Wearing off…. (kind of)… (sort of)… (just a little bit)

I’ve told you before about The Charm. How my daughter uses it to get out of pretty much any trouble she gets into.
Well, “The Charm” is losing some of it’s “cred” with Momma.
I mean, she’s really cute and all, but when she slams her head repeatedly on the ground to demonstrate just how pissed off she is that you took the pencil away from her, NOT SO CUTE.
Recently, I asked her to throw something in the trash and to my surprise? She did it! So, I clapped and cheered! “Yay! Gabby threw away the trash!” And when daddy came home, I showed him what she had learned and we all clapped and cheered “Yay! Gabby threw the trash away!”
What I did not realize at the time was that she would think it was cute to THROW EVERYTHING SHE GOT HER HANDS ON AWAY because, “Hey! The People cheer when I throw things in this white box!”
I couldn’t find my keys anywhere this morning and after hours of searching, it hit me… “Look in the trash.”
The trash that was full of raw chicken skin and tomatoes chunks and dirty diapers because The Children were too cold to take out the trash last night and mama let them slide. And thank goodness for that because GUESS WHERE MY KEYS WERE?
I stuck my hands in, dry heaving the entire time and WHAT DO YA KNOW! My keys, they were there at the bottom of the trash.
I’m pretty sure she clappped and cheered when she threw them in and thought “wow, I’m so cute! And smart! I wonder how my parents can stand it!”
I can’t stand it most days, because, My God, the girl is beautiful, smart, hilarious and she farts on command.
But lately? The Charm is being overshadowed by “The Stubborn” and “The Cranky” and “The Slightly Evil.”.
Yesterday, I had to add “Sweep” to the List of Things I Can Not Do While Gabby is Awake because she MUST PLAY WITH THE PILE OF DUST. And if I tell her “no!” All hell breaks loose. And when I say “hell” I mean, Full Blown Tantrums. How DARE I not let her play in the filth.
Other “things” included on that list are
1. Load the dishwasher
2. Watch Tv
3. Eat
4. Poop (which, not really a problem considering I haven’t gone in oh, what 5 days?)
5. Talk on the phone
I’m forgetting one. What IS it. Oh! Yes! FOLD AND PUT AWAY CLOTHES !

I tried that the other day and five minutes after putting all of her neatly folded clothes away? That happened.
Of course, she busted out The Charm BIG TIME and flashed that big, goofy smile of hers when she realized I was SLIGHTLY PISSED. And it worked, but I’m telling you people, IT IS LOSING IT’S MAGIC BECAUSE GIRLFRIEND IS OUT OF CONTROL.
I can only imagine the teenage years.
God help us all.

17 thoughts on “Wearing off…. (kind of)… (sort of)… (just a little bit)

  1. Shylah

    I have the exact same problem with my daughter and her clothes. She started at about Gabby’s age; she’s four now and shows no signs of stopping. I finally bought a cabinet-thingy with shelves and a lock, which worked like a charm until that little scamp figured out how to open the door WITHOUT UNLOCKING IT.

  2. Hed

    Kids are smart. And their little hands can definitely go places not thought possible by mom. Mine does stuff like that all the time too. There are times when I wish I could just put that damn dresser on a motorized track that would end in the ceiling, and disappear into the wall, so she couldn’t climb up there and empty the dresser with even greater ease!
    Yes, there is a reason why children are so damn cute.

  3. Candy

    My daughter, at about the same age, one through the car keys into her diaper pail, and I didn’t know until I’d covered them up with a days worth of dirty diapers.
    Thanks for reminding me of that one, Y.

  4. ishouldbeworking

    I have a picture of my daughter doing the same thing at about that age. Chickadee is right. The clothes? They DO belong on the floor. Clean, dirty, whatever…on the floor they go. You said Teenager? Mine is 11 and the attitude & mouth start way earlier than teens. Of course it could have something to do with the red hair too, I don’t know.

  5. Katie

    Those pigtails kill me! The charm is still totally working on me, all I can say to that mess is “awwww…” But then again I don’t have to refold the clothes. Oh wait, I do, my three year old dumped out the laundry basket of clean clothes earlier.

  6. NinaKaye

    At least when she’s older it won’t be so fast. She’ll have to take something out, look it over, decide it’s not what she wants to wear, then throw it back. When they’re little it just “rip that stuff out of there as fast as possible!”

  7. Ms. Q

    I had a theory that easy babies equal difficult teenagers, therefore difficult babies equal easy teenagers. (No, I don’t mean easy like that!) Unfortunately, that theory has been disproven.
    Easy teenagers are like “perfect” moms. They do not exist!!! gah. And for a day, I was thinking about having another one. Thanks for setting me straight.
    But, dayum, she is CUTE!

  8. Mary

    I learned about 4 kids ago to ALWAYS keep the keys in a very high spot.
    Also, the trash is always the first place to look.
    Luckily my 2 year old is a NEAT FREAK. But it does lead to tantrums because she put the FREAK in NEAT FREAK!
    She will have a long hard life living in this house!

  9. Laura

    YAY! Finally one of those I’m luckier than you moments! I NEVER have them! My son only throws in the trash what we ask him to! YAYYYYY I win! Ok I’m happy because I never win! Well back to the 10 loads of puked on laundry….Hmm I lose….

  10. justme

    My middle child did that everyday, somehow. So I put child proof locks on the draws. I couldn’t help it, I like me some nice neat draws lol!

  11. Lisa

    I read this last night, and I was cracking up. My daughters do the same thing with the clothes. It’s like, WHY? What is the fascination? LOL
    And yes, the charm does wear off. Now it’s that bottom lip sticking out and quivering that gets me.

  12. Macca

    Time to put chains and locks on everything. Though, she seems so sly that she could pick the locks… or perhaps gnaw through them with those choppers!

  13. Tuesday

    My kids just took everythign out of their drawers when they were supposed to be napping.
    Just wait until she grows out of her crib.
    These are called paxil moments.

  14. Autumnn

    I don’t fold the clothes. Ever. I just shove them in their drawers and when they yank them out….I call it “helping”.
    Then I clap and go “YAY!”

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