Mmmmmmm Duncan Hines.

So, I have this “friend” who is a little worried because whenever she works out, her under boob sweat smells exactly like yellow cake mix.
She is concerned that it might not be “normal” so she asked her husband, who thinks he is very funny but is actually NOT and he told her that she was probably just “sweating out” all of that “extra caramel” she gets on her “fancy lattes”.
I told her I’d ask The Internet, because that’s what a good friend would do.
So, um, is it normal for underboob sweat to smell like yellow cake mix?
My friend really wants to know.

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  1. lookingrosey

    Ummmm, yellow cake mix? My under-boob sweat always smelled like breast milk, even 10 yrs after I stopped breast feeding. Mmmmm, cake and milk, sounds good!

  2. mamasaidno

    Unfortunately I don’t know. See, my boobs are so small that there is no “underboob” area. But sometimes? my pee smells like onions.

  3. Broad

    Are you red and itchy, too? If yes, that’s a yeast infection, and you just need to grab some Monistat cream to rub under there for a few days.

  4. Boobariffic

    I can not believe that I am posting this on the world wide internet web tube, but here I go. While I wouldn’t immediately think “yellow cake mix”, there is something sweet about the underboob sweat smell. So, possibly, yes. And no, I have no infection.
    Ok, I’m so not putting a real email or name here. Because I’m embarrassed. You have bigger balls than me! But there you go.

  5. Boobariffic

    And childless, so I’ve no clue what breast milk smells like. Ok, I’m really stopping now.

  6. Jenny H.

    I think it would be gross if it smelled like dirty feet or something equally icky. But yellow cake mix? Not so much.
    Who doesn’t like yellow cake? Is that a weird thing to say?

  7. Jenny H.

    I also am quite chesty. I have no idea what my underboob smells like. I guess I could ask my husband. Since we are all being all scientific-like…

  8. Y

    Is it wrong that I’m jealous that my pee doesn’t smell like onions?
    Also, I’m pretty sure the only time my friends underboobs get sweaty and smell like yellow cake mix is after she works out. But I’ll ask her just to be sure.

  9. Jenny H.

    That would depend on if you like the smell of onions or not.
    Also, I kinda figured it would be after some type of sweaty exercise. And? My husband about pissed his pants laughing when I asked him to smell my underboob area. He is a good sport!

  10. Heather

    I’m not sure if it’s normal or not, but I’m pretty sure cake mix has *got* to be better than another less pleasant alternative! My sweat prettymuch just smells like sweat. Cuz I’m sexy like that.

  11. Undercover Angel

    I have no idea…I’ve never smelled under my boobs… I hate the sweat marks you get there in a t-shirt though – I’m going to try wearing deoderant there like Laura suggested…

  12. Michele

    Oh, yes, totally normal. Err .. unless I am abnormal.
    I’ve even made my husband sniff it to see what he thinks it smells like. He didn’t think that sweat could smell sweet.
    Weird stuff but it’s good to know I’m not alone.

  13. Annie

    Yup, it’s sweet smelling alright. I too put deodorant under there. Yellow cake mix? Never thought of that…
    Tho I *like* the smell. But I only like the way *I* smell. Know what I mean?

  14. Candy

    I’m surprised that no one has asked this question….. WHY AND HOW IS SHE SMELLING UNDERNEATH HER BOOBS??? That’s just weird.

  15. anne nahm

    I’m not sure why I now have that Kelis song in my head, but as I struggle to think of a sympathetic comment, all my brain will do is whisper in my ear: , my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better that theirs. Damn right…

  16. lookingrosey

    My pee smells like onions too! How weird is that? I don’t eat a lot of onions.
    Any way, I am surprised that more women don’t smell food under their boobs. Maybe it’s leftover crumbs that fell down her cleavage. Once after a night out with the girls I found a peanut between my boobs. :)

  17. Helen

    Can you believe how lucky men are? We women are good enough to eat, even when we sweat.
    Let’s talk about what our husbands smell like, bet there isn’t a dessert to be found! Mine is definately savoury…..but not very edible when sweaty. Ack.
    I used to have under boob smell that was quite sweet and pleasant, had them reduced and now, alas, no more pudding boobs.

  18. Y

    Ok, my “friend” is not actually smelling underneath her boobs, she smells it when she takes off her sports bra.
    (I called her and asked her.)

  19. Kait

    Y, is your friend using a vanilla or otherwise sweet-smelling body wash/cream? It might be the mix of a little bit of sweet BO with the lingering scent of the body wash/cream that combines to make her sports bra smell like yellow cake.
    I think I’ve smelled my sports bra before, but I can’t really remember what it smelled like, other than it wasn’t rank underarm BO.

  20. Susan

    I can’t believe I’m reading about this at work. If my I.T. department (spies) are reading along with me, I wonder what they’re thinking.

  21. Brandi

    I’m with Kait. Sounds like maybe the scent of her body wash, body spray or something is coming off on her sports bra. As long as it doesn’t smell bad, I wouldn’t worry about it. There are far worse things than smelling like yellow cake mix.
    Like eating it straight from the bowl. Not that I do that or anything.

  22. Jess in MI

    I have to admit here, that my pee smells like Corn Flakes LMAO, why does everyones smell like onions or cereal? LOL
    When my hubby gets home, Ill ask if I ever smelled like cake LOL,
    Yet another reason to LOVE me some Y

  23. Jessica

    Hmmm…I’m with the commenter above in that I don’t have enough boob to have underboob, but, is your friend taking any kind of vitamins or supplements? When I was breastfeeding, I took fenugreek to keep up my supply, which made my armpits smell like maple syrup. I spent months smelling like a sweaty pancake.

  24. Tammy

    I’m home alone, so I just spend 10 minutes trying to yank my boob up and stick my nose under it to smell. Turns out, I have a cold, and can smell nothing. And now I have a sore boob.

  25. Edie

    Ok #1. I cant believe we arent all saying underBOBS! and #2. I am a hypochondriac. The day after I ate a whopper my poo smelled exactly like a whopper and I decided it was because I have cancer and the whopper simply didnt digest. Sigh. Im insane.

  26. Mrs Butter B

    Yeast Infection. No biggie. Your friend may also notice a slight rash underneath there on occasion, almost like heat rash.
    Happens anyplace that it stays warm and moist, and can generally be resolved by sprinkling a little baby cornstarch underneath there prior to exercising and maybe after she gets out of the post-exercise shower.
    As for the pee issue, 2 things: pee smells like what you eat. Eat onions for a few days, it’ll smell like onions. Garlic does the same. Hot sauce can even change the color!
    But if you consistently have sweet smelling pee, better get checked for diabetes. Spilling sugar into your urine is an indicator that there may be a problem.
    FYI, some diabetics report their breath and pee smelling like Juicy Fruit gum, if that helps!
    And you know, this is why we love us some “Y”, because she candidly deals with the real issues- makes us feel more human and less alone, less freaky. Thanks, Y!

  27. Karly

    In the summer I am constantly wiping the sweat out from under my boobs. It smells sweet…not like stanky armpit sweat.
    To the people that put deodorant under their boobs: Really? Why the heck would you do that? Doesn’t your cooch ever sweat? Do you put it down there too? Thats just weird. (Or am I the only one who gets a sweaty coochie?)

  28. Unrepentant gallivanter

    This has nothing to do with underboobs, but when I was at university I worked with this guy who’s sweat smelled like vanilla. When I looked at him I wasn’t attracted to him, but when I smelled him I wanted to jump on him and lick him all over. It was very hard not to!

  29. annie

    For the dear poster who was trying to sniff under her boobs… one way is to lift up the breast, with the opposite hand and lay the wrist/arm of the lifted breast side up under the area, let the breast rest on the wrist…then ‘sniff’ your arm, after it’s removed. (No need to be a contortionist!)
    Did I gross half of you out? Sorry… just sharin’ a method.

  30. Barb

    Well, I rub lotion all over my boobs and the under boob area after I shower each day, so my underboob sweat smells like my lotion. Does your friend have use any products after showering that might contribute to the yellow cake smell?

  31. Fold My Laundry Please

    Really? Hot sauce can change the color of your pee? I love me some hot sauce! In the name of science, I want to, nay, it is my DUTY to, conduct this experiment! Any particular type of hot sauce, Mrs. Butter B?

  32. The Real Kyla

    No underboob smell here (that I know of) but then again, its been 100 years since I’ve worked out. *lol* But when I drink a lot of coffee? My pee smells like Golden Crisp cereal. No lie. Evidently (based on reading through your comments) its common for pee to smell like cereal. Interesting.
    I learn so much here, Y!

  33. Faith

    You do NOT want to know what my underboobs smell like at the end of even a normal day, not to mention sweaty ones. 38DD’s here, and the way I smell my underboobs is to swipe a hand in the crease. That’s all it takes. (In the summer, I tend to clean that area with a washcloth before bed, the smell bugs me so bad. I shower in the a.m. after I work out, so I like to try to smell as good as possible in bed for the fiance…he’s never seemed to notice the smell, but I sure do!) I wish it smelled like yellow cake under there instead!

  34. taerna

    many times if your pee smells at all, or has a color, it’s an indicator that you’re not drinking enough water. so drink some more water, y’all!
    as for the underbob smell, i’m voting for the bodywash or cream, or possibly a fancy vanillaish fabric softener or detergent? because unless you’re eating cake mix on a consistent basis, i can’t see it coming out of your pores ala alcohol or garlic.

  35. Lisa

    I have nothing to add, other than this is quite possibly the funniest conversation I’ve read in a looong time!
    Especially the “crotch sprinkles” comment – I almost did a spit take on that one!
    Thanks for the laugh! And I think I’d vote for “normal” judging by all the other “odd” smelling people here!

  36. Erin

    If your pee smells like maple syrup you may have diabetes. But I think if your boobs smell like cake mix, you’re just blessed.

  37. BOSSY

    Bossy isn’t sure, but she just wants to say: if ever your friend breaks up with her husband, Bossy’s husband is interested.

  38. Mrs Butter B

    This is hilarious- I can see David Letterman getting a hold of this blog and doing a Top 10 list of what housewives REALLY do all day long- #10 being apparently analyzing all body fluids/excretions/etc, including the proper technique for underboob sniffing.
    THIS is why I love me some internet.
    As for the hot sauce (to answer Fold’s question), I believe it was one they picked up in New Orleans- something about Firewater? but I’m not sure. I remember the couple in question ate a lot of hot sauce (I’m talking several bottles a week) on everything- Doritos (which is good), chicken, fish, all veggies, even biscuits one time with fried salmon patties.
    I remember her saying her hubby went to the dr because he thought he had blood in his pee because of the color and burning, but it turned out to be an excess of the sauce.
    Drinking tea does it too, for me, I switched to decaf tea (most of the time) instead of sodas due to the calcium leaching and sweetener issue, and suddenly noticed, hey, my pee stinks. Kinda like well, um, tea. So I stopped drinking tea for a few days, and poof, no more pee-tea smell.
    Because I am also paranoid that some mysterious SOMETHING is going to up and kill me. Again, I think I watch a little too much Law ‘n Order and CSI-M.
    Out of curiousity, did you know you can get a Staph infection in your armpits? From shaving? Sometimes the razors apparently carry infection/bacteria and if you shave a hair bump it can get infection. I temp’d at a company for a secretary last year that was recovering from a hospital stay (!!!) for staph infection in the armpit.
    Now I’m slightly freaked when I get a hair bump or anything weird.
    So how many of ya’ll just ran your hand under your armpit to make sure you don’t have any weird bumps?

  39. Danielle

    I just asked Mr. Husband to smell my underboob but he made a face and asked why. I think that means that mine don’t smell like yellow cake mix.
    I have a “friend” who’s butt crack usually smells like belly button but her belly button smells like butt crack. Maybe that would be considered normal with this conversation?

  40. Kay

    Hmmm the answer to your question?
    I think it is better than smelling like, um, yeast rolls.
    What a problem to have!~ :) LOL
    Seriously is there a deodorant or body spray she uses or perhaps her body wash? It could be bringing that out.

  41. E :)

    So, what I’m wondering is if you’re referring to yellowcake as in the nuclear material. If she’s got radioactive boobs then she’s in trouble. Or at least she will be when she tries to haul her boobs through airport security!

  42. Kristin

    Y- first time commenter…found your blog a few weeks ago….
    I had this same problem! I was in for my yearly check up and as a Double D I asked the doctor what was normal…and also about the sugar smacks pee….the pee is totally normal, Ms Butter has it right, what you eat is what your pee smells like..unless its too sugary.
    But the underboob is a perfect place for a yeast infection…doesn’t even have to be red, or itchy…could be one or the other, or none if it is just starting!
    two things help….put just a little cornstarch under there every time you take a shower and the most important is, getting better bra support. Even a sportsbra should not allow your underboobage to rub !!
    I can’t believe how excited I was to write about that. i always said it smelled like pancake batter! LOL!

  43. heather

    I am ROFL at this. My kids are looking at me like I’m NUTS and ummm…. the only thing I have to add to this conversation is this: purple gatorade = grrreeennn poo.

  44. Snickrsnack Katie

    That was quite possibly the hardest laugh I have had all week. Or all month, to tell you the truth.
    Personally, I don’t think it is strange at all that her underboob smells like yellow cake mix. I agree that she must ingest lots of sugar and it just emanates from her body when she sweats. Why it is only reserved for her boob sweat, though, I have not a clue.
    I wish my farts smelled like devil’s food cake. That would rock.

  45. Laughingtoohardtothink

    Oh my Gawd, I am a convert to this site, because this is the first timein weeks I have laughed out loud in my cube, to the pint of peeing myself. Oh LORD!
    Thank you, ladies. It was wonderfl, and somehow comforting, too.
    Does anyone want to talk asparagus? I know some things about that issue!

  46. laughingtoohardtothink

    I meant “to the point of”…
    I am still laughing. All the underboob business is hysterical, as is the very frank indeed discussion of the various effluvea…
    Heh heh heh.

  47. JesseeezMom

    I was laughing so hard at your post my shoulders are shaking!! As soon as I finish this I’m running upstairs to smell my sports bra! I’m guessing that it’s Oatmeal Cookie or Powdered Sugar Cookies, since those are my body washes…
    I guess all the more reason to continue my sneaky snacks of raw chocolate chip cookie dough.
    Maybe that’s what keeps the Mr. so interested- our mothers always told us a way to a mans heart…, they just didn’t add that its what we eat not what we feed them! LOL!

  48. Danielle

    I was shopping this afternoon and bought some icecream. You know for the kids. It was a flavor that I’ve never seen before, It was called an American Idol flavor. It was Yellow cake with icing and sprinkles. I so had to buy it.
    We had your underboob for desert today. MMmmmmm, underboob.

  49. Jaade

    I have a “lack there of”, so I never had to deal with cake mix. ha ha. I hope your “friend” finds her answer soon 😉

  50. Mrs Butter B

    Hey Kristin- I’ve always thought the mixture of hubby and I’s “special fluids” smelled like pancake batter. I used to get soooooo hungry for Belgian waffles after the Big Whoopee and finally realized it was smelling the ahem..pancake batter.
    And who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor…

  51. Sarah

    Well, better that than M-SUD
    Maple Syrup Urine Disorder is when your urine becomes thick, amber, and smells of maple syrup. Totally not making it up. google it.

  52. Maria

    I’ve been trying to think of something clever to add, but I’m drawing a blank because I’m laughing too much.
    Would you please tell me which brand of bean dip you prefer? Please!!

  53. Michelle S.

    SPECIAL FLUIDS!!!!! OMG!!! I just about CHOKED on my sip of morning coffee when I read that!!! (and I may have leaked out some sweet pee-pee as Y likes to say from laughing so hard!! Mrs. ButterB you SLAY ME!! :) :) :)

  54. Kristin

    OH MY GOD! Mrs Butter….ROFLMAO! Special fluids! I guess I haven’t even Too funny…maybe we should be marketing some of these things? Lube that smells like pancake batter….yellow cake mix scented deodorant, especially for the underboob! Y – thank you for bringing candid embarrassing wierd ass shit to our attention..we all have a story/experience that gets stored away..until…well…pretty much forever, unless you post about it on your blog! LOL!

  55. Kathy

    Does she use scented body wash? Or use fabric softener that has a vanilla’y scent to it?
    Is it like a scratch n sniff sticker? *collects them all*

  56. Reese

    OMG! I about fell out of my chair. Sometimes my roommate (is a girl), and she talks to me openly about her scents, it happens to include under-boob. She has smells that are unusual for her, but then again; i think it was her soap she uses… be that on her bra, or her body. But yellow cake mix, that has yet to come up.
    Now, I want Starbucks, cake, and some milk. Geez ! Thanks! 😀

  57. rozie

    I read this post the other morning and made my gym partner read it before we went to the gym. We totally didn’t smell like cake, but the deodorant she put under her titties did clump into something resembling icing…
    It won’t help you sweat less but I’ve been spreading the joy of wearing two bras to the gym. One regular one and one sports bra. It works miracles to keep the boobs more still. (And prevent some chafing!)

  58. SuzyQ

    38DD here and my boobs and underboobs have never had a stank or a yummy aroma w/o perfume. I wonder if your friend is either blessed with cake smelling boobs, or cursed with a yeast infection?Find out what the end result is so I can try to get my man to have that problem and I can give oral and taste like I am eating cake! YEAH! And no calories!!!!

  59. AmyM

    It’s the obligatory ‘I-Just-Spit-Coffee-All-Over-My-Computer-So-Now-I-Must-Comment’ comment. The post and the comments are hilarious! (Hence the spitting.) I have WaBa WaBa Boobs (40DD) and a large Under-Boobage Surface Area, yet I have no Yellow Cake Mix Scent…just back pain. I do put on baby powder after showers though, I find that helps to eliminate that ‘not so fresh’ feeling in the U.B.S.A.

  60. UateBadClams

    no this is not normal – your friend needs to see a doctor to have many blood tests done – that smell is ‘DANGER’.

  61. Glo

    OMG…I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. Thanks for making my day. At least your friend’s underboobs smell yummy and not stinky.

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