Yeah… I wrote about MEAT LOAF… Jealous?

I just ate meatloaf for dinner and I LIKED IT.
As a matter of fact, this is the second time this week I’ve had meatloaf for dinner.
I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I am officially obsessed with meatloaf. Which, is funny, because as a kid? I hated meatloaf.
Infact, when my mom would make it known that meatloaf would be had for dinner, I would throw a tantrum.
“I hate meatloaf! Meatloaf is gross! I WILL NOT EAT MEEEAAAAATTLLLLOOAAAAFFFFFF!”
I think my aversion to meatloaf started when I saw my mom putting ketchup in the meat.
Ketchup? In the meat? Meat that will soon be in LOAF FORM?
Ah hells no. I seriously became disgusted at the mere mention of “meatloaf.”
“OMG! Not meatloaf! There is ketchup! In the meat! And? It’s a loaf! Barf!”
However, in my mission to find “quick and easy meals” to make for the family, I came across a recipe for meatloaf. And by “recipe”, I mean a “packet of seasoning” that said “mix this here packet with water and egg and HA! MEATLOAF IN ONE HOUR!”
No ketchup? SERIOUSLY? And all I have to do is mix an egg and water?
I was all over that loaf, man.
Not only was it done in an hour, but it tasted great. And the kids loved it. AND THE TONY LOVED IT!
But most importantly, I, the hater of meat in loaf form, loved it.
The kids aren’t too happy about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they love The Loaf, but they’re like “MEATLOAF? AGAIN? I will not eat meatloaf TWICE IN ONE WEEK!”
Obviously, they don’t understand meat loaf addiction. Judgemental jerks! I promised them we’d not have it again for AT LEAST another week, but as I sit here inhaling the smell of meatloaf lingering in the air, I’m afraid that’s a promise I can’t keep.

33 thoughts on “Yeah… I wrote about MEAT LOAF… Jealous?

  1. Mamacita

    I like meatloaf too. It used to embarass me but I have since found many others who like meatloaf. Some day I will invite them all over for dinner. We’ll have meatloaf.
    Not mine, though; it’s terrible, and nobody likes it but me. I’ll use someone else’s recipe.

  2. hotdrwife

    Sadly, it’s like the one thing I can do and do well. If you need a variation on the recipe, hit me up. I have some fancy schmancy “gourmet” recipe – my husband the “fancy ass chef” even likes it. And it’s easy.
    And that, my friends, is all that matters.

  3. Y

    First of all? I love, LOVE you guys for not openly mocking me for writing a post ABOUT MEATLOAF.
    (HAHA. I just thought of the singer. MEATLOAF. HA)
    Second. Please, send me the recipes you have, I will love you even more than I do at this moment.
    And Randi? That sounds AWESOME. Cheeese

  4. Lisa

    OMG – suddenly I’m craving meatloaf but I almost couldn’t stand typing the word and very nearly can’t look at it anymore I’ve seen it so much. Thanks for the laugh. 😀
    Oh! and my wunnerful hu’band bought me Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell for Christmas. He loves me. :)

  5. baseballmom

    Meatloaf rocks! My oldest son even requested it for his birthday dinner…even over going out to dinner ANYWHERE he wanted. I have a good non-ketchup recipe too if you want it. Hell, you could be having meatloaf in some form every night with all of the recipes you might get!

  6. Empress

    I LOVE meatloaf (and I make a really yummy one) but there is nothing tomato-based anywhere near my meatloaf. I’m all about the beef! (My mom used to put ketchup and mustard in hers and I didn’t like it – once I learned to scorn the ketchup, life got much better!)

  7. James

    Meatloaf (sans ketchup, obviously) and mac ‘n’ cheese. Yummmmmmmay.
    Your story almost mirrors mine. My grandmother used to make meatloaf, with no ketchup in sight. However, I went to someone else’s house and they made meatloaf one night and poured ketchup over the top of the loaf!! Helllllooooo??? Can I at least get the option of no ketchup? Apparently not. So, it kinda turned me off of meatloaf for awhile. But recently, I started eating it again and it’s great. And, I’m not even embarassed about it. :-)
    BTW, I’m back blogging again, so stop by and say ”wassssssssssaahhhhhh”!!!

  8. Itchy

    I hate meatloaf…but that is because my mom made it like yours. Ketchup…meat….onions. EWWW! My husband swears he can make meatloaf that I would like…and if I had Randi’s mom’s recipe with the cheesey center I’m sure I would love it. Cheese makes everything better!

  9. chris

    I LOVE meatloaf. But my children hate it. They cry and carry on like I am feeding them crushed glass.
    So I rarely make it. But, you must share what “packet” you are using that is so yummy.

  10. Xdm

    Send me the recipe!
    Fyi – there is an uber trendy restaurant nearby that makes a meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. It’s supposed to be slummy/ironic in a hispster kind of way but it is so good it is now their most popular dish. (which I’m sure hurts the chef’s heart just a little.) Way to set the trend!

  11. NinaKaye

    I don’t like meatloaf, and even if I did, I couldn’t cook it because my husband won’t eat meat (unless it’s in burger form) and the kids wouldn’t dare touch something “new”…so we eat spaghetti (or some form of pasta) almost every night. Sometimes we vary and have pizza! haha

  12. Aims

    Ha! I was the SAME WAY! I hated meatloaf, would always throw a fit when my mom made it. Even though I was a huge ketchup freak, the site of it drenched over the top of the loaf made me wanna puke. It just was not right, that loaf of meat.
    Actually, I really haven’t changed much, haven’t found a meatloaf I like yet. What was your secret packet?! Maybe I’ll give it a shot. I’m always up to cook something quick and easy. :)

  13. Bronwen

    I, too, have embraced the packet. It makes such a yummy loaf that I can’t be bothered to make my own from scratch anymore (which has tomato sauce, but not ketchup, in it). I do, however, liberally drench my personal slice of the loaf in ketchup, as I adore it. When served with mashed potatoes and peas, I think meatloaf makes the perfect dinner.

  14. Chaeriste

    I never ate meatloaf as a kid… mom was a snob and never made it, so I figured it was crap. Well, my future MIL made it one night and I tried it… I have made it twice on my own w/her recipe and it’s fabulous. I make 3 meatloaf thingies out of one go and it freezes beautifully. NO ketchup… actually has A1 in it (and onions, but we like that. Don’t hate). Want the recipe? Write me. I have it at home.

  15. Beth

    I love meatloaf. It also sounds funny when you say it a lot: meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf…meatloaf. See? Except now I think I don’t like it any more. ;^)

  16. Tammy

    I grew up vegetarian, and the first time I had meatloaf I had to make it myself. Turns out that anytime I have to squish raw meat with my hands, I cannot eat it. Bleech. Here’s a quick chicken supper (I had it last night)
    cut up some chicken breasts. I use 4. Put it in a cassarole dish with a big can of mushroom soup, a little can of mushroom soup, two cans of mushrooms without the juice, some pepper type spices, some vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup?) Stir it all and stick it in the oven at 375 for an hour. Serve over noodles. Yummy!

  17. dana michelle

    The secret is you don’t put the ketchup IN the meatloaf.
    I make a sauce of ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, and a little Worchestershire sauce (amounts are basically to your taste. I use about equal amounts of mustard and brown sugar, a little more ketchup, and just a few drops of the Worch.) Stir it up good, zap it in the microwave to warm it through, and then slather the meatloaf with it during the last 1/2 hour of cooking. I check it a few times and add more as it adheres.
    This is the way my mom made meatloaf, and I’m telling you, the sauce is excellent. From her I also learned to cut up apples into small chunks and add that sometimes. Makes the meatloaf more juicy.
    Love me some meatloaf :) All this talk is making me think I’m going to have to make it this weekend now.

  18. Melissa

    I love it (a lot) but I only eat my meat loaf. Other people sneak nasty things like oatmeal, brown sugar and celery in the loaf and that is just sick and wrong.

  19. HDW

    Y –
    I will type my meatloaf stuff for you tonight after I put baby to bed and am on my second glass of something very alcoholic.

  20. Petite Mommy

    I used to HATE meatloaf but now I like it but it has to have lots of ketchup on top of it. But I also like Ketchup on top of my spaghetti too so maybe I’m weird or maybe I’m gross…lol…

  21. Tonya

    I still haven’t gotten over my childhood aversion to meatloaf. My mom finally stopped making it when we started calling it “grossloaf.” She will make it now sometimes and call to tell me, “your dad and I had grossloaf for supper.” Blehhhh.

  22. Chickadee

    I once tried a meatloaf recipe with ketchup as an ingredient. GAH…how disgusting. No wonder you hated it. Meatloaf is much better with spices and stuff. I don’t know who thought ketchup should go into a meat recipe.

  23. Gina

    I make mini meatloaves, the family likes them far better than the large loaf you slice. And each one is topped off with a mix of ketchup, brown sugar and a bit of mustard, then baked. They are delish.

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