Group Cheese

The “Mommy meet up” turned out better than I had imagined. Normally, I blend into “groups” quite well, because I loves to talk to people and believe me, I’ll talk to anyone who’s willing to listen. I did feel somewhat uncomfortable and akward today around these women. It wasn’t anything they did, they were very friendly. I blame my vagina. She’s all stuck up today.
I don’t know, I just wanted to say “vagina.”
I talked to a few of the women, but I ended up wandering off by myself and taking pictures of ma’ girl. Not very “group like” of me, but I’m telling you, I felt… uncomfortable.
My favorite moment of the day happened when we joined the group for some “bubble blowing” fun. My daughter couldn’t participate because she still isn’t walking (almost, though!) So, she just stood there, watching and pointing. I felt sad that she couldn’t run and chase the bubbles like the other kids, because I could tell she wanted to so badly. My heart broke a little watching her standing all alone. As I watched and wept a little on the inside, the cutest little girl walked right up to her and smiled. Gabby got so excited, started waving and said “Hi!”. They just stood there staring at one another, smiling, talking baby talk. It was such a precious moment and as I watched, I realized that this was “one of those moments” that I’ll never forget, even when she’s older, I’ll think back on it and smile, maybe even cry a little, because, oh my GOD, it was so sweet. I’m thrilled to have been able to capture the moment.

*Kids of Katrina update*

Another nieghbor dropped off two more bags full of school supplies. He said if we needed more, to let him know and he’d gladly buy more. Two more people called saying they’ll bring stuff tomorrow. It’s awesome to me that people are being so generous. Not many of my neighbors have responded, but the few who have? Completely generous and kindhearted. I’m so grateful and can’t wait to ship these things off to Houston.
Now, if only the Post Office will be so kind and generous… Ha, as if…

17 thoughts on “Group Cheese

  1. Joe

    I’ve been without the internet for a while so my first time back in a LONG TIME!!! Boy did she get big quick! Man, I can’t believe it!

  2. etherian

    I saw a news report on CNN where someone did what you’re doing (it just started with her family donating stuff) and the neighbors jumped on the bandwagon. The Red Cross and Salvation Army were eventually called to pick up an entire U-Haul of stuff that went directly to the survivors. You might call them instead of posting the stuff.

  3. Amy S

    Oh My God Y, Gabby is ssoooo freaking adorable….I want to gobble her up.
    You and I are so lucky to have such pretty girls.

  4. JustLinda

    I’m skeered of mommy groups, too (and I have 5 kids and have been a mommy for 22 years). My husband thinks it’s funny because I’m ALL ABOUT the internet mommy groups (message boards, blogs, etc.).
    Maybe I just need to live in the virtual world. The real world scares me. hahah
    Your daughter is adorable.

  5. mmc

    How sweet! Groups make me uncomfortable too. But I do it b/c I know it’s good for the kids to interract with others since they’re not in daycare.

  6. Tammy

    Just wondering if a UPS store in your area might be more generous since they are privately owned, know what I mean? Just a suggestion.

  7. Amy

    How did she get so big?? She’s always been this cute but I can’t believe how grown up she’s getting. Standing like a big girl! Vivian can’t stand if her life depends on it. Glad you had a nice morning even if you didn’t really connect with the other moms.

  8. Jenny lee

    instead of mailing, you can bring the items to either the united way, salvation army or red cross chapter’s in your area and they’ll ship them for you. also i read some place about having cheap or free shipping for hurricane shipments. check it out.

  9. beth

    omg she is sooo big and adorable awww shell be walking soon!! :) im sorry it was kinda uncomfortable! maybe the next time u go if u do it will be easier? HUGGIES

  10. FlippyO

    Hey, happy birthday. If I knew where you lived, I would’ve brought you a frappuccino. Flavor of your choice.
    Oh, and if you want to beat up on yourself, just come over here and bring the whip. One of us may as well get some exercise during this…and that one of us, is me. It should probably take you less than five hours to get here. I’ll wait up for you.

  11. shy me

    happy b-day yesterday! wanna know something cool? a friend of mine turned dirty whore yesterday too! coooooool!

  12. dizzy

    Happy Birthday to you!
    I can so relate to what you are saying but you know it takes so much of a persons time and energy to raise a family it is hard to fit in friends and truly be a good friend. As a mom and wife you have a 24/7 job. I think you have more friends that would come to your aide than you would even realize. In time, life will be at a point when all those girlfriends you once had will start to reach out again as all of your children have left home and what is next?

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