Respect… my parenting

Preface:I wasn’t going to say anything because, I blog for me! and Blog awards make me say the “F” word alot because people get all CRAAAZY n’shit, but, then, it hit me that “Oh my God, I could end up in last place and that would be really embarassing and so, I better at least mention it so that doesn’t happen!!” so…um, yeah…
Look! Thanks to Gennie, I’m a Finalist for a weblog award.
Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s funny to me for several reasons. a)I’m nominated for a “parenting blog”. I mean, I am a parent, but I don’t consider this a “parenting blog.” I mean, I talk about my vagina and my Boobs! But occassionally, I do talk about my great parenting skills, you know, like teaching my daughter to fart on command, so, I guess in a really sick way, I just may fit in to that category. b) Someone had to go and nominate Dooce (link not necessary because EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS DOOCE.) Does anyone have a chance against her? I think not. Because The Internet loves Dooce. The Internet worships Dooce and The Internet will make SURE that Dooce wins. c) Um, I’m totally going to be in last place and that’s going to be a little embarassing. But who knows, maybe Melly comes through for me the I DID FOR HER WHEN SHE WAS UP FOR AN AWARD.
I don’t care if I win or lose, it’s just a silly award that will not make me rich, nor famous, nor a better parent, but, I just don’t want to be in last place. I mean, when I was voted Second SEXIEST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD! (ha! ha! haaa! I “went there” And you will respect My Sexy because The Internet declared me so!) I was ok with not being first, because I WASN’T LAST!
But seriously, folks, I really don’t want to end up in last place, so my campaign will not be about “winning”, but, rather, “please, vote for me so I don’t come in last place!
(But? If I do come in last place? I’m totally going to pretend like it doesn’t bother me at all and like “I’m glad I didn’t come in first and that I was last because in heaven? The first shall be last, so BOOYAH!”)
p.s. Vegas was fun. I want to tell you all about it, and I will, but first, I must deal with The Dramatics (courtesy of DramaQueen herself, of course.)

32 thoughts on “Respect… my parenting

  1. lynne

    (shhh, I think your funnier then dooce – tho I read an enjoy her blog too) I hope my lil website doesn’t get beaten up by all the dooce supporters out there.
    I just voted for you, now tell us all about Vegas :)

  2. Gennie

    Congrats, Y! You have my vote.
    Oh, and anyone feels like offering up a sympathy vote for me, I’d sure appreciate it. Gah…I’m so going to get my ass handed to me in Best Blog Design. *hides face*

  3. Amy

    Okay, so I absolutely cannot get the link to work, but, because I love you so, I will keep trying and trying and trying! Down with Dooce!

  4. Katie

    Blah, I can’t get the site to load, I will try again later. Cause I have to vote for you, especially against Dooce. I can’t stand her. You are awesome and totally deserve anything higher than last place. hehe

  5. Lori

    oh, for a parenting award, even if it’s bloggish, you definitely get my vote (and…you GOT my vote, too…because I just voted). i am really glad you write, that you share what you share here.

  6. Y

    But, seriously, is it even a contest with DOOCE in the mix? ha. She gets, what, hundreds of thousands of visitors a day? AND FAN CLUBS! SHE HAS FAN CLUBS!

  7. Lucky

    *gets out a refrigerator box, some glue sticks and construction paper*
    Y, do you want a jacuzzi in the Master Suite, or a Massage Table? I dont really think we can fit both, what with the sofa, flat screen and king size, pillow topped canopy bed…but you never know…
    Oh…not a club HOUSE…a FAN club…
    I really oughta lay off the coffee late in the afternoon…

  8. Annika

    As of my vote, you are in the lead 53 to Dooce’s paltry 29. Sure, she has ten days to pull ahead. But today? You’re kicking her butt.

  9. Candy

    58…and this is going to be like American Idol, where everyone just assumed the amazing LaToya London was going to win it all and didn’t bother voting for her, so she was kicked off way too early. No one is voting for Dooce because they know she’ll win, so you have SUCH a chance. And hey, coming in second to Dooce is like winning. You go grrl.

  10. Z

    I saw that yesterday and you’ve got my vote :) I won third place in the J-blog awards last year. It caused a lot of name calling and very bad manners amongst some people…I don’t even put the award up, I am THAT embarassed by it.

  11. Y

    ha. Well, that won’t last for long, TRUST ME. The Internet will see to it that Dooce wins. Dooce always wins. Every time! It is the law, Dooce must win because she has a fan club!
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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