Glamour Shots (ha ha ha)

Now I understand why my dad used to take a ruler to my bangs and then, after I had spent HOURS getting them “just right”, take his hands and push them down while I cried “nooooo, they weren’t THAT HIGH!”
Now I understand why “grooming your eyebrows” is so important.
But THANK GOD for “clear mascara” because look how it made my eyes “pop”.
(Does the title of this post make The Internet uncomfortable? Because, it’s ok to laugh. Really, it is. Infact, it would make me feel better if you did. He’s not going anywhere, because he kissed me all over this morning and told me he loved me, but I can’t help but think he might change his mind when he’s at work because HELLO? I’m OVERLY DRAMATIC.)

26 thoughts on “Glamour Shots (ha ha ha)

  1. christiane

    Hope you are feeling better. Sorry that…..oh hell, I don’t know what to say here since it really is none of my business. Hope that things are back to normal soon. :)

  2. Jay

    Anything is possible. I mean on the “bright side” it would give you a whole new area to blog about if he did leave.

  3. christina

    I’m not touching the marriage thing — I know how quickly things can happen and change and I know.
    But the on the clear mascara front — HA. I remember that. What the hell, right? After a spell, I started using it on my EYEBROWS to get them to uh. Stand at attention? Like my bangs. There was so much wrongness. So so much.

  4. Y

    Oh my GOD, Christina. Ok, ready for this?
    Not only would I put it on my eyebrows… I WOULD BLOW DRY THEM WHILE COMBING THEM.

  5. hed

    I had that same sweatshirt! Heeee! And yes, I used the clear mascara on my eyebrows, too… damn. I had some CATERPILLARS!
    Hope you are feeling better soon. Glad you found a distraction for a while. Those are good sometimes, ‘non?

  6. mr.c

    Excuse me, but did you say you would blowdry your eyebrows??!!??
    I think I will check with my women cousins and ask if they ever heard such a thing…blowdry your eyebrows??
    Hope life gets better for you.

  7. Y

    yeah… I would blow dry them after applying clear mascara to “Style them”
    Thanks, Christina, for reminding me about that. Oh man. I’m laughing so hard. This is why I love the internet.

  8. Heatheranne

    Honey, the hair rocked and all, but where are your wings? Didn’t you tease out the sides too?
    I’m going to assume the bangs where held securely with Aqua Net Extra Super Hold.

  9. Y

    Ha! Only because I wasn’t ALLOWED to wear makeup, (hence the need for “clear mascara”) but if I had been allowed? OH MAN.

  10. Mushster

    Thank your parents woman! They saved you from having to look back at photos of you with the eye-liner AND blue mascara (although I must admit the mauve was the worst) lol

  11. NinaKaye

    The title doesn’t bother me. My husband asks me if I want a divorce at least once a day (if not more). I’m not worried about him leaving though, he can’t do better than me! hehe
    Unfortunately, I don’t have any big hair pictures to make fun of when I’m depressed or whatever. I could never work a curling iron to get my hair up that high. But I did sport “the perm” for quite a few years. Oh the horror of the perm. But the mascara? Oh yeah, I remember having purple and periwinkle mascara…and I mixed and matched. So glad there are no pictures of that around. Who thought up that stuff?

  12. becky

    nah, i figured he’s not going to leave you because of the drama. why not? well, boobies! and the sex! (well, once he ‘fixes’ IT)

  13. Mellissa

    I had the perm, the big crunchy bangs, the clear mascara in the eyebrows, and the blue eyeliner with ORANGE eyeshadow.
    And I wondered why I never had a boyfriend…..

  14. justme

    LOL, oh gawd. Big hair, clear mascara. Shivers. I think I have destroyed any evidence of the eighties. I hope!
    And Y, I think any of us that got past that seven year itch of marriage has let that one slip out at least once! Most of us anyway lol.

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