From the Archives: February 16, 2005

I was reading through my archives tonight (*puts my finger to your mouth* Don’t ask…) I found this and it made me laugh (THE DRUGS!) So I thought I’d post. Enjoy. Ha. Ha.

Last night I found one of my old paper journals. It was from the year 1990, “The Year of My Big, Fat, Stupid Germican Wedding.
GOOD LORD. I can’t read it without cringing in shame at the “gag me with a spoon” factor of the words I had written.
I was 18 at the time, but let me assure you, I sounded more like… 13.
Here are a few snippets.
“many, many good and wonderful qualities”
“Tonight was my bestest friends bridal shower”
“P.S only 3 months, 17 days til I marry my precious Tony!”
“It was ‘Pig Out’ day at work today and BOY! Did I make a pig out of myself (And I said I was going to fast! Oh well, tomorrow!)”
“I was in la la land all day today! I LOVE TONY!”
“I was thinking back to when we first met. I didn’t like him, I thought he was weird and he looked like a rat. Now I love him more than anyone on this earth!”
“Completely and hopelessly in love!”
“Praise the LORD! I’m so lucky!”
“He hung up on me. I was CRUSHED but I did a terrible thing! I called him back and hung up on HIM! I wanted him to know how it felt!”
(Should I stop? Are you throwing up yet?)
My Tony”
“I’m so glad we have a forgiving relationship” (jajajja)
“I love him so much and I pray that I NEVER make him mad again!” (HAHAAAA)
“She said she’s not going to be in our wedding and I was mad so I said ‘GOOD’!!!!”
“Help me Lord!”
“I know he’s been hurt in the past, but in a way? I’m sort of glad because NOW he’ll know what REAL LOVE is!” (haaaaaa)
I’m so glad he was born! :-)”
Ok. I’ll stop now. I can’t even stand how emotionally retarded I sound.
The funniest part about it is how the things I found SO FUCKING CUTE about Tony back then are the things that annoy the shit out of me now. Things like him “being the question asker” (my exact words). In my journal, I wrote about how funny I found it that he always asks questions in conversations. Just last night I yelled at him to QUIT INTERROGATING ME! And now I feel guilty about it because, I used to LOVE that about him. Then again, back then, he could have held my face against his ass crack and made me inhale his farts and I would have thought it was bestest, most cutest thing in the world!
Ah, young love. Young, retarded love.

21 thoughts on “From the Archives: February 16, 2005

  1. ElizabethSheryl

    I used to LOVE my husbands “pouting” was so cyuuuute. Now, I want to kick him in the shin when he does it. And we’ve only been together 3 years. (married 1 1/2) hah.

  2. Danielle

    What kind of clothing was he wearing before you bought him nice clothing?
    I have a retarded journal just like that. It’s so embarrassing. I have to keep it but not let my DH know about it.

  3. Mish

    LMAO!!! My friends and I call this “snot on a hanky” syndrome. He could give you that & you’d cherish it as the best thing EVER! :)

  4. Paula

    Gag me with a double spoon! at the same time, how cute! I love the “bestest friend” part too. lolol.

  5. AmyM

    Ha! I love it! My wedding was pretty ugly, too. I think we spent less than $500 on the entire thing, and that includes the Marriage License. Oh well! Five years later and we’re still married! And happy! I’ve finally come to realize that the amount of money spent on your wedding does not determine the quality of your actual marriage. (My friend got married several months after I did, spent BIG $$ on her wedding. They are still paying for the wedding, even though they are now divorced. That would SUH-HUCK!)

  6. demondoll

    Ahhhh, I remember Young, Retarded Love! And now it’s Old,Occasionally Bitter Love;-)
    I taunt him, but only because I love to see him laugh.

  7. kheatherg

    Sometimes i feel like that about the hubs NOW. I must be crazy! We went through some difficult times, and i’m so happy they are over that on occasion, after a coule of rum drinks, i get all “I love himmmmmmmmm sooooooooooooo muuuuuch, he is my baaaaaaabiesssss dadeeeeeeeee”
    Ok. I promise no rum this weekend.

  8. kheatherg

    Oh, and we’ve been married damn near 10 years.
    I’m such a pussy when i’m drunk.


    I threw all my highschool notes away. I think it would be so funny to read now what I used to write then.
    The only thing I miss is the young, exciting, butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling you used to get when you were first in love. The love that you would get all dolled up for EVERYDAY! The love when you first dated your husband. I love that feeling but when you’ve been with someone for years it kinda fades which sucks.
    I think we need to rekindle the romance. hee hee *wink wink*

  10. Kyla

    So funny, Y.
    I have a box of Josh notes (then boyfriend, now husband) from HS. I totally need to read through them. And post them so we can giggle. Ha!

  11. Natalie

    If only you’d known then that he’d be making air-humping motions at your ass…that woulda been some damn good journal-writin’ material, right there.

  12. tracy

    i kinda want hurl….
    but, like, in a totally good, funny way. and out of relief that i no longer have any young love diaries of my own 😉

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