My Daughter. The Day Before “Two.”

My love for her is growing in leap and in bounds.
With each new word she utters. With each kiss she places on my cheek. With each smile she sends my way. With each giggle. With each time she takes my hand so we can walk together. With every tear she cries. With every “please” and “thank you”.
With each day that passes, my love for her multiplies a thousand times over again.
I love her.
I love her.
I love her.

(It’s been a while since I’ve brought The Cheese&trade and I felt as though it was time to once again bring it. However, I’m working on “BlogHer: Part 2, so patience! Please!)

19 thoughts on “My Daughter. The Day Before “Two.”

  1. Amber

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-UNIT! :) Collin will turn 2 next mth! Happy birthday from Collin too :) its wonderful watching you grow & change. Still the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!

  2. divinediva

    Those little ones grow in leaps and bounds .. My oldest is 10 my yougest 15 months.. It only seems like yesterday they were little babies!

  3. DeannaBanana

    Isn’t it scary and exciting and heartbreaking how quickly times flies? And amazingly, your heart manages to grow to allow the capacity to love your babies more and more each year.
    Here is to wishing the G-unit a very happy birthday, cant wait to see pictures!
    Here, also, is to parts 2-296 of the BlogHer rundown..when you get to them, of course.

  4. Flippy

    Awww, she’s starting to look just like my friend, Clair…who lives too far away.
    And, ooooh, I’m almost exactly 40 years older than she is. Scary.

  5. Stacey

    I remember the announcement.
    And I remember thinking “Oh fuck, Yvonne’s done, that means I’m next. FUCK.”
    hahahaha. STOP GROWING GABBY.

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