Because it’s probably going to be a while until I can write anything worth reading anytime soon…

I think you should go read this post.
p.s. (And totally unrelated to the post that I just linked…)If you truly believe that I’m a “fraud” who only posts stories to “boost my ratings,” then it’s probably best that you stop coming to read my fraudulent postings, yes? Just a thought.

50 thoughts on “Because it’s probably going to be a while until I can write anything worth reading anytime soon…

  1. Mr Lady

    As flattered as I am that you’d link to little old ME, I really just want to know what the story here is. Is someone talking SMACK to you?

  2. Brandi

    That was such a sweet story you linked to. Sometimes it helps to read things like that to remind me that my children are a treasure.

  3. Jackie

    Fantastic story. Is someone giving you sh*t? The reason people come to you is the honesty… screw anyone who doesn’t adore you. You rock, Y.

  4. Katie

    Awesome post you linked to :-) I think I need to record it and have it play out loud automatically when my 3-year old is acting like a 3-year old 😉

  5. jonniker

    To “boost ratings” might be the funniest statement I’ve ever heard. Did someone really say that to you? HAAAA. I mean, I’m sure it’s not funny to you, but dude, they’re so obviously not smart and/or clued in to anything resembling normalcy, that all I can say is something wholly ineloquent:
    They’re stupid. You, however, are not. At all. And in fact, are very lovable.
    BOOST RATINGS. Like you work for NIELSEN.

  6. Wendy

    Thanks for linking us to that post. My baby boy is turning 10 tomorrow so this really hit home!

  7. Marcie

    I love your stories! I love reading this blog! I love exclamations points!! :)
    Of course I don’t think you’re a fraud. It must be hard though at times, putting it all out there, and I commend you for it. Words hurt and for the life of me, I can’t understand why people hide behind their computers and feel the need to say unnecessary things.
    Have a great day

  8. sair

    but the way you linked to that post, i thought at first they were saying some bad stuff about you and joyunexpected – so i was confused, but i did enjoy that post…and

  9. Kyla

    Like YOU need a ratings boost. 😉
    Oh, the Hash(imoto’s) got a mention in my post today. It was on Mystery Diagnosis last night!

  10. Incognito

    Oh lawd… boost your ratings? If there is some ratings boosting going on, then I need to get up off my couch and go put on my good robe. I wanna look my best for your fraudutalkin’. Don’t let some lamer get your goat. It’s all good, Y.

  11. elise

    You write to boost ratings. Wow. We all write, if we have blogs, and when we write, sometimes people read what we write. That statement above is like saying “you write stories so that people will read them”.
    Ummm. Okay? I write because I like to, and also so that people can read what I wrote. Yes. Next time you write me an email, Y, I will respond by saying “you only wrote this so I would read it! Aaaahhh! Is it for your WEBSITE RATINGS??”

  12. Cassie

    I agree with Suebob, I heart you very much. If someone is calling you a fraud, perhaps they need some personal introspection? Because I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that you’ve written that didn’t come from the heart.

  13. Jules

    Whoever said that to you obviously doesn’t read here very often. I’ve never read a post of yours that didn’t sound genuine. F!@# the idiots Y. They’re not worth your time.

  14. anne nahm

    I think lots of people live in a culture of secrets. It terrifies them to hear someone ‘talking out of school’ about personal or family issues – a secret is only powerful if everyone keeps it quiet.
    If they can convince you not to talk about stuff, you can’t ever get a different point of view on your experience.
    This type of person probably has had lots of practice pushing buttons to make another person stop talking. Don’t stop talking. And so what if you were to do it for the ratings? (I laugh at their lame attempt to shame you! Ha! Is this the worst they could think off? That you might want people to read you?) What business is it of theirs? None. Your job is not to work to their standards. Your job is to be yourself. Ain’t nobody who can tell you how to do that except you.

  15. michele

    why is the world so full of head cases? if you don’t like a blog, don’t read it.
    i don’t think you are a fraud. and even if you were–who f-ing cares?
    keep writing. it is therapy for us all.

  16. faithsalutes

    boost your ratings? what kind of bullshit is that?
    i got the same remarks on my blog and my response was, “THEN DONT READ IT ASSHOLE!”
    Keep it up sister.

  17. Shania

    I did not know that there were blog ratings. Learn something new everyday. You could just ban the naysayers IP addresses from your site and then they won’t be tempted to read your postings and get all jealous cuz you rock.

  18. Gruppie Girl

    Are you getting meanies who are posting nasty comments too?
    Lately I have had a few nasty trolls post hurtful comments on my blog calling me names and telling me that I too, am a fraud.
    Please don’t let the meanies stress you out! For every one of them there are hundreds of us (sometimes silent) readers who support you.

  19. Jessica

    Someone is giving you grief? They can bite my ample half-breed ass. :)
    Love the story you linked to, BTW.

  20. norm

    Another vote from the Y is awesome camp hyar. Seriously, keep the fraud coming! I love it!
    *hits refresh a dozen times to up the ratings*

  21. blairzoo

    I’m so sorry about this whole stupid ‘thing’ going on about your blog. I very much value your writing because you speak the truth about how hard it is to be a human being some days. Please don’t stop writing. I love the honesty. Anyone who has ever struggled knows that you aren’t trying to boost ratings. It’s a rare thing indeed to find someone who is willing to bare their very soul about their personal struggles and short-comings…….and the beauty of it is inspiring to the rest of us.

  22. Rachel

    How do I boost my ratings? My ratings suck. I don’t think I have ratings. I hope your doing ok. Do I need to smack somebody for you?

  23. ShortyMom

    Come by and boost my ratings anytime. Some people are horrible and love to make you feel miserable to boost their own egos. They’re not worth the time and effort to worry about them. Enjoy the fans you have and will gain who love to read because you’re you.

  24. Mrs. Flinger

    What gives with the Internet? If you’re honest about going through something, you’re a fraud but if you’re not showing yourself then you’re fake. Fuck’em. We love you, Y. Completely.
    (I’m still getting you a drink at BlogHer and then totally making an ass out of myself as I drool over you. Look! IT’s Y! From THE INTERNET” hee)

  25. Mamacita

    I hate it that someone is giving you a hard time. I’ve been through that kind of drama, too, remember. Just keep in mind that such people generally have a bone to pick and they’ll pick it off whoever is handy and seems vulnerable.
    You have plenty of friends who’d take a bullet for you, hon. I’d stand in front of you, and that should bring a little comfort, because I’m large enough to shield your entire family. Ain’t nobody gonna hurt my Yvonne.

  26. Lurker Girl

    Screw ’em Y–Those who can only leave hurtful comments or emails probably cannot put together enough thoughts to do their own blog, and so they have the rag on yours.
    I heart you too!!

  27. Teresa

    Whatever is going on, rest assured that loyal followers adore your blog. It’s your space to fill as you wish. I want to thank you for sharing your life and your feelings so honestly. ((Take care!))

  28. Dee

    My guess is that whoever said that hasn’t been reading you long or is just trying to be a shit-stirrer. Fun as that may be to some, it’s really silly, and I hope that you don’t pay too much attention to them or let it stop you from “letting it all hang out” here.
    The ones that know know, and the ones that don’t prolly will never get it.
    We love ya, Y. Don’t let the small-minded folk stop ya from doing what you do.

  29. JoAnn

    Thanks so much for the link to that post. My middle child turns 10 in June and that post was just brilliant and so fitting for how I am feeling about all my children. Time is flying by!
    I love, love, love your blog.

  30. Nothing But Bonfires

    If you say it enough, “boost your ratings” starts sounding really dirty. Like, OMG, Y, I know you totally stuffed your bra just to BOOST YOUR RATINGS. (Nice ratings, baby! Are those real? Or did you boost them?) Or, hey, Y, are you BOOSTING Pighunter’s RATINGS? Hey? Hey? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Is that a BOOSTED RATING in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Etc, etc, etc.
    Boosted Ratings! Ha! It could even be a band name. “Liiiiiiiiiiiive from California, it’s Y and the Boosted Ratings!” Sign me up to play bass.

  31. Redneck Mommy

    I can’t even imagine what type of stories I would need to weave to get your ratings.
    I mean, I talk about nipple rings and duct tape and that still isn’t enough!!!

  32. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    Even at 61 I am shocked at the jealousy people exhibit when others are successful. Ignore the negative comments as to they only can say them when you have achieved….usually means s they are very jealous…..
    Some days I’m convinced I’m heading for isolation because the world is just too dam hard to take…your too young to think about that tell them to kiss your bottom…..or you know f off….
    My best, Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram…
    and sometimes I just can’t be nice…..I’m sick of the naysayers….wishing you great karma…

  33. Kay

    Well Good God! I think you may be of the “more real” people I have ever read in my life. I read you daily and have for 4 years now and will not stop even if you started lying tomorrow! (Heh!)
    I don’t link to people that I believe to be dishonest.
    Same for Mr. Lady. I

  34. ramblin'red

    Love the link.
    Hate the idea that someone is callin’ you a fraud. We all have stories to tell…and some are stranger than fiction (read: the better to connect us with), which sometimes leads to a twisted competition. “Oh yeah, you think your story is so HARD, here’s mine!” like it’s a True Confessions mag or something…no this is real life, folks.

  35. Alex

    Whatever. That’s all I can say. I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS (seriously, YEARS!), and you are not a fraud. I mean, wouldn’t you have run out of stories by now? You are honest and raw and funny and inspiring. Don’t let somebody pee in your coffee. And for one person thinking that, there’s many more who KNOW BETTER.

  36. whitetrashmom

    Fraud? Please. I agree with all of the comments earlier. You. Totally Rock. Anyone who disagrees needs to see me. Cuz when they mess with one of MY PEOPLE (that’d be you sweetpea) they mess with the whole damn trailer park sister.
    Send them my way, I’m sure that MamaLoves and KarenSugarPants and RedNeckMommy and all your other fans will join me in opening up a can of whupass on those that say YOU are a fraud. Let them bring it..

  37. Scott H Florance

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