The update that no one has really been waiting for. HA.

I haven’t been writing much these days and apparently, people are starting to notice.
Life has been a little crazy around here with the sick kids, the guitar lessons, the drum lessons, the Holidays, the basketball practices, the looking for job because we are going to have to move, except SCRATCH THAT because we just found out that the Landlord has changed his mind and “isn’t going to sell the house”. (Translation: The Realtor decided not to buy it. Maybe I didn’t have enough pretty candles burning when she came to look at it, because it certainly couldn’t have been the cabinets that made her not want to buy this lovely house!) We have waited for a month for him to tell us what was going on and if he was selling it and when we needed to be out of here.
He plans to put it up for sale again in a year. We agreed to stay so that we can have time to get things in order (get new jobs, save, pay bills off) so we can be in a better place financially and maybe even buy this place when they put it up for sale again. We promised them we’d not move so they don’t have to worry about the house sitting.
I’m still convinced that the whole “We’re selling the house, would you like to buy it?” was their way of letting us know that they were NOT going to fix the cabinets. (Because, the week before he showed up unannounced to offer to sell us the house, he called to raise our rent and he said “don’t worry, we’re not selling it! We’re just raising the rent!) But, whatever. It’s their house, they can do what they want. Maybe we will be in a position to buy this house in a year and then, I can rip those fuckers out and we can have a kitchen that doesn’t make us cry.
I do want to get into the habit of writing on a regular basis again now that things have gone back to (semi) normal around here. I know you’re so happy to hear me say that because you’ve missed my regular updates so bad that it hurts a little on the inside.
Admit it.**

**For those of you who lack A Sense of Humor, I was joking. (But seriously, it hurt a little, didn’t it?)

32 thoughts on “The update that no one has really been waiting for. HA.

  1. Mama Miga

    But – I DID miss your updates. It didn’t hurt so much as it ached really, lol. You crack me up, so glad you’re back.
    (btw, I posted comments to you before as LosingMyMarbles but since I’m a wannabe blogger, I’m now using my “new identity”)

  2. Izzy

    I had this horrible pain right here *gestures to heart* and now I know why :)
    Glad you now have some time to square things away. Trying to move, find work etc in a hurry is sooo stressful.

  3. Azul

    But we really did miss you.
    Just check your stats… I’m sure I personally left plenty of evidence of my checking for updates.

  4. Marmite Breath (Nat)

    Oooh, girrrrrrl. I have missed you and your balawg!
    Back to regular posting, per favore. Grazie!
    PS) Are you ever going to fix your sidebar? Because Tony got the snip already, and you should be enjoying the boinking now.

  5. Chelle

    Hurray! You’re back!
    Glad to hear the pretty candles didn’t work.
    Your new puppy is SO cute!

  6. Y

    Ah, I loves you guys.
    sfk–I do hate this house, but, if he offers it to us at a below market price (like he did this time) I would buy it in a year, because then I could fix it up the way that I want it to be. Then, I wouldn’t hate it.
    But again, it would have to be for a VERY CHEAP PRICE, or else… NO.

  7. Jazzy

    I have been in fact waiting for that update. Glad to hear you have some time to get ready to move now. Sorry you have to keep looking at those ugly cabinets though.

  8. DebbieS

    Ahh, that explains what that nagging little pain was. I guess I can stop chewing aspirin now! (I really did miss you!!)
    I say you should let Bandit chew on those nasty cabinets and then move out, LOL. Although he should probably be chewing on your loser landlord instead!

  9. girlplease

    your landlord sounds like a moneygrubbing fucktard. my new motto in 07 is to pee on people who are like this. seriously, whip it out and piss on them. the look on their face alone is worth it.

  10. Kait

    Yay for not having to move, that is awesome! I hope that you guys are able to get your stuff together so you can buy the house if you chose to, or maybe you will get so together that you can buy something that you really like!
    Regardless, yay for more updates! Yay!

  11. jan

    Can the cabinet doors be removed without killing them ? Put out a blog to your readers to think of creative ways to replace the doors till you have to move then put the gross one back on when/if you move! People can be so creative if THEY don’t have to do the work or pay for it! See what they come up with.??

  12. zorgon

    Oh good.
    I was thinking you hadn’t updated because you didn’t have wireless in the public park or wherever you were living, waving cardboard signs at passing cars that said “NEED HELP: NEW PUPPY”

  13. Y

    HAHA Zorgon! That was funny.
    Actually, the ONLY reason we have a new puppy is because my mom wanted to get one for Ethan for Christmas. We told her “no!” because we had no idea where we were going to be living.
    But, we are the ones who called him on Christmas Eve to ask what the HELL was going on and if he was selling or not and that is when he told us that he wasn’t selling after all (which, thanks for letting us know, dicklord!) So, on Christmas Eve I called my mom and told her she could get Ethan a dog.
    Obviously, there wasn’t time since Christmas was a couple hours away, so she wrote him a letter that said her gift to him would be to take him to the animal shelter and pay for him to adopt a dog.
    Just so happened a couple days after Christmas that my friend said her friend needed good homes for her lab puppies (because OMG, they had ELEVEN) so we went and looked and Ethan fell in love.
    He is only 5 weeks, so he gets his shots next week. And Gramma’s paying for them. Ha. Merry Christmas Ethan!
    (Wow, that was a really long and boring story, was it not??)

  14. Les~

    Wecome back Y! It’s great that you don’t have to move for now. I hope it works out that you guys get to (want to?) buy the house after a year.
    Oh – and the puppy is adorable!

  15. Emily

    I’m glad you’re back! I missed you! And The Drama! And the puppy is gorgeous! And! I’m! Glad! You! Don’t! Have! To! Move!
    Exclamationally yours, Emily

  16. wdc

    Phew. You are back. I am sure on your stats page I look like a blog stalker since I checked your blog for updates…oh…multiple times a day! I did miss you. Love the new addition to the family. Very cute.

  17. Lisa

    YAY! You’re back!! And, yes, it did hurt a little…especially on my mouse-clicking finger, what with all the checking and re-checking. I, like others, was beginning to worry that I was obsessed, although I didn’t realize that there was an actual way to “check stats” and see who was gaining Stalker Status and stuff like that.
    Glad you’re back and that you don’t have to move, but sorry you have to continue to live with the ugly “crapnets”. Blegh!

  18. steen

    I can’t wait to be locked in a hotel room with you and RSM and other blogher types! And maybe I can introduce you to my friend Tyler who lives in Chicago and is also the country’s top crossword solver and is starring in an awesome movie called “Wordplay”! And maybe we will get very drunk! And maybe we will take embarrassing pictures! And maybe this comment will end!

  19. nila

    So glad you have a little peace right now. Mostly glad your back to your updating self. I really did miss you. The PAIN!

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