What Happens at BlogHer Most Definitely Does Not Stay at BlogHer

When I think back on the weekend, it’s the little moments that stand out and make me laugh out loud randomly throughout the day.
Like, the time I was on a boat with Isabel and was all “Look how beautiful the fog is. I love how it looks in the pictures!” and then I realized that it was not fog at all, but steam from the boat. “It’s ok, we can pretend it’s fog.” Isabel said, ever so sweetly.
Or the time that I farted while SJ was talking to me in the room and I had to announce it because I wasn’t sure if she heard it or not and well, it’s always better to be all “Yeah, I farted. JEALOUS?” Then to pretend like you didn’t fart at all.
Or the time that I kept talking to Lindsay during the keynote and she finally had had enough and was all “SHHHHHHHHHHHH!” And I kind of wanted to cry because well, SHE SHUSHED ME! But then I couldn’t stop laughing because “ha ha ha ha she shushed me.”
Or, the time I was hanging out in the men’s bathroom with a bunch of really hilarious women and one martini glass was sitting on the urinal and for some reason that I can’t remember, me and Jenny started singing “A Whole New World” and Mrs Flinger took out her video camera to record it without my knowledge and posted it on flickr.

And while I should pretend to be really pissed off that she did that, I can’t because it makes me weep with laughter seeing proof that I really was belting Disney tunes in the men’s restroom while completely sober.
And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons that I do and always will love BlogHer.
More to come tomorrow…

57 thoughts on “What Happens at BlogHer Most Definitely Does Not Stay at BlogHer

  1. Carrie

    Well dang, you can really belt it out! See, that’s what friends are for . . . and it looks like you were surrounded by the best of them!

  2. yinyang

    Nice singing. :) I also like that it’s in a men’s restroom. I’m going to guess it’s because at a blogging convention almost entirely made up of women, there isn’t much need for segregated restrooms, instead of assuming that you’re all voyeurs.

  3. ali

    who knew men’s bathrooms could be full of so much awesome?
    i guess they are no longer just about the urinal cake (seriously…wtf?)

  4. Mrs. Flinger

    I’m so glad I snuck in my handy little camera to show Teh Internet how rockin’ you are. I wished I seen you more. You’re just lovable with a seriously fucking awesome voice. And also? The farting? SO. TOTALLY. did that with my roommates. Sweet. XO

  5. Jenny H.

    Wow. You are amazing. I also LOVE your shirt,top whatev. I am glad you had such a great time. With everything that is going on in your life right now- YOU NEEDED IT. And absolutely deserved it.
    I am saving up to go to BlogHer next year. My blog is still kinda small, but I think it would be fun to meet the people whose blog’s I read. I can’t wait to hear more!

  6. Suburban Turmoil

    Yvonne! I wasn’t shushing YOU! I was doing a GENERAL shush, because there was like, shouting and squeeing about ten feet from someone reading about her pet chameleon being run over or something.
    But yeah, I am totally a shusher. *blushes*
    I should have just told you that you were free to take your conversation OUTSIDE.

  7. JenniferB

    How hilarious! So great — and I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. Almost makes me wish I wasn’t scared to start a blog.

  8. Maria

    You and I are going to spend way more time together next year. I’m in love. You just have a presence about you.

  9. Susan

    You know what sucks? Reading a blog yet never talking with the Bloger Herself is like watching a t.v. show. ~I~ feel like I know you well, but ~you~ don’t know me at ALL! And it just sucks, ’cause I swear to God we would be best friends if we did know each other! (YES, I am THAT cool. Just kidding. LMAO) AND I only live a couple of hours away from you! Damn. That’s when this whole Blog World just bites the big one. Had to share that with you.
    BTW, your voice rocks! I’m going to start calling you Ariel. 😉

  10. Susan

    Oh, wait! Is it Jasmine, not Ariel? You’d think I could keep my Disney movies straight.
    And I realize “blogger” has two g’s in it. I just was typing too fast. Whoops.

  11. Kristin

    I think you were moving like you were on a magic carpet ride in the video…that is so magical. And the announcing of the farts…I do that too. Half the time they say something really awkward like “oh..I..I didn’t even notice, heh”. Thanks for making me feel not so alone during my more “bubbly” moments! hehe! I am SOO going to (try) blogher next year!

  12. Kath

    I am a shusher, so I can tell you, it’s not about you the shushee, it’s about me being all, um, controlling.
    Looks like you had a ball!

  13. Loralee

    I must say a big “Thank you”. I FINALLY got evicted from a party by “The Law” after 33 years on the earth! SWEET!
    Um…why the hell did we not sing a duet at BlogHer? We MUST at -09. I’d share my mic with you any time.

  14. Sugar

    I kept seeing you all over the place and I could tell by the look on your face that you were having a WAY great time! I had a fantastic experience, but from what I’m reading here, I really should have stalked… I mean followed you around more. I’m thinking that singing in a men’s room because of a martini in a urinal would have to be the most funny story I’ve read so far. Now I’m really ticked that I was too tired to make the CheeseburgHer party. DAMMIT!
    Well, now… back to reality… “wiping ass and taking names” and all that…

  15. Suzy Q

    Well, I would LOVE to hear this but my fucking speakers are broken! (as I just found out)
    Also, you must tell us about the most exciting, terrifying moment of your life, because when I went to check out Mom-101? Her site froze my home computer. TWICE. And also my office computer, once (yikes). So, her blog is Dead To Me.
    Can’t wait to read more (and see more pics!) about your trip, Y.

  16. michelle lamar

    Met you but did not get to hang out with you but please promise me that you’ll sing for me next Blogher in the men’s bathroom, okay? Thanks and I think you’re a rockstar, BTW.

  17. Mocha

    You know how we do – at Black churches, I mean – where some child gets up and sings (ahem, “sangs”) and all the grandmommas are up on their feet with their fans and handkerchiefs and saying, “Go ‘head, on, chile! You can SANG! That chile can SANG!
    That’s what I’m doing right now in the comfort of my home for YOU.

  18. jen

    me too, babe, me too. i’ve been thinking about you these last few days and so glad we finally met (and connected) xo

  19. Joelle

    Bathrooms have the best acoustics. I once sang Ave Maria full-tilt in a Walmart bathroom in Texas at 3am.
    You should sing more; you have a great voice. Perhaps a jaunt to karaoke after cocktails is in order… 😉

  20. gwendomama

    why oh why did i just stay in my room getting all HiGH when i couldhave been brushing up against urinals and listening to the voice of an angel?
    lesson learned.

  21. Ashley

    lol wow, looks like you guys had a great time! I actually just found out about the conference for the FIRST TIME this past month! Gasp, I know. lol. I knew what blogher was, just not that they had these huge conferences! I think it’d rock to go, and it looks like you had an AWESOME time!!

  22. Randi

    you sing great! I’ll duet with you any day! I can’t believe how much fun everyone had – makes me want to come out of my shell a bit and go to the next one!

  23. Suzy Q

    Ok, I listened to this at work today (yes, you owe me money). You are fabulous! GREAT voice! Me want moooore.

  24. Laurie

    So hysterically happy to find your blog because it is profoundly difficult to find other women like me who think that farts are righteous and hilarious. Rock on, sistah!

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