And she chose Ariel

This may be the first time in the history of me being a Mother that I didn’t wait til the last minute to buy a costume for a child of mine. Damn, it feels good.
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38 thoughts on “And she chose Ariel

  1. Mom101

    Ack, gorgeous, just like her mama.
    We actually may get costumes today which would be a first for us too. Then again it’s noon and I’m still in pjs…

  2. Jerri Ann

    I will have to Mickey Mouskateers again this year….as I have had every year….well, the first 2 years I only had one Mouskateer, but the last 3 and this one coming up….2 of them little sweeties..

  3. lani

    That is AWESOME! She is a doll in that outfit. Kekoa (same age) is insisting he’s going to be a black cat even though he wanted to be Spiderman earlier. I bought him the Spiderman costume and let him wear it and now the thrill is gone. Will. Not. Make. The. Same. Mistake. Again. The black cat costume is in hiding until the 31st.

  4. Jamie

    That wig is killah! She looks absolutely adorable and completely in love with her Ariel-ness.
    p.s. I am so so sorry about your Grandpa…thinking of you!

  5. Flippy

    Heh, I was just thinking what Kris thought. So, has she been perfectly happy with only being Ariel now that it’s closer to Halloween?

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