an attention whore, I mean troll, is trying to make you feel like you’re taking attention from Mike and Heather, isn’t it? It’s also ironic how “I’m not trying to be ugly” ALWAYS precedes something hideous.
    (I’m not trying to be an asshole, but Kim, you are everything that is wrong with mankind. I’m embarrassed on your behalf.)

  22. Kim

    I’ve already donated but wanted to say what a wonderful thing you are doing. This outpouring throughout the online community has been astounding and restores my faith in humanity. Over at our blog, Chris came up with the idea of Paying It Forward in a donation to the Sophrs. We are both donating $50, which makes $100, when our entry is closes and hope that people will PIF and raise more money for the Spohrs. We’ve never met them but the loss of a child affects every parent on the earth. Thank you so much for what you do.

  23. Kami

    Seriously, why does Kim care even if you were getting something out of it? I come here because I happen to like your blog, and if you get something from me clicking well then you deserved it, because you wrote the flipping blog…Gah…this is small stuff…for the family that lost their daughter my heart breaks for them…and that’s what matters right now.

  24. Karla

    OMG Y, I’m reading Kim’s comments in absolute disbelief. I mean, for goodness sakes, a family has lost a child and you’re offering nothing but a genuine and generous outpouring of love and support. I’m so sorry, truly sorry, your selfless act of love and support has come into question. Your kind soul deserves nothing of the sort.

  25. Mary

    I am not sure of Kim’s intentions or purpose in posting her nasty comments, but your intentions are crystal clear to me–and I have no doubt they are selfless and you did this from a place of love.
    I too remember Oprah’s show–and you are completely right. By spending your 100 or so dollars on a camera you stand the chance of helping to raise hundreds, even thousands more. I wish, in the end, we could see how much more money was raised because of your idea–maybe because of people who were not going to donate before, or because of people who chose to donate again.
    Although this generous idea may generate more traffic for your sight it is not hard to understand that was not your intention. I realize that, having never read your blog before–and its sad that not everyone can!
    Thanks again for your wonderful idea–I planned on donating anyway, but hopefully this will make more people donate!

  26. karen

    i’ve been reading your blog for more than a year, always too shy to say something, but i really have to.
    This ‘person’ Kim, is only trying to get you mad, don’t let her, she is just a little bitch trying to get some attention. You are doing something awesome to help a friend, that’s the only thing that matters don’t let others take away the joy of this.

  27. robyn

    Apparently things haven’t changed at all since I was a frequent blogger – those who can, do. Those who won’t, b!tch.
    I’m proud of you. Always have been. But you never cease to amaze me with your caring for others!

  28. Antigone

    What an amazing idea! I donated but am not entering because I don’t really need the camera and it should go to somebody that does. My heart goes out to the entire Spohr family.

  29. Mom24@4evermom

    I am absolutely amazed and disgusted that someone would question this amazingly generous thing you’re doing. I don’t know you, but I would like to apologize to you for that on behalf of good people out here. Thank you for doing this, it’s just such a sad, sad situation.

  30. lost indie

    I’ve been reading Y for a long time. She is in the same boat as most of us. She doesn’t have $119 just laying around to spend on a camera to raffle off. It was hard money for her to spend…but she wants to help. She wants to help Heather and Mike MORE than $119. I am guessing that Heather and Mike are also in our boat. They need to worry about surviving this emotionally. They should not have to worry about surviving this financially.
    Those of us that “know” Y know this. I honestly believe that Y would give a kidney if it would spare Heather from a single hour of grief. Y is wondering how Heather can learn to move and breath without her precious child. Y knows about that mother love and the sheer terror that comes along with it.
    Let’s let this be about Maddie and a celebration of the short time she was here. Let’s let this be about helping these parents learn to live with their new normal. Let’s let this be about how hundreds if not thousands of people have come together with nothing but pure love in their hearts….most of us strangers to Heather and Mike. Let’s just ignore the Kims of the world. They just do not matter in the grand scheme of things…

  31. AMomTwoBoys

    First of all, Y, I’ve told you already how wonderful I think you are for doing this for Heather and Mike. But I’ll tell you again. You’re an amazing person, and a wonderful friend, and Heather is lucky to have you in her life.
    To KIM:
    Please remove yourself and your ugly accusations take them both far, far away from anything that has to do with beautiful, sweet Madeline. Heather and Mike are hurting enough, and don’t need to deal with awful people like yourself beating up on their friends.
    Heather read your comments and wrote a response to you, which she shared with me. She decided not to post it because it was written in pain and anger. The gist of it, though, was that even if Y HAD received the camera as a donation, or a gift, or WHATEVER, Heather doesn’t care. She doesn’t care if Y triples her ad revenue from this. In fact, she HOPES Y triples her ad revenue through this.
    You know why? Because it means that a a lot of people, many of whom may never have known Maddie, know her now. And Heather wants as many people as possible to know about her daughter.
    The money doesn’t matter to Heather. It won’t bring her daughter back. But the love and support she’s received from the DECENT people on the internet, and the love that’s been shown for Maddie has comforted her GREATLY these past few days.
    You, Kim, do not count as one of those decent people.

  32. Christine

    Just wanted to say thank you for reminding me to go donate. I don’t need the camera, so won’t be entering the contest, but it was and is a really great idea!
    Wishing Heather and Mike some peace and all the love in the world. I cannot think about it without crying. Is it insane to miss a baby that you’ve never met?

  33. jodifur

    It takes all kinds doesn’t it?
    I had already donated but I just gave a little more.
    And I get hate mail for having lupus, so really, chin up, what you are doing is wonderful. Tweeting and stumbling this post.

  34. Bil Simser

    I am both inspired and amazed at the gratitude, kindness, and love human beings have for each other no matter what race, creed, colour, sex, or familiarity we have with each other. Bravo.

  35. Kristabella

    This is such a great thing you are doing. You could have just asked for people to donate (I did before this contest), but who doesn’t like free things? Kim just doesn’t get it. It isn’t about traffic or doing this for your own good, it is about giving people an extra incentive for maybe donating $10 more than they would have to a family who NEEDS IT.
    You are awesome Y!

  36. Patti B.

    Yvonne – thanks for both your site, and your kindness.
    Kim – NEWSFLASH. Its not about YOU. Its about a beautiful 17month old baby, who is gone. Thankfully, the people here and everywhere will remember Maddie, and not you.

  37. Karishma

    yvonne, i was not able to enter, for lack of a private account to donate from, but i just had to chime in and say…. what you are doing is absolutely beautiful. don’t let the idiots take you down. the outpouring of love and grief in the past few days has been nothing short of incredible. i’m still staggered whenever i see anything related to maddie, because my GOD! it’s unbelievable! all our collective thoughts are trying so hard to will the spohrs through this ordeal, to help them get to a place where they can finally breathe again. and this? is a gorgeous gesture.

  38. Mandy

    While I donated before I knew of this contest, I think it is an amazing idea. I hope that it brings even more money/support for the Spohrs. You are an incredibly thoughtful person!

  39. jessica

    i think this is one of the most amazing ideas i’ve ever heard of. bless you for thinking of such a great way to multiply the donation you were going to send!! i get paid on Wednesday and intended to donate anyway. I just can’t imagine what they are going through and wish i could do more. i also saw the other blog that you linked to where people were donating meals and that was truly an amazing idea as well. my heart and prayers go to the Spohrs.
    Thank you Y!

  40. starr

    You’re a wonderful, generous, sweet giving soul and I think you’re so compassionate to do this.

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