Love. (And also? The Return of The Cheese&trade)

I had accepted that I’d never be a mother to a daughter. I had two beautiful boys whom I cherised. I was content and happy with them in my life.
I had never imagined I’d find myself unexpectedly pregnant 7 years after what I had declared “The Last Baby I Will Ever Have.”
I certainly didn’t imagine that baby would be a girl.
And that she’d actually like me. Love me, even.
My daughter.
A Mother's Love
I never imagined that my boys–my sweet, kind, radiant little boys– would have a little sister.
love to love you
A sister that they would look after, that they would take precious care of and whom they would love deeply.
The First, The Last, The Love.
I never imagined the day that my husband would one day hold in his arms a perfect little girl, with ivory skin and jet black hair while saying things like “How did we ever live without her?”
Daddy's hands
And that one day, I’d watch in amazement as she wrapped her tiny little hand around his finger.
Holding on
Knowing the truth was that darling girl had the heart of the man whose hand she’s holding and the hearts of this entire family wrapped around her sweet little finger.
*This post brought to you by Love Thursday.

26 thoughts on “Love. (And also? The Return of The Cheese&trade)

  1. Kristi

    Awww, look at Gabby. She’s so cute and she’s grown a lot. Love her baby doll lips and her beautiful long black hair. She’s a beautiful little girl Y! No wonder you’re so proud. She’s darling.

  2. chickadee

    So beautiful, Y – the words, the pictures, all of it! The bond between your sons and their little sister is especially moving. It’s plain to see that you and Tony raised ’em up right, and Gabby is such a blessed little girl to have so much love around her.

  3. Sunny

    That is so beautiful. I am new mother to a little girl. She is only 2 ½ months old. I totally understand how you feel. Having a daughter is the greatest thing I have ever done!

  4. shaz

    wow… Your post made me speechless… she’s lovely… I wish I could have one of the girl variety too… :(
    *taking time to get over my saddness*
    Love my boys, but man I would like to have a pink website 😉

  5. Waya

    How precious! We also have two older boys and we finally got our little princess, Sophia!! She’s such a joy and the happiest baby out of the three. She does have us wrapped around her little fingers as well.

  6. Jen the Mom

    You make me want to have another girl.
    Not yet though, NOT YET!!!
    (I think you’re going to have to stop posting these pictures because my conviction is slipping.)

  7. Dave

    Congrats! She’s a beauty!
    I met a woman working at the airport some time ago, who kept tring to have a girl. She gave up after seven (7!) boys!!!
    All the best,

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