21 thoughts on “Everything is Right With The World Again.

  1. California Girl

    In MY neck of the woods…now it is 5th grade camp. My daughter(2nd child) goes in a couple of weeks. I am soooo excited for the week alone….BUT this is her very first trip with out any family members. I am probably more nervous than she is!!!

  2. Laura aka LaLaGirl

    Awwww! Those pictures are precious!
    Also? I love how you SoCal folks are all bundled up and shivering. What was the temp that day, down in the fifties? Hehe! My husband and I were in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and it was like SUMMER – we were dying from the heat. We called home and we were all, “It’s SEVENTY here. SEVENTY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?”

  3. Kim

    My daughter did the 6th grade trip thing in the fall, three weeks into school, and I remember feeling the same way. When I dropped her off she was bawling and it tore me in two. When I picked her up three days later she was all hyped up on sugar, smelled a bit and was so glad she went. She has another trip in May and I am preparing myself now.

  4. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    There is nothing more important then knowing our children are safe..we want them to have a good time however we miss and worry until they are back in our care. Great photos they tell the story….
    Dorothy from grammology

  5. Mom on the Run

    Sixth grade camp is a fun rite of passage. My oldest loved it. I did not chaperone since I think she wanted to be “parentless.” My middle daughter will go next fall…not sure what to do with her…chaperone or not?

  6. Baby Favorite

    They are SO precious!
    I totally know how you feel. My son went to a camp two years ago and I believe it was for 5 days! I almost died!
    Next year, my daughter goes, and I am taking off work to chaperone. I can’t live through that twice!

  7. Amy (from Gracobaby)

    Glad to see it all turned out just fine! And by the way, thanks so much for the tip about writing notes for your kids to find when they go away. I’m definitely going to have to use that one!

  8. Cindi

    You know, deep down, that they’re going to be just fine, but when that “mother” instinct kicks in, all common sense leaves!
    I bet he had the time of his life!

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