Before I announce the winner, I wanted to post the “Author’s Picks” for the drawing. I also included a few picks of my own. If I ever do this again, I’m just putting ALL of the names in a hat because choosing is hard and I feel all guilty inside that everyone couldn’t win and dudes, I’m so not cut out for these things because I’m more of a “French fries for EVERYONE!” type of girl.
That said.
Here we go.

Kathy’s favorite Random Facts:
Holly (comment #2)… She has 8 kids. She deserves to win just on that fact alone.
Cary – has a fat thumb.. my mom does too.
Marriage101she saved doggies!
ManaDB – her hairdresser died in the middle of doing her hair. Oh snap.
Janet – she has webbed toes
Joelle’s picks
Heather who had the 2nd wedding on a street corner with the city cop. Now that’s a memorable wedding!
girlplease because the John Tesh thing made me laugh so hard, I nearly peed a little.
Megan, who cried over Sharpies. I heart Sharpies so much and have every color they make. In both fine and medium.
Dana sold condoms to Stephen Segal. Thank you for doing your part to keep Stephen Segal from procreating.
Nancy R. Her big ol’ head deserves this book. 😉
Now, my picks. (Listed without my reasons because I’m running out of time and I want to hurry up and pick a winner already!)

mrs chicken



Kathy from NJ
(whooops, is that more than 5? Also, next time? ALL NAMES ARE GOING IN A HAT.)
And now, I will draw. Are you ready?

Nancy! You win!
Thanks to all of you who played along. I feel so much closer to you after having read through your comments.
IM from Kathy
Kathy: ok dude, I’m sending you another book to give away
only because I want to see you write down 200 names on little pieces of paper.
Me: hahaha! I DARE YOU!
Kathy: You think I’m kidding.
Me: Yes, I do. You’re not kidding?
Kathy: what’s your address?
Me: HAHA. You’re serious. BRING IT.
So, guess what? If you leave a comment on this post, I will write your name on a piece of paper, even if it is 200 names! (suck it, Kathy. HAHA) and I will draw another winner on Thursday morning.
And comments are now closed. Drawing later on tonight as soon I finish WRITING ALL OF THE NAMES!

187 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Kristabella

    I love contests where I just have to type a comment! :)
    And I actually should comment more, but my work blocks your blog due to “Adult Content.” Which I just find awesome!

  2. Katie

    Me! Me! I didn’t make the list (seriously, I thought brain surgery made me a shoe-in (sure-in? and this is why I teach math)!) but I want the book and I sadly don’t have the time or money to go buy it right now.

  3. Melissa

    O.K. I just have to get in on the fun!!
    But , (Lady Luck or whom ever is in charge or my destiny,) if this will in any will jeopardize my chances of ever winning the Mega Millions, than please… LEAVE MY NAME IN THE HAT! ’cause I’d rather buy the book w/ my $$$$.
    Seriously, You’re Awesome – this has been a lot of fun to follow.

  4. Jenny

    I’m late to the party, but I have to delurk to give a random fact:
    I grew up in the town that President Bush now calls home (Crawford, TX). I don’t live there anymore, thank the Lord.

  5. Susan

    Okay – commenting now… Only because if I happen to win this it is some sort of cosmic sign that I must comment more on the (numerous) blogs I read…

  6. chrissylas

    Ooh! I didn’t feel like I had an interesting enough fact for the last giveaway but I really would like the book.
    Since it’s not a contest about my comment the pressure is off a little and I’ll throw a few up there about me.
    1) I am an obsessive gamer and have been since I was a little kid. The first time I saw that picture of you with a guitar hero guitar in my hand I got all happy and decided that one day, if I ever happen to run into you, I’ll challenge you to a Guitar Hero Face-off. 😀
    2) I once broke my leg by jumping up and down in a hallway. True story.

  7. Veronica

    Okay so you coerced me into commenting. I am a serial lurker here (not a cereal lurker, that would be weird).
    What happens if you get more than 200 comments?

  8. Mary

    Yes.. you coerced me into commenting too. I had nothing too interesting about myself before… BUT, I got engaged on Friday night, is that interesting?! =)

  9. Y

    Well, Kathy’s kind of hoping that I get more than 200.
    She wants my hand to fall off. Because she loves me THAT much.

  10. Janis

    Hmm… Interesting facts about me…
    I am a mother of 8, grandmother of 2. Three sons, five daughters. A set of boy/girl twins as the caboose (cabooses? Caboosi?) to our family.
    I am active with two non-profits that are very near and dear to my heart. One is a group for those dealing with mental illness, the other a group for bereaved parents.
    I became active in the first after my daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I became active in the second after her suicide in January of 2003.
    I love reading your blog because I love reading about the love you have for your family, your wild sense of humor and your struggles with your body image. (I have them as well)
    For a really random thing? My 11 year old son and I both love playing World of Warcraft. And yes, we have argued like little kids.. “My turn!” “No it’s my turn!” Then one of us will yell “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!” so he can intervene and stop the whining and drama over whose turn it is to play. Quite often his simplw solution is to tell us both to turn the computer off. Typical mom behavior. Yes, I trained him well! 😉 *giggle*

  11. Susan

    i posted a random fact before, so, here is another one. i only need to wear 1 contact in my right eye. i have one eye that is far sighted and the other is near. i only need a contact for my nearsighted eye:)

  12. DeeDee

    You really don’t have to put my name in the hat. I’m delurking to tell you how much fun I have reading your blog and that I think it’s great that you are doing this contest. I can relate to you in so many ways. Mostly because I too have a crazy addiction to bean dip but can only eat it about once a year and by eat it I mean the whole entire can all by myself, in one sitting. I love my guys enough to only make them suffer through the horrendous gas it gives me the very next day once a year. I’m talking make my own eyes water gas. Love your blog! Here’s to bean dip!!

  13. Jenn

    Throwing my name into the hat because I’ve had a blog for over a month, and there’s nothing on it……I’m a sorry sort.

  14. josey

    i’m in!!
    oh and dont worry about that superglue on your finger. it’ll come off once you rip my name slip off it thursday morning. *snickers*
    have fun!! you’re the bestest!

  15. DJ

    I’m totally in! And, even though you didn’t ask for it this time… an interesting fact about me is that my identical twin is the opposite gender. It’s one of those rare 1 out of 100,000 kinds of things.

  16. Jennifer

    De-lurking to say PICK ME! PICK ME! Love your honesty and sense of humor, Y. And I am a mom of 3 boys. That should count for something, right?

  17. Mrs. A

    Also re-throwing my name in because this is so much awesome fun and I really hope I win the book (but either way, all blogs should do this kind of thing — it brings everyone so much closer together)! ; )

  18. tonya cinnamon

    throwing my name in ..w00t !!
    random fact about me
    .. part time photographer -fulltime mom
    part time fritolay worker

  19. Deanna

    heh (commenting only to increase the comments to 200 thus causing Y to actually have to write down 200 names ‘cuz I’m a meanie like that)

  20. Alison

    Instead of writing all the names on a piece of paper, you can just print them all out & cut them apart. Put the comments on a hat. I’ve seen other bloggers do that for contest drawings.

  21. Cathy

    You and your blog make me laugh! I’m commenting just so that you have to write my name on a little piece of paper!

  22. Bri

    I didn’t enter last time because I couldn’t think of anything. But, really, there is an unending number of odd things to be known about me. Here’s one:
    I have only broken one bone in my life, but I didn’t break it myself. When I was about 8 months old, my mom was passing me to my grandma at a family gathering and they dropped me. I seemed fine and didn’t cry, but when I tried to crawl I couldn’t…everytime I would attempt it, I would fall right over. I had a broken arm. I don’t hold it against them, I don’t remember it, but can you imagine trying to explain that to people? 😉

  23. SomeFatChick

    I think the 2nd book winner will probably cry, because I don’t see an autographed can of bean dip listed to go along with it. But I haven’t won anything since 2nd grade when I got a $25 gift certificate to some department store and bought three VERY COOL pairs of neon stretchy shorts and some pretty paper and pens, so I’m entering anyway.

  24. jess

    Okay, I’m game. Write my name as well!
    Please take plenty of breaks so you don’t get too many hand cramps, though.

  25. Miss

    I only want to be considered if THIS book comes with signed bean dip too.
    Oh and my work blocks your site for Adult content too. That is awesome.

  26. Valette

    Orrrrrrr… you could cheat and print this page out, then cut them all apart. But I wouldn’t advocate cheating. Actually, I totally would. Especially if it means I win.

  27. Amber

    Haha Y, your such a good sport! :) Now im going to write every person in my email list & tell them to comment all 783 of them………….NAH Im just kidding maybe just 203 of them. :) Good Luck Everyone!

  28. Keri

    I was so disappointed when I missed out on the last drawing. Woohoo! I think I made it on this one! I loved watching the video of you drawing the name, Y. Seeing you peek at the camera first… You are damn adorable.

  29. Jenn

    Hi! Came over from OTJ a few days ago and am already an addict. As a blogger, you rock :-).
    I’ll throw in a random fact just for fun … in my 15-year gymnastics career, I had a total of 9 casts, 4 broken fingers, 2 knee braces, and 1 cracked collarbone. Not counting the sprains, because, um, I just can’t count that high. Klutzy + gymnastics = not pretty. But I just kept coming back for more, lol!
    Wishing you happy, non-cramping fingers on Thursday!

  30. tara

    sweet! i thought i had missed out! i tried to comment on how hilarious your pachina bathroom story was but it kept coming up with an error. hmmmm, maybe i need that book more than i think!

  31. Jessica Inman

    Comment!! Comment!!! Name on a piece of paper!! What a reward!!! :) Also – fabulous way to draw out the lurkers!

  32. Bryana

    “Put me in coach!! I’m ready to play. Today. Look at me. I can be… field”
    I also would advocate you printing out the list of comments and cutting the names. It’s a little like cheating, but more like being ultra productive and it makes me want to affirm to you that, Y, Your time is valuable, too!

  33. Holly

    Yeah!!!!! I was a FINALIST!! Finally someone else who thinks 8 kids is a reason to win something. Now if only I could win some diapers or something like that. I WOULD BE ALL OVER THAT ONE! I am appreciative of the mention, Kathy.

  34. mbbored

    Oh my goodness! I’m just honored that you even liked my comment! I never get picked for anything! I use lots of exclamation points! So maybe if you write my name down on a piece of paper, I could finally win something! Huzzah!
    Even though I didn’t win the book, I’ve decided to go ahead and start my own blog. I only hope someday it will be as entertaining as you.

  35. Krissy

    Congratulations to Nancy! I was so sad that I missed out on the drawing! But a new hope has dawned since I can be in this new drawing! This is great! I do well with random drawings! I won Ashlee Simpson tickets that way! (Although some may argue that that’s not really something that anyone wants.) Please include me–Krissy! Please! PS: the video was quiet enjoyable!

  36. Kelly

    Me me! I want to win! Plus I missed out on the last drawing -my bad!
    My random thought worth choosing me- Let me play the sympathy card here.. My 19mo just got a pacemaker put in last week.. No dont say poor baby.. He was fine after 3 days.. Now he’s back to normal climbing, running, jumping- driving mommy insane with worry that he’s going to mess it up! LOL! I neeed to win something :)

  37. Nancy R

    Y! Wow! Cool!! Thanks!!!
    I got your comment on my blog, but not the email. What address should I use to email you my mailing address?

  38. teachbroeck

    Okay I am game….as long as the cup I get drawn from is a cup whose formal purpose is to have have WINE contained in it. Cheap, sweet wine…because I, my friends have not had any for 15 weeks and 1 day and I still have to wait 174 for the sweet nectar. So being IN a wine glass will be a comfort.

  39. lizinsumner

    Okay, even tho I’m like, just TOTALLY crushed that I didn’t make the final picks in the last contest, I’ll put my ego – WHICH IS EVEN MORE FRAGILE NOW – on the line and throw my hat into the ring yet one more time…..{{{sniffle, sniff, sniff}}} (that’s me, crying quietly into my latte)……..random fact: two days after getting kicked out of the factory because I didn’t put on safety glasses and wasn’t wearing closed-toed shoes, our “Human” (I use the word LOOSELY!!!!) “Resources” person “gave me a talking to” for having the temerity to argue with not one, but TWO – count ’em – TWO factory supervisors. In my defense, they didn’t look like supervisors……they looked like doofuses…..

  40. Ree

    Um, about the Stephen Segal thing? I agree, he doesn’t need to pro-create, but I’d sure love to help him use those condoms. At least during the pre-fat S.S. days.
    I’m just sayin.

  41. AA

    I get this entering contest gene from my dad (oh wait, he adopted me- must be nurture over nature), sadly he was much luckier than I am.
    Do we get bean dip with this – or perhaps a bag of Fritos? Oh, that’s bringin’ on the greasy corn and slat craving now. Gotta go to lunch.

  42. Katie

    Delurking for a minute! Love you and your site!
    Gotta know, where the heck did you find the Vanilla Spiced Rum creamer! I’m on the hunt now!
    Odd facts:
    – I’ve broken my nose 4 times, thus causing a deviated septum and entertaining parlor tricks!
    – I can cross all of my toes over their neighbor toes, pretty cool at times.
    – I met my hubby at a National Collegiate Trap & Skeet Shooting competition, pretty redneck!
    – I have 2 darling boys under age 3. I say darling because it’s nicer than insanity-inducing!
    Y, love ya!

  43. Divrchk

    Maybe I will get one! You do know there is a program online that will randomly select a number/winner for you, right?

  44. Which Box

    me too – the thought of you writing 200 names down – in medium and fine point multicolored sharpies cracks me up.
    Damn, I really thought the my husband is leaving me post might make me a semi-finalist. And my ego takes another hit……

  45. Mrs Butter B

    I’m doing it, because I want to see Y write my name down…
    Hortensiatta Germentrudiannaleigh Dankensteinenfreudelor-Michaelonsonbeinerrudian Jonesly.
    Did anyone else start emailing friends and family to come comment just to see how many names Y will have to write? And rip into tiny, equally shaped and sized little ballot papers?
    Go Y!

  46. Firebrand

    I’m looking to start from scratch and wouldn’t mind a little guidance along the way…not that you have that many “Brenda’s” reading, but please put “Firebrand” into the itty-bitty, kitty, ‘k?

  47. Marriage-101

    I am LOVING this! How many comments are we at now? I think we’ll need to see a photo for proof that you really did write all our names down….with a sharpie!

  48. beth

    me me me!! write me down! gosh im slow!! lol i cant believe i missed that!! thats what having a 7 week old 5 year old and 2 year old will do to ya i guess!

  49. Z

    De-lurking in order to drive the number of names on little slips of paper up. If you could write my name in a colored sharpie (blue is my favorite) that would be great 😉

  50. Linda

    Oh goodie… another drawing!!
    Delurking. But LOVE you Y!!!
    I have soooo much I could’ve chosen from the last drawing as I have three boys (12,11,7). Something funny yesterday… my 7yr.old brought home a note from his teacher saying that he told a girl in his class that she was “sexy” GASP!! Giggle! When she asked him what he thought sexy meant, he said, “beautiful.” awwwww But she asked him not to use the word anymore as it’s a “grown up” word. I wonder what she thinks of me and my husband now.
    Oh, and I was on the Bozo show twice. Even played a game one of the times. :o) Brought home some twinkies and a board game.
    Y, thanks for bringing a smile to my face every day! :o)

  51. kellie

    Me, please?????! I’ve having all of my internal lady parts removed on Monday and I need reading material!

  52. Angie

    Kathy designed my blog almost 5 years ago — long before Moxie was born — and I still can’t bear to part with it.
    So I’m guessing that anything she creates, is something I should probably get my hands on.

  53. Valeta

    Pick me!! pick me!
    I have two kids, going to the book store is like pulling teeth.
    My blog kind of sucks right now.
    I love your blog.

  54. Eileen

    In an ongoing effort to be named “Mother of the Year” I locked my kids in the car yesterday. Yes, my kids AND my keys. At least we got to see firefighters!

  55. Dawn

    Ok, wait… I guess I could include a random fact too, but you have to promise not to hate just because it has something to do with cheerleading…
    I loved sports. I played soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball. Only one problem. I broke the same finger several times. The doc said I might have to get a pin put in it if I did it again, so I became a cheerleader. And I broke my finger doing a cheer!
    I didn’t have to get a pin after all, but I did get a date with a cute boy because of it!

  56. Procrastamom

    Please put the Procrastamom in teh hat.
    Fact: I can spin my eyeballs around and around really fricking fast. It is my best and only talent. I’ve been thinking about putting a video of it on Youtube, but I think I would cry if it didn’t get more than about ten hits.

  57. dee

    and, i thought i’d go ahead and include a random fact: every time i shower, i “finger-comb” my hair after conditioning, which makes a good bit of hair come out. i pull this off my hand and put it on the wall, so it doesn’t clog up the drain. there is a tiny part of me that rejoices at each semi-regular interval, when i swirl the hair into a little ball, pull it off the wall, and toss it in the trash. (the swirling helps it to come off in one chunk)
    each time i throw a new hairball away, i can’t help but feel paranoid about how much hair i’m losing.

  58. Kyla

    Meeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉
    But I’m really interested in the Y’s Favorites Basket you were talking about. When is THAT contest?

  59. Linda

    Oh goodie… another drawing!!
    Delurking. But LOVE you Y!!!
    I have soooo much I could’ve chosen from the last drawing as I have three boys (12,11,7). Something funny yesterday… my 7yr.old brought home a note from his teacher saying that he told a girl in his class that she was “sexy” GASP!! Giggle! When she asked him what he thought sexy meant, he said, “beautiful.” awwwww But she asked him not to use the word anymore as it’s a “grown up” word. I wonder what she thinks of me and my husband now.
    Oh, and I was on the Bozo show twice. Even played a game one of the times. :o) Brought home some twinkies and a board game.
    Y, thanks for bringing a smile to my face every day! :o)

  60. Denise

    I lurk all the time, but I feel the need to enter this contest if only because I’m hearing rumors of bean dip! BEAN DIP. Signed with your Sharpies. LOVE IT.

  61. heather

    Well heck, now I have to comment again!!! I want this book, woman!!! I’ll send you bean dip and wild vines… I am not above bribery.

  62. Audrey

    Pretty please write my name down. And then pull it out of the hat/mug/whatever when you have the drawing. Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top!

  63. Audrey

    Shit. I realized as soon as I clicked Post that I should have offered you bean dip on top instead of sugar. Please accept my revised plea: Pretty, pretty please with bean dip on top!

  64. Mrs Butter B

    “and, i thought i’d go ahead and include a random fact: every time i shower, i “finger-comb” my hair after conditioning, which makes a good bit of hair come out. i pull this off my hand and put it on the wall, so it doesn’t clog up the drain. there is a tiny part of me that rejoices at each semi-regular interval, when i swirl the hair into a little ball, pull it off the wall, and toss it in the trash. (the swirling helps it to come off in one chunk)
    each time i throw a new hairball away, i can’t help but feel paranoid about how much hair i’m losing.
    Posted by: dee at November 7, 2007 01:04 PM”
    And the SCARY thing is…I read this comment (bored and waiting for beans to boil) and thought, crap,did I write that?!? because I do the exact same freaking thing!!!
    So Dee, do you put it on the part of the shower wall way up high so when you hoist your foot up to the shampoo-bottle-shelf-holder-thingie so you can shave your leg, the shower head won’t wash the hair down the drain?
    Even my teenage daughters do it now, so I guess its become a family tradition. Sick and redneck, I know.

  65. NTE

    I love a good contest … plus, the comments on the last one made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. Congrats Nancy

  66. Becky

    Yeah, I kept reading the comments and am officially the 3rd shower hairball twirler. The things you find out on the internet. Maybe we could start a cybergroup.

  67. Flippy

    My interesting fact is…my name and last initial are the same as your first winner, AND I have a gigantic cranium.
    Oh, and a bonus – I can make the sound of a loon with my cupped hands, and I also taught my African Grey to make the same sound.
    And, because three is a lucky number, the third thing about me is that I already have the book (got it last week), so I don’t need another copy. One fewer piece o’ paper for Y.
    Oh, and a Sharpie fact about me – I love Sharpies too. Also, one of my little dogs is underpad trained (in our bathroom), so I use a Sharpie to circle the pee spots, so I don’t step in any of the lightly colored ones. Very little known fact – if a dog pees on a purple Sharpie line, it turns pink.
    BlogWorld Expo starts tomorrow (well, today for the rich people), who’s going? Instead of my regular url, I linked to my entry showing what sessions I’m taking. If any of you will be there, send me an email if you want. I’ll be there with my girlie – we’ll be the homos amidst the GodBloggers (hey, that’s their official name) and such. I’m a tad shy, but if you write to me and give me your blog url, I’ll read about you (and you can do the same), so then we’ll feel like old friends or something.

  68. Misty

    First time poster here, woot! I just found you a couple of days ago, and of course like a true Internet stalker have read all of your archives. I hope there isn’t a quiz because I’ve been sick the entire time, and uh, my brain has leaked out of my nose. I’m not even sure what book we are vying for, but I’m in!

  69. Cara

    Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I don’t have any webbed toes, but Andre the Giant picked me up once at the Philly airport. Not in the date sense. I was 8. :-)

  70. Amyella

    Yay! I finally came back when comments were open.
    Y you are hilarious. And semi-famous. Awesome!
    To offer a random fact about me, I’m setting up a blog just to post pictures and videos of my dogs. Because I’m cool like that. And also, have no life.

  71. Elaine C.

    I’m throwing my name in the hat! Hm, maybe not so funny now that I see it all typed out…and what, no beans this time? :)

  72. pam

    In good company in the hat. I’m so far behind on reading my favorite blogs, I missed the first contest. Count me in.

  73. Kristina

    I forget how I “stumbled” across your blog, but I sat here at work (I just started and was told to find “busy work”) and read your blog from the beginning to the end. You are a great writer and I have been inspired to start a blog as well. However, I don’t know where to begin….so, here is my comment, in hopes I win….but if I don’t…can you still help me? :)

  74. Tracey

    If I get drawn out would you post it to Australia? (Yes, someone in Australia reads your blog!)
    ((And I just thought I’d delurk and post to help bring the total closer to 200!))

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