I Am Not Lying When I Say She is Very Dramatic.

Please, do not freak out. This is not going to turn into a “video of my kids” blog. I’m just having a little fun with my new Flip Video Cam (LOVE IT) and the fun will wear off very soon. I have a short attention span. It’s just a phase, people. I’ll be back to complaining about my thyroid in no time! Ha Ha.

67 thoughts on “I Am Not Lying When I Say She is Very Dramatic.

  1. sha

    Had to unlurk. Is that not the cutest, dimpliest, perfect lipped kid ever?! And please don’t take my sunshine “awaaaays”?!

  2. Katie

    My son agreed that she was dramatic. Actually, his exact words were “what’s wrong with her?” He thought she was crying. . . . hee hee

  3. kim

    oh my, she is dramatic. and sings like she’s got decades of love-drama-experience 😉 she’s gorgeous, Y!

  4. Amy

    I know! I just got a Flip Camera, too & can’t stop! I’m driving my family crazy!
    She’s adorable!

  5. Kristina

    Y, that was so incredibly cute. That is one adorable little girl you’ve got there and she’s so animated. She’s a doll. You can’t stay too depressed around her for long. She does remind me of you though! Hahahha. So she comes by it honest. I hope your entire family and you are well and happy.

  6. lani

    And also? I’ve just watched this six times in a row at the command of two very demanding little boys who are fascinated by Gabby’s dramatic. I can see I’m gonna have to put a viewing limit on this one.

  7. gabby

    So cute indeed. I like how she moves her head and shakes her voice likes she is the BEST ever. I wonder where she gets that from???

  8. lizinsumner

    So cute! And, you’re the second blog that I’ve seen today talking about their new FLIP. So, is it worth the cost for me to get one myself????!!

  9. Jess

    That is just. ridiculously. cute. What a ham, I predict we will all be saying, “I knew her when she was a little girl from her mm’s blog!” in ten years.

  10. faithsalutes

    That made my freaking day.
    That song was written by a man in the south pre-World War II for my great grandmother Sunshine Whisnor from Louisiana. It was a boyfriend…

  11. Jakki

    HOW CUTE IS SHE?!!!! Her voice and actions are soooooooooooo on que! Looks like model, singer, American Idol winner, beauty queen are alllllllll in the works.

  12. Christine

    I have watched this like 5 times–WITHOUT SOUND! And it’s still freaking adorable. I can’t wait to get home to watch it with the sound on!

  13. jordan

    that was hilarious!!! she is too cute. thanks so much for sharing. it made my day. :)

  14. The Other Laurie

    My Sweet Jesus. I am CRYING over here because to SING??? You are my SUNSHINE? And make her THROAT do that WAVER thingy???? Holy damn hell woman.
    Oh….and I want her lips.

  15. Amy M

    It’s been a kinda crappy day and THAT just made it tons better!! OMG you were NOT kidding about the drama – it was so funny – I couldn’t just watch it once!!! Thanks for sharing the drama!

  16. Melody

    I personally liked the pre-nap video the other day, but this one is good too! 😉 I just wanted to post that my 3 year old daughter (whom I think is just a tad older than Gabby) loved the video. Something about little girls that makes them all appreciate The Dramatics.

  17. Mishel

    Absolutely too cute! That’s my favorite song and I try to sing that to my son often:)

  18. Shay

    My 10-month-old son “ran” over to the computer when he heard her singing and let out a “Yay!” Priceless.

  19. The Over-Thinker

    How the heck did she teach herself to do vibrato on command at her age????? I see many show choir competitions and drama club performances in your future, Y.

  20. Christine

    I’d vote her America’s next Idol!!
    And you know what, she sings better than the ones that are on now!!
    She’s adorable!!

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