Truth and lies

I’m not the smartest person in the world, not the prettiest, or the funniest. I am not good at much and sometimes I wish I was better at so many things.

But I have you. All three of you. You are all that is good in my life. Each one of you perfect in your own way. I feel as though I don’t deserve you sometimes, but my GOD, I love you. Each one of you. Your love, your smiles, your personalities, they melt away the sadness in my heart. I see you smile, I hear your laughter and I know I’ve done something right. You are the one, two, three things I’ve done good and right in my life. You’re all happy, you’re all so full of life. You are all so kind, full of so much personality. You’re all incredibily funny. I mean, like laugh out loud, peeing my pants funny. Each one of you are amazing, unique, beautiful children and I’d like to think I have something to do with that.

19 thoughts on “Truth and lies

  1. laurie

    you are truly blessed.
    I’ll never know what it feels like to have my own children, because cancer ate up my uterus, but with posts like these I can get a little glimpse of what it must be like.
    pure heaven.
    cherish them, y.

  2. Joelle

    Remember this entry why you beat yourself up, sweetcheeks. A unworthy woman, as you often accuse yourself of being, couldn’t create such smart, charming, lovely kids. It’s impossible. 😉

  3. Mary

    Please…..girl look at this blog.
    SOOOO many people love you!
    You are a fabulous writer, photographer, MOTHER and I KNOW you could kick ass doing stand up comedy!
    You make me laugh SO hard!
    Soak it up….just read some of the comments you get and soak them up.

  4. Jennifer

    We all feel that way, sometimes, don’t we? Unworthy, like we aren’t good enough, not the “best”. I do. You’re right. It’s a lie. Kids are good medicine, aren’t they?

  5. The Aitch

    Having maybe just one of those wonderful kids makes you richer than most.
    Since you have three and they are healthy and beautiful and smart, you are richer in life than most people I know.

  6. jenny lee

    i hope, when they are old enough to understand all of this, that their are still computers and still a way to look at this blog. this would be such a wonderful keepsake for them. a mission for you, if you choose to accept it, would be to print out your blog from day one and save it. some day make copies of it and when your kids are older…much older, and you and your husband are in rocking chairs, expecting grandchildren, give them each one. what a wonderful gift!

  7. Kelly

    I AGREE WITH MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You totally are amazing Y!
    btw, you look hot and amazing! :)

  8. Fiona

    you and tony live on thru your children and oh my they are absolutely beautiful inside and out from what you share with us….you should both be unbelievably proud for not only producing such absolute treasures….but moreso for raising them to be the people they are
    and whenever you doubt your purpose, your worth, your reason to be….just look at those three Y *S*
    and by the way i think you’re beautiful…your eyes shine and convey so much…warm lovely smiley eyes
    now i’m out of here before i’m accused of having a crush on you *L*
    be well

  9. Candy

    Y, that’s why you’re Y. You say what is important, without a lot of gunk clogging up the arteries.
    I feel the same about almost everything in that first paragraph. And then I start crying about money. And at exactly 2:38, the door opens an in walks my son, followed ten minutes later by my daughter, and all is well, and all is well, and all manner of things will be well.
    Love you, Y.

  10. carson

    There was this guy who was sort of a math nerd about 2300 years ago who was second best at everything. All the other math nerds (and astronomers, historians, geographers, pholosophers, poets, theater critics, because he was second best at lots of things) called him “Beta”. His name was Eratosthenes, and he figured out the circumference of the Earth within a few percent. Pretty amazing, for the #2 guy. The car rental place tells us that #2 tries harder,and I think they’re right.
    In other words, you are doing a great job. And don’t measure yourself by other people.

  11. Mona

    I think you’re one of the most awesome moms out there. You make me come here everyday reading your blog, you made me laugh so hard by myself during one of those late nights when I can’t sleep. You have very beautiful kids, look at those beautiful kids you have there, they all have your sweetness, kindness, they learn everything from their mom that’s you Yvonne.
    I wish I have the courage to blog the way you do. I have to admire you for the person you are. Thank you for sharing with us, your kids, your funny stories, just everything about you.

  12. Amy

    OH, they are so perfect and beautiful in so many ways! I know exactly what you mean, Y. Sometimes it seems like the only things we have done well is our kids. I just dread the teenage years when I won’t even have that to fall back on!
    But I do agree with everyone else: they wouldn’t be who they are without you. And you are awesome.

  13. Lisa

    Aww that was really great! It’s funny because I was thinking the same thing over the weekend!
    I really love reading your blog – you always make me laugh, or get all mushy. :)

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