“It” is done. And “It” is quite possibly the most HILARIOUS thing that has EVER happened in our marriage and I can not wait to tell you all about it.
Day 19: FINALLY!   (The Vasectomy! It is done!)
But for now, there are bags of frozen peas to be applied, beers to be fetched, tylenols to be given, cookies to be served on a shiny platter (because THAT’S WHAT THE WIFE IS SUPPOSED TO DO! And there’s a picture in the vasectomy book to prove it!) and a pair of stitched up balls in need of a little love and um, tenderness.
*For the Record: I have full permission to post the photos.

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  1. Y

    Ha! Nothing! That’s the best part, he thinks this is just as funny as I do. We’ve both laughed so hard that we’ve cried! It’s awesome, I wish we could do this every day!

  2. hed

    Wow! The day finally came!!! I’m so happy for you! No more weapon of mass fertilization!!! Congratulations! Now, go hump like wild rhinos! Or… at least once he’s in the mood again.

  3. Helen

    HOORAY! My snipped husband says be sure and wear some calvins that are a tad tight, holds those goolies firm, you so don’t want them dangling around and getting achey. I offered to hold his hand and take pictures during the procedure, he woldn’t let me, your husband is much more fun!

  4. Kristie

    Oh my gosh, cookies on a shiny platter? There’s an actual “Vasectomy Book” I was supposed to read???? I thought showing up and driving my husband home was enough. :)

  5. Rae

    OMG, Y…. I giggled my face off when I read this post. I wish I’d have had a blog 7 (!) years ago when my hubby had this done. He was THE biggest BABY you’ve ever seen. HMPH! Between my three kids I had over a week’s worth of labour, and he boo-hooed for three days about his ‘little ouchie’. Bwahahahahah!!!

  6. robin

    Congratulations! I know you’ve been waiting for this to happen. So, if you don’t post for a while, is it safe to assume that it’s not writers block anymore?

  7. Me

    I cannot believe he let you post those pictures!!! How absolutely classic!
    On a side note, did he really ride home in his tidy whities? How in the world did he get from the dr’s office/hospital to the car without getting ticketed for indecent exposure? California must be VERY open minded!
    I hope he feels better soon, but it’s great that ya’ll turned this into a bonding experience, I guess, in a weird way.
    So how soon before you can test the equipment and make sure everything still works?

  8. Cheri

    Congrats! Hopefully you don’t have a big baby on your hands. It’s really not all that bad. An ex bf who was 15 yr my senior had it done when we were dating. Worse thing was the nausea from the drugs.

  9. Lisa

    *sneaking out of lurkdom*
    That is TOO FUNNY! There is NO way that my hubby would have let me even take pics, let alone POST them!!
    So, does he have to send in “samples” in a few weeks to make sure no Little Guys are getting through? (Oops, sorry, maybe a little personal!)
    Well, congrats! To both of you!
    *sneaks back into lurkdom*

  10. Tammy

    PLEASE PLEASE make sure he turns in his *ahem* sample. It took us a year to get a sample of dead sperm they kept coming up with live ones and that’s not good. Men want to poo poo it off and not send it in, but believe me you HAVE to! No hanky panky till that’s done! Your final request.
    And no one gave me a bag of peas when I pushed out 2 9 lb baby’s from myc coochie! Men are such babies.

  11. Cheryl in Missouri

    LMAO Y! This is priceless!!!! omg, this cracked me up. Me – I thought the same thing….He rode home in his undies!??! But then I looked at the picture again and I see his pants/shorts are on the floor around his ankles. Too funny!!!
    I brought the book home from the doctor the last time I went. How thoughtful that I asked about it for him huh? lol. I showed it to him and he’s now considering it more than he has in the past. I can’t wait until I get to drive my hubby home with his pants down around his ankles and a bag of frozen peas in his crotch.
    I’m so happy for you two!!

  12. Charlie

    I remember it being real cold in the OR. I also remember a bunch of women in there. They were real cool about the fact the coldness/nervousness of the procedure had me with major shrinkage. Wait..I do remember them giggling….
    Way to go PigHunter. You are definitely “Man Of The Week.”

  13. Marmite Breath

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Wine!
    Was the vascectomy booklet written by a man? Probably? If it was written by a woman it would probably say, “Tell your man to stop whining and take out the trash–nobody gives US a break when our privates are mauled!”
    Once again, I will refer my husband to the Internet and say, “See! Other men do it!”
    I wonder if the photos of Tony with peas on his Meat and Two Veg will put my husband off the idea?

  14. Y

    I have to say, he’s handling this MUCH BETTER than I had imagined he would. Everytime he wants to complain about the pain, he says “My wife gave birth, my wife gave birth.” It’s really cute and is making me fall in love with him all over again.
    I’ve made him coffee, an egg burrito, and I’m on my way to the bookstore to get him the latest copy of “Shotgun news”.

  15. Kristy

    Delurking for a sec here…
    I don’t know what I found more hilarious: the pictures, or the fact that you’re going to pick up a copy of “Shotgun News”!

  16. Valerie

    Yay!!! I’m so happy for you both! And seriously, I don’t think you’ve ever looked happier than that picture! Hilarious reading!

  17. missbanshee

    Oh LORD this is the funniest post on all teh interweb. Your look of glee is PRICELESS. And then that sweet angel baby kicked him in the nads?!?!? Who needs reality television when you have Pig Hunter and his Weebles of Woe????

  18. liz

    hahaha. i tried to access your site from work today and was blocked by our Websense filter… apparently you are classified as “tasteless” and such sites are prohibited. i thought you’d like to know.

  19. Lynda

    I’m so jealous. I’ve been begging my husband to go for awhile now. There is actually a doctor in our area who’s name is Dr. Leak that does vasectomy’s. Hilarious, is it not? I threaten him with “Dr. Leak” all the time. Congrats!!!!

  20. suzyQ

    Y….congratulations? Hahaha…
    I remember when my next door neighbor got it done…he got the cookies on a silver platter too *laughing hysterically*
    I just hafta say he must REALLY love you to let you post these pics ;o)
    Tell him he’ll be back to normal in no time…

  21. danelle

    Whew boy, it’s about damn time! Time for some wine, maybe something lacy, and a whole lotta stuffin’ o the enchiladas. I hope you’re prepared for the onslaught to come. (haha, come..I made a pun)

  22. Rachael

    Hahaha. I think I offended the men in my house by giggling at this too much. Neither of them ever plan on getting it done, but they feel for your husband.
    I however, can’t stop giggling about the cookies on a platter part. You must take pictures. LOL

  23. Dawn

    Ha ha ha!! First picture is so funny with his pants down around his ankles and his seatbelt on! You should have gotten pulled over on purpose, just to see what the cops reaction would have been!
    Seriously…hope that pighunter is feeling better soon…and thanks for the laughs!

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