What makes The Mullet even GREATER is that there are only two teeth in her mouth.

What is that ‘do my daughter is sporting? Could it be a mullet?
It’s totally a mullet. And in combination with the Bang Cut I just gave her? It’s a classic, man.
Not as classic as The Cut I gave Tony the night before I gave birth to our first child. Oh man. If you saw the video? You’d hate me for what I did to his head.
I have a history of giving bad cuts. (Remember Snoops Hair massacre?) Don’t even get me started on the “self cuts” I’ve performed. One time? Tony came home from work to find me in the bathroom, crying hysterically, clippers in my hand, trying to SHAVE MY NECK because I had accidently cut my hair THAT short. He was all “What the hell did you do, woman?” And I screamed “I don’t know, but don’t yell at me, don’t you think having a BOY HAIRCUT is punishment enough? Now, will you please help me SHAVE THE BACK OF MY NECK?”
Poor Gabby. She’s destined for a life of Jacked Up Bangs and Neck Shaving, but at least she’ll be rid of The Mullet.

16 thoughts on “What makes The Mullet even GREATER is that there are only two teeth in her mouth.

  1. dana michelle

    It’s been said here many a time before right here on this blog…
    “Step AWAY from the scissors, Y!”

  2. Heatherg

    I am positive.
    That is a Rat-tail.
    Mullet’s have a lot more hair in the back.
    I know this because my son is the proud owner of a mullet. The young/hip baber thought i was crazy when i asked for it, but i didnt give a shit. I was keepin’ my baby’s curls!!
    Love her rat tail.
    But really-
    simply step away from the scissors.

  3. clickmom

    Not to worry, butcher away, nothing could detract from that beautiful smile. (Also, she won’t have conscious memories-hide the photos- of this one so you have time to work on your technique)

  4. Trista

    Aah, business in the front, party in the back. Although, I must admit that it does look more like a tail than a mullet. This is besides the point, but her hair is so dark and shiny! Tail and all, she has beautiful hair.

  5. Shylah

    I went to Catherine’s yesterday to exchange a pair of jeans, and the manager had a classic mullet. She was dressed all snazzy and smart, but her head totally ruined the look with the feathers and hairspray. *shudder*

  6. SharonO

    Ha, my almost 14-year-old still sports a rat tail. It started when he was 2 and I gave him his first haircut … I HAD to keep just one curl. Now he won’t let me cut it. Apparently he gets lots of attention from the girls.
    *Lord help me!!*
    As long as you massacre your own gorgeous head of hair occasionally, I don’t think you family can ever fault you for trying. 😉

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