17 thoughts on “This is a test of the OMG! MY BLOG HAS BEEN BROKEN ALL DAY system. This is only a test.

  1. ben

    Speak up!!!
    You’re breaking up! you’re breaking up!
    (oh, wait, I was just watching a rerun of Six Million Dollar Man. You’re fine. Sorry for the false alarm)

  2. Stacey

    Yay! My forehead beaded up with sweat ’cause I thought you’d deleted your blog or something crazy. And that is when I discovered that my daily blog reading has become a sad, sad addiction.

  3. Itchy

    I thought you’d deleted it too! But then I tried it one more time and there is was and I sighed a big sigh of relief! Whew!

  4. Charlie

    On and On and On and On, and the beat don’t stop until the break of dawn.
    On and On, I just feel like crying…(artist unknown)
    On top of ol’ smokey, all covered with….Ok. I will stop. for now. maybe.
    Welcome back!

  5. demondoll

    One moment. Just getting my breath back. WTH happened? I thought maybe you had just up and quit your blog, and I was going to cry so loud you’d hear it in SoCal… whew!
    Welcome back! 😀

  6. Jenn

    LOL, Its funny because I had just found your blog, like 2 days ago, then yesterday I was spending some time reading blogs and decided to visit you and actually post, well then, every time I clicked it said it timed out, I got worried. I have soo enjoyed your sense of humor, posts, and daily life! Thanks!

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