19 thoughts on “I want to promise you that this isn’t going to turn into a photo blog, but I’m afraid I can’t make that promise

  1. Kristin

    To quote the great Navin R. Johnson, Wow! All I can say is WOW!
    And, seriously? Who is forcing that bitch up there to read anything? WTF?

  2. Y

    I’m so tempted to pretend like I don’t know this, but– Motherhood Uncensored was totally joking and I only know this because she IM’d me to tell me this.
    That said… I love you for having my back, Kristin. :-)

  3. Melissa

    Could you give some tips on photography? Your pics (even before the new camera) always look so good. I’ve gotten some great ideas from you.
    Thanks, Melissa

  4. jaded chica

    i think mesmerized is an understatement!
    i’ve always been a silent reader of yours and gotta let you know that i’ve been hooked for ages!
    your pictures are just way cool!
    you’ve got style! 😉

  5. ShortyMom

    I love the pictures! The boy certainly has a good eye for them (I loved the flower). I told Hubby I wanted a “big” camera with lots of buttons to mess with. He’s willing to get me one…
    if I use it for a job…
    That’s so not right.

  6. Redneck Mommy

    You inspire me to use the very expensive and brand spanking new digital slr that my husband bought me for more than just taking pictures of my dog and my boobs.
    (Gotta have some way to remind the hubs of what he’s missing…)

  7. dajamama

    Love love LOVE this picture. The two words that come to mind are “urban” and “hopeful.” Don’t know why. Don’t care.
    Just love the picture.

  8. Bertie

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  9. Karen

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