Just call me Little Miss Effecient or not so little, if you know what I’m saying, and I think you do.

Last week, I took “using my time wisely” to an entirely new level because last week, I actually clipped my coupons while taking a dump.
The funny thing? It didn’t even feel weird. It felt completely normal and I found myself somewhat proud, even. In fact? I kind of felt like “Woman of The Year”.
Hey, when you stay home all day long with THREE KIDS, you have to find pride in the “little accomplishments”, even if those “accomplishments” involve scissors and your ass.
(p.s. G is doing better. Still sick, but at least she can breath now.)

34 thoughts on “Just call me Little Miss Effecient or not so little, if you know what I’m saying, and I think you do.

  1. Jennifer

    “…even if those “accomplishments” involve scissors and your ass.”
    HAHAHAHAHA. Hey, I’ve painted my toenails while on the throne…

  2. Dania

    hahaha us mothers do what we can when we’re in there…sometimes it’s the only solitude I get…for about 5 minutes until someone is at the doorway complaining about the other one….
    They don’t get the whole “personal space” thing…

  3. Tammy/averagemom

    It’s funny that you would talk about this today…. This morning, whilst taking The Dump, I reached over and picked up my curling iron. When I left the bathroom a few minutes later, I was a pound lighter and had pretty hair!!!

  4. Y

    Multitaskin’ “Dumpers” UNITE!
    I think I scared everyone else away with this story. You are brave wimmins.

  5. Beth

    I’ve often thought I should move my computer into the bathroom, so I could be totally efficient. ;^)
    So glad Little Ms. G is breathing better now. Bet you are, too. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  6. clickmom

    If not for those few precious potty moments, I’d get nothing done!
    Things I can do while dumping:
    1. return important phonecalls
    2. fill out school forms
    3. clip my nails
    4. write another to do list
    5. check in on my favorite weblogs. (Laptops rule)

  7. Dania

    BTW, I hope you put the scissors down whilst wiping said ass….I would hate to see what kind of mess *that* would leave 😉

  8. D

    I am not above having complete phone conversations whilst having a bowel movement. The tricky part is trying to flush and run out of the bathroom before the other person can hear!!!

  9. hed

    Heh heh. Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! We definitely refer to that multitasking in my house! Because really, taking a dump is a chore in and of itself at times, right?
    Colon care + Budgeting = Right on!

  10. Philip

    You could move one of those dinner tray tables in there and put a phone line in and the laptop and *really* get some work done.

  11. NinaKaye

    I generally stick to reading in the bathroom. I can’t talk on the phone in the bathroom at all. And there’s no privacy in the bathroom here. There’s no door.

  12. FlippyO

    Sheesh, all I do is read. I feel like such an underachiever.
    NinaKaye, a bathroom without a door? I’d never be able to go.
    Glad Gabby is doing better!

  13. mmc

    God bless wireless routers. I would never get any blogs read without ours. I’ve also sorted a mountain’s worth of mail, brushed my teeth, written thank you notes…I could go on and on. After all, how many chances do you have to be alone, have (at least semi)quiet, and it’s somewhat appropriate to be behind a locked door when there are kids around? And I’m not does it count as multi-tasking since you really don’t have to think about doing the dump?

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