I had been working on a post about my history of “issues with food and body image” since late last night. It was very long, extremely personal and brutally honest. As I was writing it, I cried (thinking of the horrid things I’ve put my body through all in the name of “trying to be skinny.) I laughed (Ha! Ha! I once threw a burrito across the room because it wasn’t EXACTLY as I had ordered it and when I want a burrito, it better be done right because chances are I was eating it as one last “splurge” before I went on a crazy diet.) I got angry (Why can’t I make peace with food?)
As I was re-reading to check for mistakes before hitting “Save”, a huge white box flashed before my eyes with the words “Firefox has caused an error. Firefox will NOW CLOSE.”‘
And just LIKE THAT, the entire post and all of the emotion that went into it was GONE.
Do I need to tell you how pissed I was? Because OH MY GOD, I WAS SO PISSED OFF.
But HA! HA! Not as pissed off as my daughter was when her dad had the NERVE to tell her “No!”
Sweet Mother of Bobs, she is SO much like me. I mean, seriously, that is exactly what I look like when Tony forgets to bring home ranch dressing for my curly fries, or, you know, when FIREFOX CRASHES and takes my post with it. LUCKY TONY, having two Emotional Basketcases in this house.
But, seriously folks, Firefox can suck my Milky Big Ones. Damn it.

24 thoughts on “Error

  1. Amy

    Ha Ha Ha! She looks adorable! Screw Firefox. When are we getting together? Mommy needs a(nother) margarita.

  2. buzz

    Ummm….you threw a burrito? If I was the waiter at the time I probably would look similar to the way your daughter looks here! Waaahh!!
    By the way, I blogger-dreamt about you last night. So weird. Jay Mohr was looking for you and he thought I would know where you were. He had a secret to tell you. I never did find out what it was.
    (No, I’m not kidding. Isn’t that odd?)

  3. girl

    my husband once came home with the completely wrong stuff on my Subway sandwich and I threw it at the door right after he slammed it to go get me the right one. then I went to bed and refused to eat the right one when he got back b/c I “lost my appetite.” yeah, I can be such a drama queen. my temper isn’t that bad anymore. thanks go out to my shrink and Adderall for that one.

  4. Sarcastic Journalist

    I tend to cry at restaurants when I accidentally order something only to find out it wasnt what I thought.
    It makes the waiters very happy.
    Also? Gabby looks so small in that photo. It is probably because my child is a freaking giant, but you know, whatever.

  5. Allison

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I needed that.
    If it helps at all, know that seeing someone else being as pissy as I’ve felt all morning totally helped me get over myself. I’ve been angry at the world today!
    PS — aren’t they so damned cute when they’re pissed?

  6. jenfromboston

    Oh my God – the link PoeticaL listed? do yourselves a favor and check it out. Hilarious video. He does a mean Worm.
    (Y- I could see you TOTALLY do your own take on that.)
    I have had the same thing happen to me – writing a post but I accidentally hit a key and POOF – gone forever. there is no “back” key to save your bacon in typepad either. I feel your pain, rage, pissedoffedness more times than I care to count.

  7. Jules

    That sucks! I hate when that happens – I end up feeling totally defeated and can’t write again. Feh…
    And I know your daughter is really pissed but Gawd she looks adorable. So much fire in such a little body :)

  8. ckickmom

    Personally, I think that expressing your emotions happens to be a very healthy sign. At least you aren’t holding it all in, that would be a definite recipe for disater. At least that is always my excuse.

  9. Mega Mom

    I’m sure people say this all the time, but did you ever think of making a living out of this photography thing?
    I would LOVE for you to capture my 2 year old with that same face made for the same reason. Bob forbid you tell him no.

  10. Jennifer

    Ahhhh. Toddlers. So many experts say that toddlers cannot adequately express themselves so they become frustrated. I think they become frustrated and very adequately express themselves.

  11. CJ

    Ditto on all the comments that said it sucks in losing your written post to Firefox.
    I read you frequently, but don’t comment because
    a) I don’t know what to say
    b) It’s already been said
    c) You’re so funny and a great mom, wish I could have had the opportunity to be a mom myself
    d) I’m just a Plain Jane, nothing exciting ever happens to me
    Yeah, dumb/stupid/silly as they may be… that’s how I feel, but it doesn’t stop me from reading you. When you talk about your children, the hilarity, the surprises, the worries… you make me feel like I’m sitting across the table from you, sharing face-to-face conversation about everyday ups and downs.
    Thanks for sharing parts of your life, so us (me) that aren’t Mommies, can experience what it would have been like to be one.
    Happy Mother’s Day Yvonne!

  12. Mary

    Man that kid cracks me up!!!
    You should take her to some auditions.
    And you like, KNOW people in the business.
    That’s the ticket right there.
    You can even take her headshots yourself!
    I’m serious.

  13. ashley

    I don’t comment on many blogs but you are one of my daily reads and I just wanted to wish you a happy mothers day!

  14. Holy Mother of BOBS

    Can I just say that ever since the other day, all I can say is Holy Mother of BOB when I am angry/frustrated/shocked. ? ? ?
    And no one around here quite understands what that means, besides me and you and the internet….because Hillybilly USA doesn’t read this blog. lol. Maybe I should enlighten them.
    I hope you are having a great Mother’s Day—oh and lucky Tony!

  15. Meg

    I learned the hard way to save as draft often. I’m sick of loosing posts… The bad news is that when you save as a draft you feel you can get sucked away and you never finish the post…

  16. Jenn

    OMG That is a great photo. I am laughing my ass off because I have two girls that still make that face from time to time.

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