“Your Dad Will Blog About How Comfortable He is.”

I am not giving up blogging just yet.
But, I think if I don’t get back into a pattern of posting more than once a month, that is what I’ll have to do. Because people who have a blog and never post, except to write about how they’re going to “start posting regularly again! Very soon! Once life isn’t so busy!” shouldn’t be allowed to have a blog because that shit is annoying.
So, starting today, I will post once a day, every day in the hopes that it writing becomes part of my day again. If not, well, maybe this blogging thing just isn’t for me anymore.
Because I love (mostly all of) you, I will end this post with a little something special.

51 thoughts on ““Your Dad Will Blog About How Comfortable He is.”

  1. missbanshee

    My TV tells me that the Slanket is a far superior product, and I believe what my TV tells me. Also? “Slanket” is wicked fun to say. Welcome back to the bloggy world, Y!!

  2. witchypoo

    Try Schmutzie’s Grace In Small Things for the days you don’t have a blog post. It’s great for attitude too.
    Not that your attitude sucks.

  3. Scout's Honor

    Doode, you are ruining my business plan to unroll tampons and make what the f#$ finger cozies to market with wtf blankets here in Seattle at Pike’s market. Sooooo…. My dog has cancer, my family found my blog and won’t talk to me, and now this!!!! You are all out to get me, world. This week truly sux.
    :) Thanks for the smile. I needed it.
    ~Scout’s Honor

  4. mrs.chicken

    I’m in the same boat. I feel like I’m not there anymore, you know? And I miss ye olde blogge.
    I hope you do start the everyday thing.
    And ps – I threatened to buy this for my sister last week on Twitter, and I don’t even know if she saw it, but it is PERFECT for those of us who go to bed at 8:30 pm.

  5. Tracee Sioux

    If you’re having writers block and inspiration block you could write all about Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me relaunched as The Girl Revolution and how we’re doing a Fit Girl Series about the highly controversial and extremely important obesity epidemic in the country.
    Then you could send me photos of your so so beautiful daughter and she could be a Poster Girl in the Revolving Header – which you inspired. See? http://www.thegirlrevolution.com .

  6. Backpacking Dad

    “For centuries, people have been trying to stay warm with BLANKETS. But they kept knocking things over when they’d try to use their hands while ALSO trying to keep their arms warm. And then they all DIED because blankets are so dangerous. Here try this thing with sleeves. It’s a blanket. With sleeves.”

  7. Denise

    I for one will be thrilled if you get back to posting more regularly. Which also means I’ll be bummed if you give up the blog!

  8. Jules

    The part where the whole family is at some football or soccer game or something just KILLS me! Makes me want to but some and make my friends wear them all at once and see if people take us seriously.
    But also-there’s a teeny tiny part of me that thinks it a good idea for a product. Sometimes. when ‘I’m cold and don’t want to take my arms out of the blanket to read a book.
    Okay-its taken me 10min to write this cuz I had 4 glasses of wine while watching last nite’s Lost online.

  9. Wacky Mommy

    Yeah, you are not alone. I’m posting not very often, and then it’s just to ask for the mayor of our city to resign.
    I’ll take u when I can get u, no problem here.

  10. Shelley

    I hear ya! I was doing the same thing for a long time…not posting for weeks upon weeks, etc. I love blogging, but honestly fell out of love with it for a little while.
    Maybe I will steal your idea and post at least once everyday for a month…in hopes of getting my mojo back.

  11. Sarah

    Love the video – I have to send it to my husband pronto!
    I actually made snuggies for my Husband and Myself, we couldn’t see spending the money on a cheap blanket with sleeves from an infomercial of all places. P.S. – We are still getting freak-ay 😉

  12. SarahDragon

    ROFL!! That’s almost exactly how I make fun of that commercial!! The sad thing is my husband actually likes them and wants to get one… He thinks wearing them in public would be a good idea, too. And I married him. Hard to believe sometimes :)

  13. Chris

    You won’t leave. We’re like heroin and you’re a strung out junkie. You should be on that show “Intervention”. Except it won’t work. You’re persistent like that.

  14. Shylah

    Emily (my 7yo) BEGGED me to get her one of these for Christmas. She even dragged me to the TV to show me the commercial. And when I was covered with a blanket watching a movie one evening, she pointed out that blankets slip and slide, and what I really need is a Snuggie.
    Um, no, the TV is not my babysitter. Why do you ask?

  15. Jamie

    I’m not even ashamed that I own two Slankets. They are amazing.
    It also helps that I didn’t have to pay for them so that makes it sweeter!

  16. MA

    I’m also in the same boat — I want to blog, I kinda need to blog, but I can’t get myself in the blog mindset. It’s especially difficult when I’ve eliminated blogging about work or family, two core topics I’ve always felt free (not so much these days) to share. So… what else is there?!?

  17. Amber

    I really hope that you don’t quit. There’s only 2 blogs that I still read. Yours and Dooce. But, if you do, because, dang, I understand being busy. I hope your weight loss goes well, because after working on it the last 2 years, I know what a pain it is, and how sometimes being thin doesn’t taste as good as those damn nachos, and bean dip do. I also hope that you have an absolutely marvelous life. Thanks for all the laughs, and beautiful pictures!

  18. Bree

    We still love you Y!! Love the WTF blanket, Saw someone with the snuggie on at the inagruation. Thought he was going to get pummeled for being a cult member.
    Have a good Weekend!!

  19. Laura Lohr

    Keep on writing Y. Your wit and honesty would truly be missed. Besides, where would you put those fab photos of yours if you didn’t blog. Oh, RIIIGHT. Flickr. Damn Flickr (((shakes fists to the sky))).

  20. The Redheaded Lefty

    My nephew asked for a Snuggie for Christmas. I had never heard of them. On the box, there is a picture of a woman sleeping on an airplane in a Snuggie. No one would do that, ummkay? I feel like the Snuggie would be it’s own carry-on. It’s that big. Anyway, I tagged you.
    Cheers. And keep posting here, lady.

  21. kim

    i totally won’t tell you that i got a snuggie for xmas. from the BF’s gramma. i re-gifted it. to an aunt. she loved it. ’nuff said :)

  22. Liana

    What’s funny is that today I’m visiting your blog after a little while and I’m like wow- so many recent posts! And that video made me laugh out loud MULTIPLE times.
    So thank you for posting more (yay!!) and for putting up that video. :)

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