And when she mentioned “no eating after midnight” a died a little inside.

Ultrasound. Today. 10:40.
Finally, I found a doctor (oh! wait! it wasn’t a doctor, it was a nurse practioner!) who actually listened to what I had to say rather than instantly declare “You have anxiety! Here! Take a pill and shutup!”.
Also? Blood work to check my liver function. Did you hear that? BLOOD TESTS! Ladies and gentlemen, we have TWO medical tests! Can I get “GLORY!?”
I’m nervous because a) I have to leave Gabby with my mom and I never really leave Gabby with anyone because she’s my angel and I love her and don’t want anything bad to happen to her and? I love her company, because she makes me laugh very hard because she is HILARIOUS with her big old front teeth and HUGE gap between those teeth and her ATTITUDE PROBLEM which, I’m sure I won’t find funny when she’s 5, but for now? LOVE it. b) What if they find something really bad? I don’t think I’m prepared for bad news. I’m prepared for them to say “everything’s fine! You’re just crazy and making it all up in your head, now HERE, take this damn pill already and SHUTUP.”
Now, I can only hope that the ultrasound screen is completely out of my view because if I can see it? I will surely see something that will make me panic and think things like “OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS LIKE A TUMOR. I’M DOING TO DIE!”
(Note: I tend to get dramatic and irrational about these things.)
I truly am thankful that someone finally listened to me and is taking this seriously.

7 thoughts on “And when she mentioned “no eating after midnight” a died a little inside.

  1. geeky

    yyaaaaaaaaaay finally a reasonable doctor-type person! good luck with all of your tests! i hope you finally get to the bottom of what’s been bothering you.

  2. Bianca

    Why is it always the nurse practitioners who seem to be the most attentive listeners, the best comforters, and have the most accurate diagnosis?
    Fuck the doctors, man… gimme da nurse.

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