I can retire from my wanna be profession happy now.

My family rarely has an opinion about my photography. Well, that’s not true, they often say things like “get that camera out of my face!” Or “Mom! why do you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE you go?”
However, comments on my actual photos are few and far between.
On Saturday, I took the kids on the Metrolink out to Olvera Street in Los Angeles. The Teenager had to to a report in which we had to go there, take pictures and learn about it’s history. I was thrilled to be able to help him, it was like a belated Christmas gift! A day alone with my kids AND photography? DOUBLE SCORE.
We had a fabulous day together. Except for the times where they were all “OH MY GOSH STOP TALKING PICTURES OF THINGS AND WALK PLEASE.” I’m not complaining though, one thing that I was reminded of is that I have well behaved children who are a pleasure to be around. Even the 4 year old– I was worried things would get dramatic because she’s have to walk for hours, but… nope. Didn’t happen. Oh, how I love those little people.
Yesterday I had to print out some of the photos that I had taken for The Teenager to use in his report. I printed out a couple that I liked for myself. When my son was going through the photos last night, The middle child saw one laying on the table and said “Mom, is that one you took today? I thought it was a magazine cover!” Then, my husband walked over to look at it and he said “Babe! This looks like a post card. I love it.” THEN! The Teenager was all “That’s cool. Can I have it for my room?”
“Of course you can have it, Son.” I replied.
I walked away with the biggest smile on my face, because for the first time that I can remember, the people who I love the most were excited about a photo that I had taken. And it felt so very sweet.
The One They Loved.

40 thoughts on “I can retire from my wanna be profession happy now.

  1. Dory

    Awwww how sweet! Too often I bat my hubby’s compliments away with a “but you HAVE to like it; it’s your job”. I’m not doing that anymore.

  2. Ree

    It’s beautiful! No wonder they loved it, I do too! Also the one with the apples on your “latest flickr” widget.

  3. bethany actually

    Of course they thought it was cool, it’s an excellent shot. I would love to take a photowalk with you, and I would never tell you to hurry up and keep moving. 😉

  4. ali

    there is NOTHING better than confirmation of your awesomeness from your children!!!!!!!! it’s a GREAT feeling. also, a great shot!

  5. Dan at Pan

    That’s actually an amazing photo, but what I really relate to is finally getting some appreciation from the family. I know how that first moment felt.

  6. norm

    Gosh! It took them that long? I think you have a great eye for composition and I enjoyed your photos even before you got the new camera 😉

  7. Cricky

    That is a gorgeous photo.
    But actually I’m kind of interested in the guitars….only $9.95 and they write your name on it? I want one!

  8. marjorie

    I love that photo! You are an amazing photographer. I do a lot of painting, and people do compliment me, but I don’t get too many kudos from my family. It’s not that they don’t like what I do, but sometimes I think they’re just too busy to notice. It doesn’t bother me though. I just keep on painting. So keep on taking photos; you’re very good at it. Have you ever considered doing free-lance work?

  9. Amy the Mom

    I would absolutely buy a print of that photo! I would put it in the bonus room where the kids rock out to Guitar Hero and Rock Band! Awesome shot, Y!

  10. Alice

    Y, that is a great photo. I very much admire your pictures; the only reason I have not lavished compliments on you before is that I’m kind of jealous that someone who only recently got a “good” camera is so much better than I am at actually making photographs. So you’re obviously very talented and/or you devote enough time to your hobby to get good results.

  11. Zipporah Sandler

    It’s funny that your family sees you as MOM and not the artist that you are. I’m a former actress, dancer, etc. and my family always dismissed it UNTIL I was on TV or the STAGE of something that THEY WERE WATCHING. Otherwise, it was just something SILLY that mom did that was mildly embarassing.
    My son, is now a budding filmmaker – it’s only NOW that he realizes what it is to be an artist.
    By the way, you ARE an ARTIST. When the kids are older, the way they see you will change. Keep going – you are quite talented.

  12. usually lurkin'

    As a person with a day job who also picks up extra money as a freelance photographer (mostly black and white using film), I concur with your other readers when they say that you have talent and a great eye for composition. Whether you Photoshop them or not doesn’t matter, since using Photoshop to one’s advantage in this age of digital photography has become a nearly essential part of the art. I absolutely love your blog. Part of it is for your photography, but the other part is the way you are able to tell stories that resonate without being phony, pretentious, or self-congratulatory in an offensive manner. You are real, funny and very talented in the way that you tell a story and the way you take a picture. This is unsolicited advice obviously, but I think you’re crazy not to have copies of your prints made (and possibly matted), and to sell them at art fairs and shops that buy such work. I do that, and it’s not very hard to get started. Also, I think you’re insane not to have a section on your website such as Dooce does in which your readers are able to purchase prints that they like. Even if you only sold a couple every month, you could be looking at a significant profit in a year. Think about it and keep up the excellent work.

  13. Tracy

    Wow, the memories. My mom used to take me on the train to Olvera street as a kid. It was kind of a big deal for her, a single mom, to take me on a ‘train trip’. In the grand scheme of trips, I suppose it wasn’t a big deal, but IT WAS.
    Very cool.

  14. the new girl

    I love how you can see the smudges on the guitars from being handled and how, as you look down the image, it appears darker near the bottom, the colors getting richer and deeper.
    I got chills from your story. The appreciation made even your words glow…

  15. Abra Leah

    LOVE the photo!
    My class took the train out to Olvera Street when I was in 4th grade – it was trip we all looked forward to. I haven’t been back. I bet there are somethings have changed a lot in 24 years…but I bet there are somethings that haven’t changed one single bit.

  16. Dixie

    OMG!! I love Olvera Street. We went there often when I was a kid. Now I’m old and haven’t been there in forever. I used to buy little pottery “tea sets”, which I loved. Thanks for the memory!

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