To answer the question….

“Why haven’t you been posting much?”
That’s why.
The thing about having THREE kids is this…
When one gets sick? They ALL get sick because no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU TELL THEM TO STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER, they end up in the same room, coughing all over each other, rubbing their infected eyes together, sneezing in each other’s faces.
Andrew? Bronchitis.
Gabby? Ear infections. Cough. Wheezing. Eye infections.
Ethan? Possible strep throat Some type of bacterial infection. The Flu. Pink eye.
$120 have been spent since friday on co-pays and prescriptions. I’m not complaining, at least we have insurance, but man, that’s a whole lot’a sickness all up in this house.
There are so many damn medications, I’ve actually screwed up and given the wrong drops in the wrong eyes. Andrew’s accidently taken Gabby’s antibiotics. IT’S KARAAZZZEEE up in this House O’Germs. Wild and Crazy, I tell you.
So, again. That’s why.

18 thoughts on “To answer the question….

  1. NinaKaye

    Here’s hoping they get well soon!
    I have one sick one and it’s killing me, I can’t imagine 3!
    Thank god the older of my two hates his sister and is constantly yelling “get away from me!” No germs have passed yet. Although, since she’s been sick, she’s been sleeping in our bed, so we’ll probably both come down with something.

  2. girlplease

    I know it’s hard with 3 kids, especially when they are sick and needy, but try to keep cleaning things they touch—phones, door handles, faucet handles, toilet. It does help keep the sickness at bay. Good luck.
    Now I’m sick. You might want to scrub this post.

  3. mona

    Hope they all get better soon :( I feel for you.
    Yeah my 2 kids are sick too, they had flu shots and yes still get sick.

  4. clickmom

    Open some windows and let the fresh air in! At least when they are sick at the same time you don’t have to go anywhere. To me, there is nothing worse than bundling up a sick child to pick up or drop off a sibling. Also, anti oxidents- they are the vitamins that help supercharge your (and their) immune systems.
    Good luck!!
    PS Target has color coded prescriptions now at their pharmacy

  5. Tammy

    So sorry to hear that. We are all sick here too. It’s called the California Crud!
    I am ready for December to leave and take it’s sickness with it!!
    Get well soon

  6. Fionna

    Yikes, sounds like fun over there!
    Here’s a tip from a mom of four, make a simple chart of a piece of paper. List everyone’s name and then write the time and drug every time you give them some.
    Otherwise, once the lack of sleep kicks in, you’ll never remember who got what and when!
    Good luck :)

  7. Lessa

    Ugh – yeah, stomach flu hitting us pretty hard over here, all three have had it on different nights, even the dog spewed, and now they’re going for another round of ‘who can run the fastest’ and ‘who gets the bowl’ – and I’ve got a sinus infection and starting to feel decidedly queasy myself.
    Ain’t being a mom GRAND? *exhausted nod*

  8. Carla

    Ugh, I’d say take some Airborne but I’ve recently found that crap sucks. I hope the husband is being helpful. No wonder you’re MIA, life happens. :) Hope everyone gets better soon.

  9. Jenny

    Oh, shit, Y. We’ve just gotten through our own three kid sick marathon, with bonus sick mom!
    Take care of you! Hope all the babes feel better quickly. At least you have a good reason to lay around holding kids and watching trashy tv for a few days.

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