“It’s about to get all stupid up in here.”

Back in May, my husband was involved in a car accident when a dumbass woman who wasn’t paying attention pulled out in front of him as he was going 45 down a main street.
What happened after that accident was kind of a nightmare.
The cops didn’t get her insurance information because she was taken away from the accident by ambulance.
A few days after the accident, my husband asked for a police officer to escort him to the woman’s house so he could exchange insurance information with her at that time. No one answered the door, so we assumed she was still in the hospital. He left a note at the door with our phone number.
In the mean time, we were paying for a car rental out of our pocket because we didn’t have car rental coverage on our insurance and we didn’t have her insurance information.
A week later, my husband stopped by her house again to try to exchange information with her. Yet again, no one answered the door. He left another note at the door.
He stopped by again the 3rd week and the housekeeper answered the door. She informed my husband that The Woman was not home—she was at a car dealership looking for a new car.
Our insurance eventually deemed our vehicle a total loss and gave us a settlement so that we could get on with our lives.
The police report came back after ALMOST AN ENTIRE MONTH and clearly stated that the other driver was responsible for failing to stop before pulling out into on coming traffic.
As soon as our insurance got that report, they began sending field agents to her house to try to get her insurance information.
Each and every one of their attempts were unsuccessful. They finally decided to file our claim under “uninsured motorist” when someone at her house told a field agent from our insurance company that she was going to be “out of the state indefinitely.”
By that time, we were out $800 in car rental bills. A bill that never would have occurred had that woman followed THE LAW and had her vehicle insured.
We were all set to take her to small claims court to recoup the cost of our rental bills when out of the blue I got a phone call that went a little something like this.
Me: Hello?
Some Dude: Hi, is Mr.Pig Hunter available?
Me: No he’s not. Who’s calling?
Some Dude: This is Some Dude calling from Some Insurance company and my client was involved in an automobile accident with Mr.PigHunter back in May and I would like to get a statement from Mr.PigHunter.
Me: Shut the fuck up.
Some Dude: Excuse me?
Me: You can’t be serious? That accident happened in May and it’s now the end of September. Why are you just calling us now? Do you know how much stress we have gone through because your client was avoiding us and would not provide her insurance information? Why is she JUST NOW REPORTING THIS?
Some Dude: Ma’am, I need to speak with Mr.Pig Hunter about this.
Me: Oh, you can talk to Mr. Pig Hunter’s lawyer about this. And you can also expect to get a bill for $800 in car rental bills.
Now, fast forward to Saturday when Tony gets our mail and finds a letter from the other drivers insurance company.
“We’re sorry to inform you that we can only reimburse you for 2 weeks of rental bills at $140 per week. Too bad, so sad.”
I felt my face get hot when I read that letter.
HELLO ASSHOLE, your client didn’t report the accident to you until FOUR MONTHS LATER. Our insurance was waiting for her information (and the police report) so we had no choice but to rent until our insurance decided to proceed with the claim as an “uninsured motorist” so what exactly were we supposed to do for those few weeks while we were waiting for some kind of a settlement?
How is this right? Or fair? And why are we being punished because THEIR client didn’t report the accident for four months?
This can’t be right and if they refuse to pay it, bitch is going to be GETTING SERVED very soon because I refuse to get stuck paying $500 for a rental car for something that was not our fault.
In completely unrelated news that does not make me want to knock peoples teeth out but does make me go “WTF?” and cry a little—why did my once very straight hair suddenly get all Ceraazy-curly?
I do not understand how this happened. Nor do I know how to fix it.
Picture 13191 copy
I’m thinking it’s time to chop it all off.

79 thoughts on ““It’s about to get all stupid up in here.”

  1. norm

    It’s the sudden change(s) in the weather. We’ve had like 90% swings in humidity over the last week. That said, it looks fetching (and I’m sure the rest of the Internets would agree, don’t we, Internets?). Please don’t change on our account! 😉

  2. Rhi

    My insurance, for an accident that was my fault, covered 30 days of a rental car. For me. So, it seems really unreasonable that they’d only cover 2 weeks for you. Just sayin’

  3. Y

    Our insurance company is SHIT.
    I doubt they’ll take care of it, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask them to.

  4. Becki

    Holy Moly!! The same thing just happened to me! Some young girl made a left hand turn on a two lane road directly in front of me. I had to reaction time at all and smashed her. My car is going to be paid off cuz thank god I have full coverage and gap insurance. But now I’m left in the cold without a car. Of course I get a rental, but only until everything is settled. I’m a single mother in debt as it is and don’t know how in the world i’m going to get another car:( My luck is just as bad if not worse than yours Y, you have complete sympathy from me. Hope she gets reamed a big one!!

  5. hello insomnia

    Doesn’t that lady know who you are? If you need anyone to lay some serious smackdown, I’m your gal. I went through the advanced Tae Bo class, so I know what I’m doing.

  6. kirsten

    Girl, my hair just turned curly after The Childrens were born. I also thought I could elude it by chopping it off. I am ret– um, differently abled. The Shorter=The Curlier. Just an FYI.

  7. JenUwine (formerly jen from boston

    when bitch/ins. co rep goes “Oh, bring it” you can be all, “OH, IT’S BEEN BRANGED!”
    Also, my hair, which has always been poker straight? Like cruzea-ay-zay straight? went wavy in the back only since, about 2003. Donot know wtf happened, but I am told every 7 years or so, your hair texture can change (you get new shaft? (“SHAFT”. heh,) no really something like that.)

  8. Y

    I called my insurance and they were all “we cant help you with that, you have to call yourself.”
    Which, I did and man, NOT PRETTY.

  9. Michele

    I think I want to throw up. Cops should make sure that guilty people get punished, isn’t the ENTIRE point to protect the INNOCENT? BS through and through. I cannot imagine being the type of person who would be so selfish and spineless and criminal. I just have to believe they will be getting it back ten-fold.

  10. Melissa

    I think your hair looks awesome.
    Also, your insurance troubles makes me glad my car accident happened in front of a police officer (I always tell people the accident was the officer’s fault) and no one was injured enough to have to go to the hospital (although I did go to the ER later that night – getting rear ended in the not-fun way sucks).
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  11. Danielle

    Dude…that just sucks. I can’t believe that your insurance isn’t going after them!!! I thought that your insurance would be all over them because of the lose that your insurance had to eat because it was claimed under uninsured motorist. Crazy!

  12. Kathy from NJ

    You might want to find one of those bottom feeder lawyers who will take this on consignment (you pay nothing, they get 1/3 of any award) and claim a LOT of pain & suffering, especially Gabby with her night terrors, etc. You can claim loss of services (Tony was unable to get it up for months because of the flashbacks). Normally this is not my style, but that bitch & her insurance company deserves it.

  13. Anne Glamore

    You totally need to take this to district court. You can do this yourself, or better yet, call the Bar Association in your city (the one for the attys, not the gin joints, though that would be MORE FUN!!) and see if they have some pro bono program where they provide legal help for free.
    Also, be sure you turn over the info to your ins co immediately– name of the atty and copy of the letter, etc.

  14. Lisa Milton

    That sucks. I don’t know what the laws are like there, but I know some states make it mandatory to file an accident report within so many days/weeks, otherwise, they nab your license. It’s petty, but it seems like she should have to pay the piper, one way or another.

  15. Marmite Breath

    You should go through your blogroll and see if there are any lawyers……-R- from And You Know What Else is a lawyer. So is Lawyerish (duh).
    I have brain freeze though, so I’m not sure what sort of lawyers they are, but surely ones who would give a fellow blogger some advice, right?
    PS) The hair is hot.

  16. Joelle

    Do I need to come up and help you embrace your curls? I have alllllllll the right stuff for it. It looks good, dude. That’s the same kind of curl I have. Big fat waves. YOU CAN DO EEET.
    p.s. I finally sent in my BlogHer paperwork. You can send me my vibrator now.

  17. barnmouse

    Wow. We should have a club. A guy pulled out in front of my hubby a few months ago. There was a total of 7 people in the Tarus he was driving and 3 of them split as soon as the driver and my hubby pulled over to asses the damage. Then the 3 others waited around about 30 minutes for the cop to show up (there was a festival type thingy downtown that day…apparently, the cop wanted to finish his corndog or whateverthehell before he went to do his job, because it took him about 2 hours to show up!). So after waiting 2 hours for the cop to show up, they had to wait another half hour for the translator because the cop didn’t speak Spanish and the guy who hit us didn’t speak English. Finally, the guy gives the cop an insurance card and his name, blah blah blah. We wait a few months and hear nothing from his insurance company. Finally, we call them and say “hello? someone with your insurance hit us. Come look at our car and give us money to fix it.” 2 hours on the phone later and come to find out, the guy who hit us was driving a car that was not his. The insurance card belonged to the guy who the car also belonged to. And of course, he had let his insurance lapse. So we’re screwed. Because this asshole bought insurance and then cancelled it as soon as he got the card so if he got into an accident he could give the cop a # and they’d let him go. Driving without insurance is illegal. But can we do anything? Nope! ARGH! Oops….sorry for the rant! :)

  18. AA

    The hair thing is very werid and happened to me too. It started around age 35, but then got way more after childbirth (at age 37- I’m a liitle slow). I had long straight hair all my life until then. Now I have wavy hair and I just cut it short for the first time back in May. It is wavier. Most days it is okay, but every now and then it does some freaky wing type thing that makes me crazy.

  19. Kris

    Dude, I’m a blackbelt. I got your back with my mad ninja skillz. (Ok, the kid is way better than I am. But she’s got your back, too. Besides, she’s small and hides in bushes really well.)

  20. Taste Like Crazy

    First off: Server her. She deserves it and you deserve your $!
    Second of all: Chop that hair off! I’m wanting to do mine again and if you promise to post before and after pictures, I promise to do the same.

  21. jeanie

    Sucks big time. Can you take their money and sue the driver for the remainder because, technically, her fault for the accident, her fault for ducking the insurance information, her fault for late notification to her insurance company…
    I think your hair looks great – what is the problem?

  22. Y

    That’s what we’re going to have to do.
    Sue her.
    As for the hair, it’s not so much a problem as it is just… weird? To go through life having stick straight hair to having curly’ish hair is just… weird.

  23. Skyzi

    I hate stupid people who don’t take responsibility for their own actions. It’s not like she jacked up his hot wheel….. Now FL just got rid of PIP insurance so that people are either fully insured or uninsured, our insurance went down $300/yr. (now I sound like a Geico commercial)

  24. Skyzi

    as a side not, your hair looks great. I too used to have this thick straight hair which has now turned into some sort of thin frizzy halo thing. Everyone keeps trying to tell me it was the baby juice.

  25. Skyzi

    as a side note, your hair looks great. I too used to have this thick straight hair which has now turned into some sort of thin frizzy halo thing. Everyone keeps trying to tell me it was the baby juice.

  26. Becca

    Dude that was like my FAVORITE part of the show this week!! Haha.
    I wish you luck with that lady… I really hope things work out.
    P.S. Your hair looks good like that!

  27. Mrs Butter B

    Don’t know about the rental car. Sounds horrid.
    But about the hair: 1) ask Amalah at the whole advice thingy. 2) Hormones can change the texture of your hair. No kidding. As per the dr. (remember the hair changes in puberty?). Could be early menopause, but probably just a change in your female hormones that indicate you’re about to hit your sexual peak.
    Nice timing, with the whole pighunter neutering thing successfully done, and having the new parent free household.
    Happy boinking!

  28. Papa Bradstein

    Oh yeah, they definitely need to get served. They also deserve to get jacked around for several months, but since insurance companies don’t offer that service, you’ll have to count on karma doing that dirty work for you. This is up there with the guy who almost didn’t return to the scene of the accident after he ran a red light and totaled our car, which Mama was driving when she was nine months pregnant.

  29. Susan

    I know a good accident attorney in Long Beach if you need one. (He got my brother the biggest settlement to EVER come out of the L.A. Federal Office.)
    E-mail me if you need to!

  30. Janice

    Dude! So that’s where my curls went! My hair recently went straight from being wavy/curly and easy to handle. Damn hormones, ya know?
    I think many insurance companies hire mean nasty morons on purpose. My son and dh just had a guy run into them. His fault. Russian accent. No insurance. Crappy ass car. Our 1995 Mercedes which was old but in excellent condition was totalled. Dh is so not happy with moron guy who obviously needs glasses and the law required insurance.

  31. Karen

    Two things about the hair… DONT CUT IT.. it will get curlier… and I would pay big bucks to have curly hair, even that small amount you have… so PLEASE dont cut it. I just spent the last 1.5 years growing my hair BACK after cutting it all off. It grows.. but not fast enough!
    And dont even get me started on car insurance……
    my best wishes you ream the crap out of her.

  32. Kellie

    Want me to hunt down the beyatch responsible and whup her ass?!
    And? I love the hair!! I have hair that’s either super, super curly or not. I’d pay BIG money AND sell the man in my house’s spleen to get your hair. Please don’t cut it!

  33. MamaLee

    Sue. That’s what lawyers do. And you are SO in the right here. Don’t give up on this. It may take a long time (I know, it’s already been forever) but she is counting on you giving up on it. So don’t.
    And leave the hair. The weather and hormones have done the same to my hair as well.
    Take good care!

  34. mandy

    Y, don’t you dare cut your gorgeous hair! It is gorgeous, and looks so healthy!
    My past expierience with auto accidents, my insurance co compensated for anything the others did not.
    Take her to court, teach her a lesson.
    I thought the DMV provided ins info to other companies and police?
    Good luck. Don’t cut your hair.

  35. Liv

    Lovin’ the hair! Don’t cut it.
    I am really sorry that your dealing with the insurance bozo’s. I had to deal with that when I got in my truck accident. Some teenage idiot of a girl decided she would speed past me on the right side between me and my driveway. It was completely wierd.

  36. Dani

    I have to tell you Y, you are really gorgeous. Don’t cut the hairs, they are fantastic too. My hair is a lot like yours, and I just give in to it. I never bother trying to keep the curl in, I just dry it and whatever happens, happens.

  37. lizinsumner

    I LIKE the curls – leave them!!!!!!!! I spent years paying big bucks for perms so that I could have curls like that! As for uninsured motorists – been there, done that. She caused the accident, she had no insurance; thank god that I had uninsured motorist coverage. I feel the same way about people who drive without insurance as I do about truck drivers (or anything else on the road that my Honda CRV can’t see over/around)!!!!! I say go for it!

  38. lizinsumner

    PS – your insurance company won’t go after any charges that they haven’t paid for; since you paid the rental out-of-pocket, they won’t try to re-coup for you……at least, I know my insurance company wouldn’t……

  39. Heather

    Y- don’t make any hormonal decisions, I always seem to do the shorter cuts when I’m frustrated and always wish my long hair back. Also the hubster always likes it longer, I don’t know something about long =dead sexy! My hair has also gone from stick straight to curlyish over the last five years. All I can say is go get a good curling product for the days that humidity takes your hair to fro land. Don’t fight the curl on those days cause in my experience I can straight iron it and still come out looking like I put my finger in a light socket.
    Your hair looks fab and healthy plus pig-hunter has something to hold onto!
    Good luck on the insurance thing.

  40. Jen

    Don’t cut the hair!!! Aren’t you like the rest of us straight-haired people that always WANTED the curly hair?!? Besides, it’s hot, which seems to be the consensus.
    Insurance companies blow. My claim went in LAST December, and like a moron, I paid to get my car fixed out of pocket (I paid the deductible) even though it was the byatch hit me… still have nothing to show for it 10 months later… but they did the same thing – suddenly, last month, her insurance called to get my statement. I found out that you are not required to give them a statement – tell them to get your statement from the police and your insurance company!!

  41. marjorie

    My hair used to have just a slight wave. Then I started going into menopause and it went crazy curly. Hormones can definitely affect your hair. My brother had straight hair till he hit puberty, then boom–curls all over. The curls never went away. Same thing with my daughter–straight hair, then puberty arrived and she had waves and ringlets. I think your hair looks great. Just enjoy it.

  42. Helen

    I love your hair. The other crap? Hell that can’t be right. Must be something you can do. Now my itchy skin that gets itchier when emotional is acting up on your behalf, damn that woman who could just go to the dealership and buy a new car whilst not reporting the damn accident. Tell Judy, give her the madcows address and tell her she asked for advice. Go on, dare ya!

  43. jadine

    I wish I had some, you know, power or skills or something to make her pay up, and fast. But since I don’t, I’m with you on small claims court to get your $ back. Because you’re right; you shouldn’t be out the $ for something that’s clearly her fault. Maybe with the threat/promise of legal action she’ll be more motivated to get her insurance company to do the right thing.
    And the hair? ME TOO! My hair wouldn’t curl for nothin’ for years. Then I had kids and poof! My hair turned into something that suspiciously resembles pubes. Nasty, wavy pubes. On my head. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.
    If you get a solution to the waves, lemme know!

  44. Michelle

    Oh, Y, Kick the bitch’s ass! I had an accident with my 18 mos old in the backseat, while 4 1/2 mos pregnant. (on a lighter side note, when I called my husband to tell him I had an accident, he asked if I needed him to bring me a change of clothes to work. He thought I had peed myself!) Other assholes fault. My car totalled. Other asshole did not even bother to come over and check on an obviously pregnant bleeding lady and her crying baby. He was more worried about his truck. I shouldn’t have been surprised that his insurance company was a dickhead. They gave us a ridiculous offer 24 hours after the accident and told us, once the offer was made, whether we accepted it or not, I had 48 hours to turn in the rental car.
    A couple months later, they finally made an offer that ALMOST paid off our car and covered my medical expenses. We signed the papers, at the hospital, outside the NICU, where my son was lying in an incubator, on a ventilator, attached to various tubes and wires. Possibly a by-product of the accident, possibly not. The fucktard insurance guy was still a jerk, right there, outside where my baby fought for his life!
    (Can you tell I’m still not over it?)

  45. Joe Pennant

    Actually, do a Judge Joe Brown on her. He likes to give punitive damages. :) And he only yells at the silly people. (Plus I learned they shoot right beside each other.)
    And your hair – curly or straight – is lovely.

  46. Amy

    Get an attorney. For reals. Insurance companies SUCK ASS. Even your own. They all look out for #1. It is well worth an atty fee. Good luck!!

  47. demondoll

    That sh*t needs to go straight to your insurance people or lawyer. They shouldn’t even be contacting you, they should go through your people. “Have your people call mine” is so LA, but in the event of an accident like that, she is completely at fault, and her insurance is just trying to weasle.
    Your hair is beautiful.

  48. GHD

    Reading this story makes me hot under the collar, too. I HATE insurance companies. HATE. HATE. HATE.
    My hubby and I were both involved in a series of minor accidents over the course a several months. Nothing as major as your husband’s accident. Just fender benders and such, but trying to get them resolved were a nightmare!!!
    I can’t even imagine…
    And your hair… Lovely. No need to worry!!!

  49. Kait

    Don’t cut your hair! It’s so wonderful and lovely the way it is, curly and everything!
    Dude. I can’t believe that your insurance issues are STILL going on.

  50. dani

    Ridiculous. The limit on the insurance / rental coverage is only for her. That’s how much they will pay for her coverage if she needed a rental car. They need to reimburse you for whatever you lost. I even broke my pretty pretty sunglasses in my car accident and they are paying for that.

  51. Lotus Carroll

    Ugh, insurance… don’t get me started.
    As for your hair, I’ve noticed that mine goes from one extreme to the other in 2 instances:
    *extreme changes in humidity
    *washing my hair in a different place
    Yes, washing my hair, say in Austin, TX where we used to live… then washing my hair in TN where we live now… or washing it at my parents’ house in NC… These different places = different water types = my hair acts like it has Multiple Personality Disorder.
    Does the move coincide with the hair change?
    If so, then our new home probably has different water type (hard/soft/whatever) than where you lived before.

  52. Meems

    You need to get over to Whoorl’s bloog for some hairapy. She’s got all kinds of good hair advise.
    I like your hair. Don’t chop it off. Take it from me and my short hair. I’m dying for a pony tail. I have pony tail envy, which I think must be much like penis envy.

  53. Izzy

    Don’t you DARE cut your hair. It’s PRIDDY!!! I got to pet it in Chicago. So soft. NO CUT!
    (Oh, and I hope you take that bitch for every penny she owes you :)

  54. Kimberly

    The hair looks cute!
    The car? These are the stories I tell myself when I’m standing at a bus stop in the rain. With 2 kids. And groceries.

  55. Liz Parker

    Long time reader, first time post.. Love your Blog!
    I hope that this advice is not too late or already given. I worked in insurance for 10 years (State Farm). First off, do not waste your time or money with an attorney. They will take more than what you get back and unless there was some substantial BI (bodily injury) you will not make out with an attorney. It will just piss off the insurance company and make the process longer.
    File a complaint with the State of California’s insurance commissioner. I believe there is a link from the main site for California. The insurance company MUST repsond within 30 days of being notified that you have filed a complaint and make a decision. I believe if you do not like the decision, you can appeal.
    Now, how the rental coverage works for claimants: rental coverage should begin on the day of the accident once liability has been established (this is retroactive). It will continue until they offer to settle the claim and give you a check. Depending on the wording of the policy, this could extend through the completion of the repairs or in this instance, when they decided your vehicle was a total loss. Since their insured did not report the claim for 4 months, you have a pretty good chance of getting reimbursed for the whole amount.
    As for suing of the insured, since she does have insurance you would have to sue the insurance company, not the individual and that can just get ugly.
    Of course, all of this could have changed since I worked insurance, but the hard and fast rules are still pretty standard, regardless of time.
    Good luck!

  56. Amy

    Wow. Sorry about the rental car deal. Some lady backed into me once in a parking lot and then hid from both insurance companies. But my car wasn’t disabled in any way. And my hair has gotten curlier too as I’ve gotten older. Weird. But yours looks like you could get good curl booster product and it would look good. Mine is straggly curl that needs a straightening iron – bad.

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