If you look up cute in the dictionary…

I’ve only seen a couple pictures of my husband as a baby, and only ONE of him as a child. So, when my mother in law gave me this picture today, I freaked out at the cuteness and I started crying. CRYING! And I still cry everytime I look at it.
I can’t stop crying because of how damn cute he was and how cute he still is and how I can’t believe someone that damn cute grew up and fell in love with ME.
I can’t explain what I feel when I look at that picture. It’s like, everytime I look at it, I get all crazy inside and say things like “Oh my God! That little boy grew up to be the father of my children!!”
When I look at it, I see a little bit of Andrew, a whole lot of Ethan and I see GABBY’S MOUTH!

That little girl right there used to dream of the man she’d marry and of the beautiful children that man would give her and of how happy those children would make the two of them and how they’d grow old together and watch their grandchildren play on their front porch while they sat in their porch swing holding their little, fragile old hands… And OH MY GOD, that cute little boy right there is that man!
Why in the hell is that one little picture of my Little Beaner turning me into a giant, emotional CHEESE FACTORY?
Why is it making me want to run to him when I see him and kiss him all over and tell him that I love him so much that it hurts because OH MY GOD HE WAS THE CUTEST LITTLE BOY I’VE EVER SEEN BESIDES THE TWO THAT CAME OUT OF MY VAGINA!?
I have no idea, but man, he’s not going to know what hit him when he walks through that door because I’m going to jump on him, wrap my legs around him, kiss him all over and tell him that I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to THE CUTEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

15 thoughts on “If you look up cute in the dictionary…

  1. Annika

    OK, first of all, he is so cute that I think I am a little bit in love with him.
    Second, I know just how you feel. When I see Will’s baby pictures and he was so fat and ugly and ADORABLE that I want to cry.
    Third, OH MY GOD, we live in the DESERT, why is it SO DAMN HUMID? Or is that just my apartment?

  2. jenny

    i have no idea what you are talking about LOL. alls i know is that i make some mean pork chops 😉 thanks to the girl in that photo up there. who knew that one day she would grow up to give a complete stranger a recipe for pork chops!! *swoons* you big ball of cheese :)

  3. mmc

    It’s wonderful that you feel that way, and aren’t afraid to show/tell him. I’m also glad you have an unexpectedly joyous moment NOW. Cute, cute…..

  4. debutaunt

    For like 2 seconds I was thinkin… damn. Y’s school photographer takes some really ol fashion-ey pictures of her son.
    Spooky resemblance. Cute as pie.
    Speaking of pie… I’m off to eat… zucchini. Damn.

  5. Mellissa

    “I can’t believe someone that damn cute grew up and fell in love with ME.”
    I say the same thing about my husband all the time. I have no idea what I did to deserve such a wonderful man, or how I got so lucky.
    Hooray for cute husbands :o)
    Bring on the cheese!

  6. Stacie

    I’ve thought the same thing when I’ve seen “little boy” pics of my hubbie. I even start to think, I wish I knew him growing up. I wonder what he was like as a kid, I wonder if we would’ve been friends.
    We share in your cheese, Y.

  7. Jenny

    Oh man. Now I want to upload some photos of my man to flickr so that the world can marvel at his scary resemblence to my children.
    You both are adorable. I think I had that same shirt you’re wearing, Y. :)

  8. April

    So I’m sitting at my desk, crying. You’re super sweet post has me all balling, running mascara down my face. Thanks. Then I’m laughing out loud when you said, “Except for the 2 who came out of my vagina.” At which point snot flew out of my nose, on my lunch. Which I’m still gonna eat because I’m mentrual and hungry. I’m crying for 3 reasons.
    1. For you to look at his picture and be soooo happy and emotional because of what he looked like as a boy.
    2. That you have such a wonderful husband. *sigh* I wish I would have married one.
    3. My husband was an UGLY little boy.

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